EFFICERE Best Value 24-Piece Master Combination Wrench Set : A very nice set of wrenches (spanners)

The wrenches seem well made and finished. Like others have said, the carry pouch could bee a bit better designed. That’s hardly a deal breaker. This set will be part of a travel/emergency kit that i keep in my truck. Usage will be relatively low.

I use the product and it is a great set of open/box wrenches in both sae and metric. Comes in handy when you work on foreign cars and american products as well. Really great, just don”t flip the bag upside down or you’ll be reorganizing all of the wrenches not just the one or 2 you are using.

If your needs/expectations aren’t too high, you’ll like this wrench set. It includes both metric and sae sizes, and comes with a decent roll-up pouch that makes it easy to organize and store the set. I just thought the finishing on the wrenches was a little crude, but not surprised for the price. For example, several of the wrenches had visible pitting in the flat inner surfaces on the open end, but nothing that would affect the utility of the wrench. Just a remnant of a less-than-perfect casting/finishing method. These wrenches work fine, but if you want a more perfect finish, spend more money on a craftsman or similar “name-brand” set.

I like the range of sizes, the carrying pouch, and the price. I would have given 5 stars if these were a little bit longer. These wrenches are not a “stubby” set, but they a bit short. Quality is good for around the house.

The wrenches are of good quality and the canvas index is very nice. The only downside to these are that they are noticeably shorter than other wrenches i have and don’t supply the leverage other wrenches the same do. If they were a bit longer they’d be fantastic, but unfortunately they’re not.

These wrenches are nice in that they come in wide variety of sizes. The storage pouch is great quality. It’s not perfect but what you expect for a fraction of price of name brand. Can’t speak for quality but for everyday light use is perfect. Those reviewers that left 1 star are plain and simple stupid. If your missing a wrench or any problems, how about trying to contact the seller before giving them a 1 star. Sorry but everytime i see these idiotic leaving 1 stars makes me so angry. Amazon shoppers depend mostly if not all on the reviews they read and stars they see. Anyway don’t hesitate to buy.

Great product for the price.

Very pleased with the quality and value of this wrench set. Only issue is that i received two 5/16 in wrenches and i am missing the 3/8 in wrench, which i coincidentally could have used today. I hope i can get the 3/8 in wrench without a lot of effort but i’m not sure how to contact the seller nor amazon customer service. I don’t really want to do a return or exchange.

  • outstanding value
  • Good value and quality make this 5 stars for me.
  • Good wrenches.

Best Value 24-Piece Master Combination Wrench Set with Roll-up Storage Pouch | SAE 1/4” to 1” & Metric 8mm to 24mm

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  • PREMIUM MATERIAL: constructed from high strength drop forged and heat treated chrome vanadium steel
  • DURABLE FINISH: corrosion and rust resistant chrome plating finish for durability and extended tool life
  • EASY TO USE: precisely manufactured 12-point offset box end and 15-degree angled open end for easy access to fasteners in tight spaces
  • MORE TORQUE: raised panel wrench design provides more leverage and gripping power
  • POPULAR SIZE COVERAGE: set comes with a heavy duty storage pouch and includes 24 pieces high quality wrenches that exceed ANSI standard: SAE 1/4, 5/16, 3/8, 7/16, 1/2, 9/16, 5/8, 11/16, 3/4, 13/16, 7/8, 1 in. and Metric 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17, 18, 19, 21, 24 mm

Great value for occasional use. We used it to dissemble metal furniture instantly after arrival. No need to buy similar piece at more than double price from home improvement store.

These are nicely made, and quite durable. My only complaint is the red carrier they come in. Even if it’s rolled up, if you tip it the wrong way, a bunch of these will fall out. I learned the hard way to keep the grommet side up since that’s the only way to tell. Seems like they could figure out how to make a flap or something that would keep them in place. Anyhow, pretty nice tools for the price.

I put these to work on my rear brakes last night. They survived double wrenching and hammer impacts when freeing a couple of stuck bolts. The sizing feels accurate, better than i have experienced with low budget tools in the past. I also really like the roll up tool bag. It helps me as a shade tree mechanic, easier to see tool sizes printed on bag when daylight is running out.

This set of 24 wrenches deserves a 5-star rating except for the small size of the smaller wrenches (1/2′ and below). If only the smaller size wrenches were an inch or two longer they would be rated excellent. Otherwise, the drop forged steel wrenches are well machined and finished. I don’t know how long they will last in a work environment since i only had them about a week (although they do appear to be of good quality). The canvas case for the wrenches is very nice (although, it could use some kind of flap to keep the wrenches in place when the roll is carried upside down).

To be honest this was cheap in price and i was a little sceptical about the purchase. However i am pleased to say i was very pleasantly surprised with them and how they performed. I have used them multiple times and haven’t been easy on them and they hold up really well so i was definately recommend these wrenches.

Can’t tell yet if the wrenches are the equal of craftsman or other ‘name’ brands but initial appearance is good. A bit shorter in the handle but good finish and good heft, i think they will be fine for the handy-man but can’t speak for the professional mechanic.

I’ve bought two of these sets, one for the boat and one for the garage. I’d bought the tekton 1916 combination wrench set three years ago, and thought that was a reasonable deal; however, its case is of a vinyl-type material and it is starting to fall apart. Also, one of its wrenches wasn’t finished properly in a critical area. Both of these sets came with each wrench well finished, and the cases are of what seems to be a more durable, canvas-like material. You really can’t go wrong with these, if yours are anything like the two sets i’ve received. I guess i should add that i always buy my items on amazon with my own money and never accept special deals or freebies in exchange for reviews.

I just purchased your set of wrenches on amazon. Com where i’m a prime member. I would tie your strap more securely or in the correct fashion. I finally think (after laying the wrenches out on the bed), i did that. I also lost in transit the 11/14′ wrench (small one). I would like to be added to your vip customer list also.

Pros:- appears to be good quality- wrenches stay in roll ‘slots’ or ‘pouches’ fairly well; tight enough to stay put, yet loose enough to remove/place the tools back. – good value based on price vs. Number of wrenches; quality; storage rollcons:- they are big?; larger than i was anticipating; not really a con, so i am stretching here to find something negative. – too large to really fit in my ‘mobile’ toolbox without removing a number of items to make room (stretching again)- of course 24 wrenches and storage bag are going to take up a decent amount of spaceconclusion:i’d buy again on overall value. I would recommend to others depending upon their need(s). Please note: the individual wrenches are not larger than normal or expected; my mental image of the size of a 10 piece wrench set is what i had in my head, and i went and bought 24 wrenches, with probably 8 of those being larger than my previous set of wrenches. I recently ‘lost’ a craftsman roll of approximately 10-12 piece combination wrench set (somehow walked out of my house, possibly with some recent contractors present). I was looking for a replacement, and thought i’d ‘upgrade’ to get more wrenches, etc. I obviously wasn’t thinking, because this set is just too many and too large to carry around as an ‘extra’ item in my small dewalt cloth toolbag that i use to store miscellaneous tools, for miscellaneous tasks around the house, yard, and/or car. My ~10 piece craftsman set was perfect for this.

These are good for the price i paid, but definitely don’t expect them to stand up to regular use (they’re going in my truck). The roll is nice, but a simple top flap would make it far better. The wrenched fall out very easily if the wrong end is pointed down. The larger sizes aren’t nearly the length of normal wrenches of the same size, but for the price i’m not complaining.

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Best Value 24-Piece Master Combination Wrench Set with Roll-up Storage Pouch | SAE 1/4” to 1” & Metric 8mm to 24mm
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