ECO-WORTHY 12 Volts 10 Watts Portable Power Solar Panel Backup : Solar Battery Tender keeps little-used vehicle battery topped-off perfectly

This works great for trickle charging my truck battery, but i’ve just learned how to use it as a usb solar charger. If you buy a 12v power (cigarette lighter) extension with two or three outputs, you can plug the solar charger into one socket, and a car usb adapter into the other(s). You don’t have to plug anything into the cigarette lighterpower will flow from solar panel into one socket providing power to usb adapter in other socket.

We bought this to eco-worthy 10w solar panel to recharge our little teardrop trailer’s on-board car battery during a camping trip this month, and we were very pleased with it’s performance. It’s not big enough to fully charge a battery, but it is more than sufficient to provide a trickle charge to maintain battery power. Using it daily, it provided an adequate charge on the battery to power our interior lights for the full two-week trip. Normally, they last for only 3-4 days. This panel is well designed and made, and it comes with adapters to both charge the battery through direct post clips or a power plug outlet. The one improvement it could have is a usb adapter, so one could also use it to charge a phone or other device.

Really happy with this purchase. I have another more expensive solar charger (a hard panel) and i like this one a lot more. The people that left 1 star reviews for this do not understand the purpose of a solar charger, it is not meant to recharge your battery it’s meant to maintain the charge it has. If you put a dead battery on the solar charger it will remain dead but will not lose any more power then it has already. Batteries will often die within a week or two if you are not driving your vehicle, this prevents that from happening.

I keep it on my pontoon boat and it works fantastic highly recommend it for a boat or a tractor for lawnmower anything you don’t use every day i recommend it.

I have purchased different kinds of solar chargers from other makers (not this eco-worthy model, so far) that actually warped from being on the car dashboard in the sun (which begs the question, did the chinese makers put any thought into their manufactured junk at all?) but as for this charger, so far so good. It does put out power, whether it’ll be enough to prevent the battery from running down remains to be seen. I wanted to know if it was working, so the first thing i did when i got it was to measure the power coming from the charger with a vom meter (i had to do this because i have gotten other chargers that are doa out of the package). I found that it does make power. Of course it makes more power in bright sunlight, (about 30% more) and it also makes power even in overcast weather. A fair question might be why would anybody need this at all?. The answer is modern cars use battery power even when they are just sitting. This power is used to keep alive the memory in the radio and the car’s computer. Even though the power used for keep-alive is very minor, in the milliamps, this power can be enough to run down your battery if the car sits idle for a week or longer. Some people even disconnect the battery of a car that sits a long time, which does work to keep the battery from running down.

This works great, i am certified for low voltage alarm systems, so i am not new to electronics. This does exactly what its suppose to. I intentionally left a vehicle with this in it, sitting for 2 weeks. It started up with no battery issues.

We have a large farm tractor at our campsite. It has a standard 12v car battery, but since we don’t run the tractor that often, we frequently have to jump start it. We only use the tractor once a month for cutting grass, hauling firewood, etc. This solar panel is a great trickle charger. I took some metal clamps designed to hold up a mirror and some self-tapping metal screws. Permanently screwed this into the hood of the tractor. Now i can leave the solar panel in place and be less worried about theft. Uses simple alligator clips directly onto the battery. I follow the directions and unplug it before starting the tractor. The directions say the stater could damage the charger.

Off grid application on my hunting ‘palace’ and old park model travel trailer. I can watch tv now while deer hunting. I used a cheap 20 dollar 30amp pwm charge controller and have wired it to 4 12v amg batteries all 100hr. It is a 12v system as that is what camper likes. I run camper and an inverter that could be hard wired with romex. You don’t want to make long wire runs with the 12v. But once converted to 120 ac with inverter, you can run pretty far.

  • Works as USB solar charger, too.
  • Puts out 17 v and comes with either cigarrete lighter attachment or direct to battery.
  • Really happy with this purchase

ECO-WORTHY 12 Volts 10 Watts Portable Power Solar Panel Backup for Car Boat with Alligator Clip Adapter

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  • 10W 12V Solar Car Charger is the perfect solution for charging motorcycles, automobiles, snowmobiles, tractors etc..
  • Environmental protection and energy saving.
  • Suitable for vehicles in outdoor work or travel or camping training.
  • Light weight, easy to install and completely maintenance-free.Shockproof, rust-proof and dustproof. Can be used for trickle charger.
  • Frequently bought together accessory:2-Pin Quick Disconnect Plug Asin B07K7DJFDY and SAE Quick Disconnect Extension Cable Asin B07KWVXVZX

I have an aftermarket car alarm installed and it drains my battery. Got this product – no more problems. Plugs right into the cig lighter. But its an american car so the accessories are always on – its important that there is a connection to the battery even when the car is off. Also, as dumb as it sounds, try to park in direct sunlight if you can. Shaded areas dont work as well.

Since i live fairly close to work, the commute isn’t long enough for my car battery to fully recharge. After replacing the battery two times (and, yes, checking the alternator and charging system), i finally put a voltmeter on the battery, and saw the day-to-day voltage slowly decreasing, finally falling below 11 volts before starting the car, and dropping well below 10. Continue like this, and any lead-acid battery will soon lose its capacity. I tried putting the battery on a charger twice a week, but i forgot sometimes, and it was very inconvenient. So, i purchased the ecoworthy 12v 10w solar panel. I mount it with the suction cups in my front windshield, parking so the car faces more south to south-west, and my battery problems are over. It delivers about 3 watts to the car (sun through the windshield, middle of winter in florida), which is just enough to keep the battery topped off but not over-charged. (outside, in the sun, the panel can deliver over 7 watts to the battery, if i need a quicker top-off. A regular battery charger delivers 20 – 30 watts, so it’s not going to be able to charge a fully discharged battery in any reasonable time frame.

The unit came in a pouch to protect it. There are four suction cups to mount the solar panel. I figured that the suctions would fall off in the sun but they haven’t. After research that this solar panel is the highest amperes of wattage for vehicles. So that 12-volt dc output can be as 3 amp output. That’s as big as a regular ac-powered trickle charger. The product also has a cigarette plug comes with it. And clamp-on clips but i didn’t need them at all. The plug comes with a constantly led but to assures that you can see it easily. The led looks like an alarm system during the night too so that’s cool too.

Many users may be trying to use this through the cigarette lighter. A lot of the new cars do not allow this but will allow this to be used through the battery contacts. Works fine on my 2012 jaguar xjl and on my boat to keep the battery charged while stored. Not suggested for a dead battery or to be used with engine running. A plastic sheet (thin) covers the solar panels and should be carefully removed. Cells are very this and subject to scratching it not carefully attended to. Like all solar cells keep clean for maximum efficiency. No problem with cord length for my applications. Can be connected in series or parallel. If you are going to connect multiple cells you will want to use a solar controller.

I use this to keep the battery in my camper charged. I have yet to use it on a ‘battery only’ trip, but it does a good job keeping the battery charged when in storage. I also have used it to charge my cell phone while camping, simply used the clips to connect to a charger that plugs into a cigarette lighter, i will be making an adapter soon so that i don’t have to use the clips and leave them exposed, but it worked great. Charged my iphone 6 in about an hour. Just be sure to keep the solar panel in the sun and the phone in the shade (under a table in my case).

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