Electronic Specialties 142-5 Flexible Silicon Back Probe Pin – Ordered more very durable

A must have for professional techs.

Small enough to fit in tiny automotive connectors. Long end to slide in past the rubber grommets in auto connectors.

If you can’t buy ‘pig stickers’ to get temporary access to connectors, then this is a better solution.

Just had to do some testing on engine control module output. These probes fit nicely into the connector terminal.

Needed to back probe electrical connectors for dynamic (engine running) testing of components or sensors. Some sensors cannot be tested off the car. These fine needles allow you to get in the back of the connector wiring. They deserve a well protected area in your electrical tool kit and need to have their overs gently replaced. They are worth every dollar. Since multimeters usually do not come with back probes.

The only potential downside is they do require the use of standard double ended banana leads. So if you don’t have a set, you will need some to use these. I already had some, so wasn’t a big deal. However, if you didn’t have a set this would be a disappointment. So minus a star for not accurately describing this in the product listing.

I service generators and these are the best ones i have had to back probe plugs and connectors fit great on my meter leads.

I got this for work, and they work great. I like that they are flexible, and they work with my radio shack replacement test leads. I use this for electronics testing on computers, cars, trucks, game consoles. If you are looking for these type test lead attachments(you surely know what you are doing). Be sure to check the sizing of what you got so you can use these once your order arrives. I failed to do so and got lucky that my plans to use the radio shack leads were compatible. I can stick these into wires and also into the back of plug connectors with out damaging the stuff i am testing.And small enough to probe those tiny circuits and ‘stuff’. Hey i got what i was looking for, and they do what they are supposed to do. Get your own, do not ask to borrow mine.

Sometimes you just don’t want to disconnect the plug from the injector, sensor, or socket. These pins make is easy to back probe connector that seem to be getting smaller and or getting harder to access every year. I know with injectors it’s easier to diagnoses trouble while looking for voltage and the fuel pressure drop with the system primed and engine off. I’ve found a many shorted or clogged injectors and quite a few shorted injector drivers in the pcm while doing a tap test to open the injector while looking for fuel pressure drop by using the back probes to power and ground the injectors.

These are great for the price.

These are good long reach/needle point multimeter leads. They are a tad flimsy and i think there may be some sort of coating on the needle tips. I can get readings from the very end but touching the two needles together in the middle registers an open circuit. I’m hoping the coating will rub off at some point.

These are great unfortunately the small size got them ignored when i finished with my car. A year later they were still stuck in the terminal and still work great. I ordered more thinking these were lost. I retained the package this time and keep them in there so i am aware they are still in the car, when i put my tools away. Perfect for my occasional use and proven to be weather proof.

Very useful for back-probing connectors. Strong yet slender profile, very sharp tips. Here are the specifications for the Electronic Specialties 142-5 Flexible Silicon Back Probe Pin:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Great for back-probing harness connectors and automotive sensors
  • Flexible silicon bends for difficult areas
  • Can be used up to 30 Volts
  • Connects to test leads with removable ends
  • Flexible 1.5 inch silicon pins provide easy back probing connections for DMM and scope measurements

Seems good for back probing and the flexibility is a bonus. Too bad there is no connection option, or at least an exposed portion for alligator clips, hence the 4 star rating. I found that a standard male bullet connector plugs right in. I soldered a wire to the bullet connector so i could use an alligator clip.

Pins and shank are flexible, but still small and sturdy enough to backprobe some rather annoying connectors for an abs control module. Having used pins (like for sewing. Not the best) and alligator clips before, this is a far better and safer solution.

Liked- there is so many uses for these back probe pin. They come in a nice clear package with the tips extremely thin and sharp points due to a plastic protective tip. I used them to troubleshoot the wiring in two of my car as well as puncturing in the 22 gauge cable without compromising the cable better then slashing the or stripping the protective coating. I also used them to get reading inside the bcm input and cables they are a bit long but they are very flexible so you can fit them in just about any place. Dislike – they did their job but then i lost one of them and then the other one got the tip mushroom. I wish they would have came in a hard plastic case to put them away and not loss them or damage them.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • These are quite useful. The only potential downside is they do require
  • Great for back probing connectors
  • a must have for vehicle wiring troubleshooting

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