Dura-Gold – Premium – 600 Grit 6″ PSA Self Adhesive Stickyback Sanding Discs, Great quality sandpaper for the DIY or Bodyshop

Longer lasting tooth than mirka, weight of the paper is good, sharp, even particles. Certainly prefer this over 3m, especially in this grit.

Not the best but better value than the 3m red since it’s $4 cheaper. I use both intermittently and they seem to last the same amount of time on the workpieces i’m sanding. Adhesive on the dura gold is stronger/stickier than the 3m but i’ve never had a 3m disc come loose. Both are equally susceptible to tears on the edgesi will order again in the future.

Stick’s great to the pad it did not load up like some other sandpaper i’ve used, way cheaper than the paint stores.

I have compared side to side on a large grain wagon with dura-gold and 3m, and the 3m won hands down. The dg would wear out very quickly and lose its cutting ability. The 3m 80 grit was outlasting 4 sheets of dg to one sheet of 3m. If you look at the prices, dg = $0. However when it’s taking 4 sheets of dg to do the same work as one sheet of 3m the price loses its appeal very quickly.

Apparently chinese quality control is doing it’s usual job. These discs are supposed to be 6′ in diameter. They are 5 7/8′ so the edge of my disc backup plate has a 1/16′ exposed.

Update: the 80 & 150 grit lasted about 4 car panels. The 220 & 320 about 3 panels and the 400 grit about 1. 5-2 panels (depending on size). I am decreasing the stars from 5-4 due to this. Wish the finer grits lasted longer. Won’t hesitate to recommend to a friend. Howevera few tips for using:1) be sure to clean the area of debris every so often2) most important when sanding existing paint: clean the disc of old paint residue/debris. I like to use 91% isopropyl. Spray a good amount onto the pad while on the sander and let soak for 10 seconds.

I have nothing bad to say about this sandpaper. I am going to continue using this brand because 1. The paper lasts as long as more expensive papers 2. The sticky back never let’s go. I have a tip for some out there. I use the sticky back paper because it’s cheaper than hook and loop (velcro). Take a hook and loop da backing pad and a piece if finer grit piece of hook and loop sandpaper. You can stick the sticky back sandpaper to that and it works great. I’m saying this because if you want to use a soft pad or interface pad on the da to sand contoured areas you can still do it the same way i just said.

Key specs for Dura-Gold – Premium – 600 Grit 6″ Gold PSA Self Adhesive Stickyback Sanding Discs for DA Sanders – Box of 50 Sandpaper Finishing Discs for Automotive and Woodworking:

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  • Box of 50 Dura-Gold – (600 Grit) 6″ PSA Premium Gold Sanding Discs – Made with Super Coated Aluminum Oxide Corundum for a sharp cut and uniform finish
  • Dura-Gold Discs are conveniently packed 50 to a box with individual discs having a liner to protect the pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) from contamination until you are ready to use, they also include a easy to use tab to easily remove the liner. Dura-Gold discs will easily press onto your backing pad and they also remove cleanly leaving an uncontaminated surface for the next disc
  • Dura-Gold Sandpaper discs delivers a fast, exceptionally long lasting cut with a consistent scratch pattern for Auto Body and painting, wood working, metal working, Fiberglass, Primers and Plastics
  • Dura-Gold has maximum resistance to clogging and loading which increases your productivity and reduced material consumption
  • Provides Exceptional Sanding Performance, so you can get the job done fast, saving you time and money!

Comments from buyers

“Not As Good As 3M
, One disc lasted 4 car panels Read the tips!
, Pretty nice.

I’m a semi pro painter i’m new to dura gold. Wanted to check out something new. These don’t seem as good as the 3m i feel they load up a little quicker. And they’re certainly not as durable. Once i blow through these i’ll go back to 3m. If i was a hobby guy, i think they would suffice. Also know these are listed without the p by grit number. Because of this i assumed they were cami, they are not. Which does not make a big difference when getting 80 grit but i also ordered some 400 which is very different.

Awesome sand paper, especially for the money. Holds up well, easy to use by hand or on a machine.

I have always had good luck with the dura-gold family of sandpaper. They always perform well, they don’t clog up like a lot of the others, the adhesive backing keeps them where they are supposed to be.

If you have something that needs to be slickbuy some of this paper – it’ll do the trick. Sandpaper’s abrasive – who knew?and here’s my gritty review for you.

Decently priced sandpaper, good quality use it for random stuff all the time cars, wood, plastic etc does the job. I like how it has the little tab to peel the backing off. Not like other ones where you sit there for 5 mins trying to catch an edge to peel it off. Will be buying again when i need more sand paper.

Good value, the 3m stuff is 2-3 times more expensive and doesn’t last that much longer than these. They will leave some glue on the pad but it cleans off pretty easy. Plenty of grit and it stays on the paper unlike cheap stuff that the grit falls off immediately. I use a lot of these type pads in different grits and the dura gold have been the best value so far and i’ve used all the leading brands over the years.

Quick cutting and doesn’t clog with body filler when sanding. Advice: buy good sand paper such as dura gold. It will make sanding less a chore than cheap sand paper.

180 grit is proly more used in my shop then any other paper. All prep, and finish work prior to final sanding, we use the 180 as it cuts fast, and can easily be covered with a prime coat . We do a lot of equipment in the shop (trucks, tractors, trailers, fork-lifts, graders, dozers, and the like) so the 180 can be used as a final sanding in this case, as the commercial coatings we use covers the 180 grit up easily. So at half the price as 3m gold, we will continue to use it, as its savings lets us pick up other shop items.

Very pleased with these sanding discs. Me and my sons all have our own project car (50 jeepster, 64 barracuda and 70 mustang mach 1). We use these sanding discs every week and have been pleased with them, especially considering the costs. I was buying my discs from home depot, they weren’t much better quality but were a lot more expensive. Glue on back of discs isn’t as good as other discs i have used but i have only had one come off and i will assume operator error (quick change and didn’t make sure it was stuck good to the pad). Even though the glue isn’t as ‘good’, it has enough to hold it on the pad till change out. Where the discs are joined, a little piece normally tears off at the seam. Not a huge deal, just need to make sure it’s not exposing the padi will definitely buy these again.

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Dura-Gold - Premium - 600 Grit 6" Gold PSA Self Adhesive Stickyback Sanding Discs for DA Sanders - Box of 50 Sandpaper Finishing Discs for Automotive and Woodworking
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