E-cowlboy 4 X Motorcycle Motorbike Turn Signal LED Light Indicator For Yamaha Honda Suzuki Kawasaki Harley Davidson DUCATI BMW KTM BUELL APRILIA Triumph : They work well and look decent, but very delicate

It does what it’s supposed to do, in order to be compliant with regs that requires signals. However, if you want them to be able to convey your intention to turn, they are too weak and difficult to see. These are really cheap quality leds, but hey, the price.

Installed them on a suzuki dr-z400sm to replace the old signals which were sun faded. They wired up very easily and seem to have decent brightness, but they are a bit small and don’t stick out very far past the mounts. They seemed to hold up very well until recently when i noticed that my left rear signal was dangling by the wires after a ride. Looking at the stalk that holds the signal, it seems to be made out of a black plastic that is very brittle. They have absolutely no give to them, and will probably break very easily on a bike that is ridden off-road. I fixed mine with some black electrical tape, which will suffice until i replace the signals with some better quality ones. You get what you pay for, and i’m not really mad that one broke so easily since they were so cheap. I just wish that they had made it more than a month before breaking.

Not as bright as the oem flashers, but that’s partly because i got the smoked lens. The “rubber” is more like plastic. They don’t have any give to them and they’re just glued together, but they do the job.

Bought for 05 suzuki v-strom dl1000. The thread diameter is much smalled than stock. I frankensteined them into the busted body of the stock signal. Til i busted it off, cause it stuck out further. Oh well, they were cheap and bright. Win windon’t forget to buy a turn signal relay to run leds. They will twinkle like stars if you don’t.

They work ok on a 2007 klx 250s. I had to cut my old turn signal light connector wires and add on some new connectors to wire it together which was a pain. They would also blink really fast until i added 2 load resistors (link below) in line with the two rear flashers which fixed the problem for all 4 flashers. After i installed them and rode the bike on a dirt road one time, i noticed that the left side rear flasher rubber had torn. I have been trying to find a good glue to hold it together. Also, after some recent rain storms, i have noticed that condensation has built up inside all of the flashers. They seem to still be working fine but they are definitely low quality. Not sure how long they will last. I do like that the flashers are bright and are low profile. I don’t expect that they would break off if i laid the bike down while out dirt riding on single track trails.

Just installed them on my buell xb9sx. It doesn’t flash with the stock flasher relay it will have a steady light. I bought a ep36 flasher relay led compatible and it works wonderfully. They are pretty bright and they look great. Now i’m hoping they will last.

Seems to be of decent initial build quality especially for price. I soldered on a thicker gauge wire from old signals because my wife’s motorcycle plugs were larger than those on the lights. You probably don’t need as thick of wire due to the lower wattage of the led, so i don’t think thinner wires are a bad thing on these signals. If you are replacing all 4 signals on a bike that had regular bulbs, you will need to replace the flasher relay with one meant for led.

This are great for the money, i have them installed on my cb1100, they look great on it, there were easy to install, i have to do a small modification on the bike by opening a larger hole in where the stock signals were mounted to fit the new lights, the cables were easy to install and connect to factory cables, they work, they are bright and for the price they do their job.

  • They work well and look decent, but very delicate
  • Low Profile, Bright, Poor Quality
  • Great turn signals butneeds a flasher relay

4 X Motorcycle Motorbike Turn Signal LED Light Indicator For Yamaha Honda Suzuki Kawasaki Harley Davidson DUCATI BMW KTM BUELL APRILIA Triumph

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  • Voltage: 12V Compatibility: Universal Fit for All motorcycle and bycycle
  • Package Included: 4 x Motorcycle Turn Signal led Indicators Lights
  • Light Colors: Amber yellow
  • shell case black color
  • Low power consumption

Doesn’t have the same profile as the factory oem indicators, however they are stylish, easy to install and function flawlessly. I did remove the provided heat shrink and applied a 3m product, the provided seemed to be a bit sub par for something that is exposed to road grime and weather conditions.

Took about 30 minutes, but that includes time to fabricate a custom mount for my forks up front. I ride in the rain and there’s a little condensation inside the housings, but lights all work fine. Dont forget to buy an led flasher relay with it like i did.

Super tiny and the wires are super short. If i wanted to make it work on my 83 yamaha i would need extra wiring. But then the lights would look dwarfed by everything. They seem well made though, but maybe for a moped.

Small but bright led blinkers. I replace the old bulb type on my 2008 tao tao 50 cc moped. Worked great and are much brighter than the old bulb type. They are a little smaller than the original ones, but work great.

These poor lil led blinkers have been through more in a year then most blinkers will see in a lifetime & they still work great. For the price i cant believe how well they have held up. If they stopped working & fell apart tomorrow id still give them 5 stars for enduring what they’ve been through on my enduro. Great price & fit easily could mount them anywhere. They do look a lil cheap but they just keep hangin in there, im impressed, seen far more expensive versions fail in half the time & without nearly the abuse these have received. Just mount them where they wont take a direct hit if you go down, not a lot of give in the housing.

So the first day of having these installed on my bike 1 burned out. Creating a foggy smokey haze inside the housing. I replaced it with another one from my 4 pack and the same thing happened only 20 mins later. Same side too, which is odd. But the other side was still good drove on the freeway and by the time i got back home 1 was snapped and hanging down from the wires. Now im back on amazon trying to find a better set that will last longer.

Installed on my xr650l super easy. I also ordered an led specific relay so they will actually flash, without it they just light up but don’t flash. I’ll update after installing the relay and getting some miles on.

Keep in mind these are under 10 bucks and i guess they are not a bad price. However don’t expect them to flex at all without breaking. The ribbed section you see on the product is pretty much solid metal/plastic. Lasted half of my ride before breaking off, but they served the purpose to make my dirt bike look like dual sport.

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4 X Motorcycle Motorbike Turn Signal LED Light Indicator For Yamaha Honda Suzuki Kawasaki Harley Davidson DUCATI BMW KTM BUELL APRILIA Triumph
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