ENDPAGE 7443 7440 992 T20 LED Bulb 2-pack : Super Bright!- Fast Blink Commentary

I bought these in july and used on my yamaha fjr1300 motorcycle as tail/brake lights. I was very happy with the purchase, these ligths are well made and are of good quality. The leds used are very efficient, meaning there’s lots of light and not so much heat — in other words, it won’t overheat and cause problems. The constant current driver used is also very good, it can withstand great variation of input voltage (be it under- or over-voltage) without any impact or even a change in brightness. I like the color a lot, i like the brightness, and they seem to last long. Gosh, this should be five plus stars review. Still, there is one thing that bugs me, and therefore i decided to replace these with something else. The difference in brightness between tail mode and brake mode is not so noticeable. This is because the tail mode is way too bright, so it looks like brake is on. I have measured the difference in power used for both modes using my lab equipment.

Much brighter than the stock incandescent. I’ve experimented with a lot of different led bulbs and it’s hard to know what your getting. Some are not as bright as you want, and others too bright that they annoy other drivers. The reason i went for these was the quality and that they claim to work well with the 2016 tacoma trd that i have. They possibly are 300% brighter as claimed. That seems about right, but it’s not an extreme difference, yet very obvious. In my opinion they are just right in the lumen strength. I got red because i didn’t want a washed out look with white, but white may be just fine and likely brighter.

These are super bright and made the brake/running lights on my 2006 kia sportage look so much better. Overall the car looks newer in the rear because the tails are so bright and red. One thing to note if you have a kia or hyundai – kia designed their cars to disable the esp (traction control) and cruise control if it thinks the brake lights are out. I’m not sure what year model range this affects but it does affect the 2005-10 sportage. So, with these leds using way less energy, my car thought its brake bulbs were out, and would not engage cruise control. More importantly the “esp off” light came on and traction control would not work. I replaced the brake pedal switch as many suggested, which did not fix the issue. After reading about how a bad brake light bulb could cause this, i took out these leds and put regular bulbs back in and. Sucks because i love these bulbs, so i will have to wire in resistors to keep my cruise and traction control.

Fit my 2010 ford fusion hybrid perfectly. They work perfectly too and are super bright. They fast blink but i’m ok with that. Originally, i bought some walmart led cheapies and was disappointed at the level of brightness but put up with it. I own a car service so i drive my car often and for long periods of time and my fusion went through standard tail lights quickly. I got tired of it so i went with leds. The fast blink was annoying so i decided to install resistors. I noticed that the resistors seemed super hot during installation and wasn’t feeling comfortable with leaving them in there because it seemed like a fire hazard, so i read the package. The package said not to install them near carpet or plastic in the trunk as it might cause a fire. What else is in the trunk besides carpet and plastic?.

They are significantly brighter than the 7440 (w21w) bulbs that were replaced, but not so bright as to be blinding to following cars. The instant on/off is a contrast to the much slower incandescent bulbs, and i much prefer it. The only thing i would note about installation is to be certain that they are fully inserted into the socket where the latches engage – this can take some force; otherwise they can work out of the socket. Note about load resistors: the recommended 6 ohm resistors are just wrong for most applications. The point of load resistors is to replace the power consumption that is lost when the more efficient led lamps are used, so the current draw remains the same and the flasher speed is unchanged. In my case the lamps were 7440’s, which draw 21 watts. So the total of the led (high) and the load resistor should add to 21w. These red leds draw about 4. 5 watts so we need a load resistor of about 18-1/2 watts.

Extremely bright and a very rich red color. These work extremely well in clear or red enclosures because the red wavelength passes readily through the red plastic (don’t use white leds behind red plastic, it will wash out and be less bright than your incandescents). These look outstanding and are brightimportant to note on my 2013 hyundai elantra, i did not have any issues with cruise control malfunction from installing these light bulbs. When i installed led tail lamps in previous model years, i had issues.

ENDPAGE 7443 7440 992 T20 LED Bulb 2-pack, Brilliant Red, Extremely Bright, 54-SMD with Projector Lens, 12-24V, Works as Brake Lights, Tail Lights, Turn Signal Blinkers

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  • Lifespan: 30,000 Hours | Length: 2.3″; Diameter: 0.81″ | Operating Voltage: 12V-24V DC | Wattage: 0.8-4.1 Watts
  • SAFE DRIVING: 54 high performance 2835 led chips per bulb give off 360 degree Extremely Bright Red light, 300% brighter than original stock bulb, assuring you will be seen more clearly and from further away during daytime and night, providing other drivers more time to react. Please make sure the LED bulbs will fit your application before purchasing.
  • **ONE YEAR WARRANTY** guaranteed against manufacturer defect. Built with full Aluminum Housing for better heat distribution and built in stable Constant Current IC Driver for Longer lifespan- 25 times longer than halogen/incandescent bulbs. Buy with confidence!!! Each bulb was tested before shipping.
  • Application: Brake Lights, Tail Lights, Turn Signal Lights, Center High Mount Stop (3rd brake). | Cross reference: 7440, 7440A, 7440AL, 7440NA, 7441, 7443, 7443LL, 7443ST, 7444, 7444NA, 992, T20, W21W. Non-polarity design for easy plug and play installation.
  • **ATTENTION** When used as Turn Signal Flashers, you might need to add 50w 6-ohm load resistors or change your flasher relay to prevent the hyper flash or error code on the dashboard. Besides, please be patient when install them at the first time, they are designed a real tight fitting into your sockets to avoid falling out.

These 7443s are perfect for a 17 nissan altimafirst of all, they fit in the socket base nice and snug. So they shouldn’t fall into the housing. Some were so loose they would have fallen out very easily. It seems that the ones with the red bases like the jdmastars were all very loose. The one from superbrightleds. Com fit the tightest, but they were not bright enough. And not much difference from parking to brake light. The difference between brake light and parking light is excellent. Big differencedefinitely keeping these and returning all others. Edit 7/16/2018: bought another pair for a civic high stop light.

I tested different led’s with my lux meter on my motorcycle in a distance of 16 inches, and found that the astar extremely bright px chipset ($22. 1 times brighter than the original on the tail light and the break light was 3. 2 times brighter than the original. These are more expensive but i wanted the most light output on my motorcycle and they are working great for me. I also tested:these endcape 1157 ($15. 6 times brighter than the original on the tail light and the break light was 2. Quite good for the price but i wanted the most light.

I installed these on a 2001 windstar and they functioned only in single mode. I reinstalled my incandescent and it functioned perfectly in dual mode in the exact same socket. Update: the seller endpage apologized, told me i could keep the defective product, and asked for another chance. I was sent a set of red 7443 bulbs to try on a different vehicle.

Just as described these lights are extremely bright. For parking lights they are as brightas incandescent brake lights. However, when you step on the brake or flip on your turnsignal these lights get even brighter. You are able to clearly distinguish between parkinglights and brake lights. Driving at night if you look in your review mirror you can actuallysee red light reflecting off the traffic signs as you pass them they are this bright.

 so i had to replace my oem driver side brake light, due to the halogen bulb burning out. I also noticed that the oem set up had always been lacking in the light output department. Based on that alone i went with the led bulbs. I know the biggest issue with leds is that they can get extremely hot. With that in mind i sought out these bulbs specifically because of the hearty aluminum heat sink. The installation was a breeze and delivered a satisfying click into the harness. Also to note that the aluminum appeared to be machined very well and had some kind of a protective finish (may help in anti corrosion resistance). As soon as i had power to the bulb it was abundantly apparent how much light they put out and how much more pronounced that made my stock housings look. So far im very pleased with the overall quality and lumen output of these units. I will include a picture with the led’s installed in the driverside versus the halogen on the passenger side and a clip of them in action.

Endpage 1157 brightest red led tail light, brake light, i have tried and seen and use in my vehicle so far and stay true red not turning orange or have to worry about not turning on or flickering these work great here is some pictures, even though pictures don;t do or give these red led bulbs the credit they need and deserve they are bright true red. I purchased and compared these next too ijdmtoy. Com red led bulbs there in the top tail lights not the bottomthere not even close to or as bright as the, endpage red led lights for both tail or brake lights in my bottom set of brake lights.

Excellent quality so far in build and operation. Long term is obviously unknown at this point. I build/own high power led flashlights, so i’m aware of the led game. I have not been able to verify what chips these are just yet, but will edit this review if i get that info. For reference, these bulbs on ‘low’ are as bright as the old bulbs on ‘high’. I did one side and compared them side by side. On high, these bulbs are very bright, but not dangerously/comically so. They just get more attention. I have these in a 2010 buick enclave for fitment confirmation. It does cause hyper flash even though in the buick it’s software controlled.

There stock brightness (running light) looks like the brake is pressed, but they get even brighter when you actually press the brake, so win win on blindingly bright stop lights. They would have gotten 5 star, but pushing them into the stock housing was very tight, almost didn’t think they would go in, but they did. I actually had to take the housing, set it on something firm and then push the bulb in on the solid object to get them to fit. Be warned, you’ll feel like it will break something.

I had to use a lot of force to get them to fit in the socket. The bulbs have a thick base. The amber ones i purchased actually cracked the socket. The brake light socket didn’t crack but was a tight fit. I wish other people would indicate the model of car they’re commenting about.

Only replaced this lamp and is brighter than other lights on car. Brake light is brighter, good. The basic car lights are ‘drive/park’ and are lower brightness than the brake light. Most cars have at least 2 ‘drive/park’ lights each side (4 or more, total). One of these was installed to compare brightness to the existing incandescence lamps. These are noticeably brighter so i would have to replace the other existing drive/park lights so that the overall lights are equal. Brakes lights are brighter than the incandescence so a good deal.

They are very bright and seem to be well made. These bulbs have 54 leds (12 on each of four sides and six on the end. ) vs a well known competitor who’s bulbs have (six on each of three sides and three on the end) for a total of 21 leds. The led chips seem to be the same chips. The chips seem to be of equal brightness but the endpage leds have 33 more led chips for a higher total light output. I paid $15 for the endpage bulbs and $23 for the competitors bulbs. Both brands work in standard and ck socket. You can stick them in any way you want and they work correctly. Only time will tell long they will last and if they continue to work correctly. I do hope they last at this point they are the best value in led automobile replacement bulbs i have seen. I intend to get the amber ones also. I have included pic of both bulbs the endpage and the competitors. Update – i recently had the chance to follow my wifes car ( it’s the one i installed the bulbs in) and had a chance to see the bulbs in the daytime and at night. The difference between the brake lights and tail lights is very noticeable, the tail lights are nice and bright and the brake lights are extra bright so there is very noticeable transition between tail lights and brake lights to alert the drivers that you are stopping.

ENDPAGE 7443 7440 992 T20 LED Bulb 2-pack, Brilliant Red, Extremely Bright, 54-SMD with Projector Lens, 12-24V, Works as Brake Lights, Tail Lights, Turn Signal Blinkers : Endpage 7443 red as brake/tail light. They are brighter than standard 7443 when used side-by-side. Their square layout means they don’t send light to every part of the rounded reflector inside the light housing, but there is still lots of light. They click in place securely in my connector – 08 toy sienna. Ordered these to try to solve an incompatibility between the philips 7443 and a new uhaul trailer hitch wiring connector. Philips caused an error code. At least not so far and the error happened immediately with the philips. Hope they last since they are bright and work well.

I’m giving them 5 stars because they are super bright and a huge difference from original, however they did not work in my turn signals as described. I’m not taking off any stars for that because i have the same led bulbs in the front blinkers and after doing some research i found that in my 04 silverado it won’t be able to compensate for the low resistance by the led, so basically you need to decide if u want them in the front or the rear u can only do 1. I think there’s a conversion kit to fix this problem though, however they do still work well as a break light.

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ENDPAGE 7443 7440 992 T20 LED Bulb 2-pack, Brilliant Red, Extremely Bright, 54-SMD with Projector Lens, 12-24V, Works as Brake Lights, Tail Lights, Turn Signal Blinkers
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