ECO-WORTHY 20W 12V IP65 Solar Panel Kit: 20W Off Grid Polycrystalline Solar Panel & Aluminum Battery Clips & 3A Charge Controller, Great solar kit, but cheap wires. NOT waterproof

It’s a little big for a car battery but even on cloudy days 12v lol.

Lots of reviews and they are mostly right on. Panel itself is very sturdy, the junction box in the back isn’t flush, which *could* affect your mounting, but not a big deal. Others complained about the gauge, but it’s adequate and i had no problems. I appreciated the spring clips, which allowed me to attach both the panel and lights directly to the battery (an option rather than use the load terminals out of the controller). The controller is like 1×3”, that was the trickiest to get the wires inserted and feel like i got a good connection. I will swap that out for another at some point, but add a battery and you have everything you need to get started—i installed this for led outhouse lights.

Great little panel for the money. Just keep in mind the power rating of the controller. May not be big enough for your project. I ended up purchasing a larger controller afterwards, which wasn’t all that much money so no big deal.

I have a lare barge that i use to set pilings from. I have two gantry’s that lift a spud in front and back of the barge to keep from moving around while setting pilings and each spud is lifted by a wench powered if course by a 12v deep cycle battery. Then i use a much larger wench to lift the pilings. So i have two batteries on constant charge with one solar panel powering each charge. Its too lengthy to explain how much use these bateeries go through but they pushed hard and these solar panels keep them charged well. I have had two of these panels charging since, i think, march of this year. They are exposed to all the elements of the gulf of mexico and are holding up well. I would definitely reccommend these.

Interestingly enough, your instructions under the section 5. 0 mountings, ‘ the eco pv modules is contingent upon modules being mounted in accordance with the requirements described in this section (please turn over the page) ‘. Upon turning over the page, the text is all in german.

Keep in mind that no attachment brackets are supplied, but there are items at hd that work just fine. Also note that the terminal block on the back of the panel is not flush with the panel frame. It extends about 1/4′ out of the frame. The panel mounting will have to account for that.

I bought this hoping it would keep/charge a battery in a truck that i don’t drive often and it not only keeps the battery topped off but did fully charge the battery from almost dead. The only down side it the lack of instructions for the solar charger. But it would not too hard to figure out.

Key specs for ECO-WORTHY 20W 12V IP65 Solar Panel Kit: 20W Off Grid Polycrystalline Solar Panel & Aluminum Battery Clips & 3A Charge Controller:

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  • Can be applied to varies DC appliance: fan, linear actuator for a portable chicken coop, LED light etc.
  • Package includes: 1pcs 20w poly solar panel with 1m solar panel cable& 1pcs 3A 12V/24V solar charge controller & 2m extension cable with battery clips
  • IP65 protection: water-proof solar panel with long lasting aluminum frame provides over 20 years lifespan.High energy conversion: over 95% transferable power output in 5-year,80% transferal power output in 20-year.
  • Lowest standby current in the market: 3A 12V/24V PWM charge controller, overcharge and over discharge protection for the battery. The standby current is only 0.15ma.
  • Frequently bought together Z mounting brackets Asin: B07BGX9TDF

Comments from buyers

“Great solar kit, but cheap wires. NOT waterproof
, Here’s how I made a solar powered shed with int/ext lighting and 110v power using this panel:
, stars for the panel plus a fifth star for great service. This is a good product for the

My yard needed light, and my shed needed lighting/power. So i used these parts below to make a solar powered shed. My 2 yard lights run dusk to dawn (car battery handles that 20 watt load without stressing it) and light up well an area 20′ out from shed, with enough light to see a person/animal another 30′ at least. Been going for a month now with no issues even with my girls sleeping in the shed multiple nights using interior lights and power inverter. I’m gonna copy this for my 12′ enclosed trailer next. X1 – any car battery works, for heavy use (and very long life) highly recommend optima batteries 8052-161 d31m bluetop starting and deep cycle batteryx1 – 20w 12v solar system kit : 20 watt polycrystalline solar panel&battery clips&3a charge controllerx2, 1ea black 1ea red – grand general 55235 white 100′ 16-gauge primary wirex1 – jr products 12015 white double spst on-off switch with bezelx1 – highrock ac dc 12v 10a auto on off photocell light switch photoswitch light sensor switchx2 – audew 40 led white interior light kit for lwb van lorries sprinter ducato transit vwx1, for high draw 110v inverter – grand general 55251 red 12-gauge primary wirex2 – glw® 10w 12v ac or dc warm white led flood light waterproof outdoor lights 750lm 80w halogen bulb equivalent black case.

The panel itself is well built and putting out enough power to charge a 50 a/h deep cycle battery between camping trips. Granted that i never entirely discharge it, but it’s good that i don’t have to carry a battery up the mountain and back after every few trips to take it home to charge it like we used to have to do. The actual rating on the sticker on the panel says 25 watts, not the 20 watts as in the item description. The charge controller is questionable quality though. In all fairness, the controller is working right now. But for how long, is anyones’ guess. I just hope it doesn’t mess up while no one is there monitoring the system and damage either the battery or panel or both. Here are the specs on the product. Pmax 25 wattvpm (voltage power max w/load) 17. 4 avoc (voltage open circuit) 22. 41vlsc (luminescent solar concentrator) 1.

Four stars for the panel plus a fifth star for great service. This is a good product for the price backed up by great customer service at any price. Then panel came with days of ordering it and was sufficiently well packed that there wasn’t any breakage. When i hooked it up to test it for the first time i couldn’t get it to send any charge to my battery. The panel seemed to be putting outvoltage but none of it was getting through the controller. I was pretty bummed but sent off an email to the vendor dc house expecting to wait for who knew how long for a reply. I was totally pleased when i got a reply back in less than 12 hours. The contact at dc house had me do a couple of tests, asked a few questions about how i had hooked it up (turns out you have to hook the battery to the controller before you attach the panel) and after a couple of email exchanges determined that the controller must be faulty. They immediately sent out a replacement, which came in the mail two days later and now it all works just fine. I purchased this panel to mount on my car while its in storage and it looks like its going to work out well.

Takes a couple of days to charge a 12 volt battery, but it does work, and a slow charge lasts longer.

This solar charger keeps my deep cycle rv battery fully charged while the trailer is in storage. Even after a week of partial cloudy weather the battery is fully charged. Now i can leave the battery hooked up to the trailer all year without worrying about it dying. The pre-drilled wholes in the frame worked perfect for riveting a metal strap to it for locking it to the a-frame of my trailer to deter thieves.

The solar panel and the charge controller itself work great. The wires are junk, wasting 10-20% of the total solar power and causing charging issues. The charge controller is not waterproof or even water resistant, and it takes patience to attach wires to the green connector. Otherwise, the charger works well. Rather than return it, i fixed these problems for about 15 dollars. Actual specs:i measured this unit putting 1. 4 amps into my low car battery on a sunny day in december in maine. That’s about 18 watts in the middle of winter, pretty good for a 20 watt panel. That was before i fixed the wiring. The label on the back of the solar panel has slightly different specs than the amazon title.

I’m using this on a chicken pen project – create/store power from the sun to run an automatic door opener. Everything i did works perfectly – this panel adequately charges a deep cell battery. I would next time not use the small controller they send, it doesn’t tell you enough information.

I’ve got a car that sits most of the time. The battery would die all the time since it hardly got driven. Hooked this up and tossed it on the roof rack and voltage never drops now. Car is parked outdoors where it gets sunlight, doubt it would work in a garage.

Needed a new solar panel to power a pump on a solar hot water system and this one worked much better then the original.

Bought this for burning man to charge a 12 v battery. The voltage regulator is a toy though. Don’t trust it at all to last a long time. On a full sun day with the angle optimized i could get 1. 1 amps output on the output of the regulator.

I did replace the wires with heavier guage wire based on another review before installing. I will try new cable next year and see what happens. I use this on my sailboat to add charge to the battery. Since the motor is hardly run, it doesn’t get recharged enough after starting motor and using it for instruments and lights.

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