Emgo 14-03610 Fuel Line : It’ll work.

I needed to replace an old snow blower’s fuel line but regular gas line was too thick. This was thin enough to work thru the tight spot on the engine and was strong enough to make a tight fit. I used an old hair dryer to heat up the ends before them on the carb and the fuel tank and they went on easily and snugly – just what i wanted.

I’ve used this fuel line on several projects and it holds-up well to the elements.

I wanted clear so i could see my fuel in my dirtbike. This stuff is pretty hard out of the box. But once it has fuel ran thought it , it seems to soften up.

This fuel line is thick walled, doesn’t kink easily. But also doesn’t bend as easily as thin walled. Great quality, the same it’s been for years.

This fuel line is awesome it fits very snug so you will not have a leak and i love how you can see the gas flow through it.

Let’s all remember this is cheap fuel line compared to everything else out there. It is very stiff and i do expect it will harden and get cloudy, but it will also work. I wouldn’t use it on my car, but on my lawnmower yes.

Excellent quality, clear fuel line. Not sure of od, but overall it’s a pretty thick tubing. The only con i would give this is the od being so thick it extends the bendable limit of the line, i. It’s tougher to get into small spaces.

Used it to replace old hoses on lawn mower.

  • When stiff and snug is what you want
  • Arrived on time, tends to get stiff after use.
  • Not for US 1/40″ FITTINGS.

Emgo 14-03610 Fuel Line

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  • Reinforced Nylon
  • Sold in 25ft. rolls

I used this fuel line on an airboat running 100ll av gas and after exposure to the gas the line got very stiff. I replaced a fuel pump and was not able to cut off the end and re insert the fuel line onto the new pump. I had to replace the section of line. The line does not crack when straightened, but does not allow easy re use. Bottom line, if you are going to put this line on and leave it then it is great. If you think you may have to replace a filter or pump plan on replacing the line or a section of it.

Much stiffer than tygon but it will do the job.

Works great on my carburated bike. Very stiff tube, but it works.

Too thick walled to fit on us size 1/4′ fittings.

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Emgo 14-03610 Fuel Line
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