Efoxcity Super Bright 400Lumens 6000K 194 168 2825 W5W LED Bulb For Car Replacement Lights License Plate Blub Door Reading Interior Lamp Lights : Very bright.

Haven’t had any flickering issues like previously purchased led bulbs.

I installed these in a 2014 dodge charger overhead console that i bought with no bulbs (old police cruiser). While, you might have to turn 180 degrees if they won’t come on, they work great.

They are bright, very bright, but one fizzled, smoked and burned out within one minute of installation. So, time will tell how the others last. Update: seller contacted me and resolved the issue regarding the burned out light. I recommend these lights because they are much brighter than stock.

Despite the seller’s claim that this led provides 400 lumens, i measured two samples of these t10 bulbs at approximately 260 lumens. I also measured the current at approximately 110 ma which at 12 volts is about 1. This equates to about 200 lumens per watt. By comparison, most leds are between 60 to 120 lumens per watt, and the present state of the art is around 200. Regarding brightness, #194 bulbs are typically around 24 lumens, #168 bulbs around 36 lumens, and #2825 bulbs around 50 lumens. Regarding specifications, the specs i have seen on the 3014 chip set indicate that 30 chips have the potential to produce around 390 lumens. Accordingly, the general lessen in this is to not trust that all led bulbs are designed or built to operate at the maximum chip-set ratings. Also, my observation is that few sellers report actual measured lumens, and many sellers simply report the maximum rating per chip multiplied by the number of chips. I suspect because some sellers exaggerate the lumens this way, others feel the need to do the same to be competitive.

Bought these for my 2010 rav4 overhead console dome light. The standard replacement bulb i got from the local auto parts store was not very bright so i tried this led version. I only installed one of these for now (2 dome lights in front) because these are so bright. Not sure i want it any brighter. Overall these are good & work just as described.

Installed in mirror flashers for my trailblazer and happy to have some tint on the lens. When i’m turning pretty sure aircraft are aware.

Efoxcity Super Bright 400Lumens 6000K 194 168 2825 W5W LED Bulb For Car Replacement Lights License Plate Blub Door Reading Interior Lamp Lights

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  • LED type:2X194 3014 30-SMD,Voltage: DC:12-24V,0.1A.
  • WARNING: This bulb support used range is DC12v-24v, in some special models can not be used:used in some alternating current motorcycle、connect car electric machinery or some truck(High starting voltage height DC24V)
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Custormer Service:Our products Support 3 months no reason return,If your have product issues,please contact us .
  • Fits:T10,W5W, 147, 152, 158, 159, 161, 168, 184, 192, 193, 194 2825.
  • Applications:Car License Plate Lights ,side door courtesy lights,Interior Map Lights or Dome Lights.Parking City Lights,etc

Installed these in the front running lights of a 2017 arctic cat alterra 4 wheeler. The factory bulbs were common 194. To see how much difference they would make i only installed the left front and left the original right front in place. In broad day light the difference was unbelievable.The clear original was yellow and dim compared to the new led. Extremely bright even in day light. Then i turned on the actual headlights and they too looked dim in comparison. One other advantage is that this bulb is almost the exact same dimension as the 194. So it should fit in just about any applications where a 194 bulb was used. If they last like led’s are supposed to they are a great buy.

Little-ass light bulbs have never been so bright. Old timers wish they used to make these.

Bright, good color and perfect fit. I’ll update my review if they burn out early- so far these seem to be perfect. 2/21/18 update- after a few months these are still bright and working great.

These are very bright and give off a clean 5000k white light. I did have an issue with one that didn’t want to stay lit when i was testing it but i eventually got it to fit securely and stay lit.

Great bright bulb but i wasn’t aware that the socket i was putting it into in my ’18 crosstrek was dimming, so it destroyed this bulb. I didn’t realize they’d put a dimmable socket in the trunk of any car.

I was looking to replace accent lights in my hid headlight housings. Factory bulbs had a yellow incandescent glow that clashed with the hids. These are so close to the same color temp and much brighter. If you want to use these for interior lights, they may be too bright depending on your taste of brightness. Bulb construction feels good, the top pcb board is held on to the cylinder very well. I’m completely happy with them in the application i put them into. I will update after a few months of use. First picture is just the accent lights on with old bulb on left, foxcity bulb on right. The other two pictures are closeups with hids on.

I changed all my bulbs in my 2006 tundra over to led bulbs because they use less power and are brighter than regular bulbs. I liked this model for all bulbs using a 168 or 194 bulb for head light markers, license plate and interior lighting. I have a new truck that my wife drives and it has leds used in the truck from the factory. These new bulbs are brighter than the factory used bulbs. I drive in a lot of bad weather and feel more comfortable having brighter lights for others to see me now.

As different as night and day. I hope they last a long time. Use dielectric grease on connection. My old bulbs and connections were seriously corroded.

First off i bought these for a 2002 mazda miata. The lights arrived on time and undamaged. They were sealed off in a electrostatic bag and fit the housing and harness perfectly, even if abit snug. Polarity in the installation wasnt a factor and it was immediately apparent how bright and even these led’s lit up the back of the vehicle. As a plus on miatas it serves as an excellent cargo light for the trunk. So far im very pleased with the lights and i will update accordingly to any changes in durability and quality.

Efoxcity Super Bright 400Lumens 6000K 194 168 2825 W5W LED Bulb For Car Replacement Lights License Plate Blub Door Reading Interior Lamp Lights :

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