EPAuto Telescoping Lug Wrench, Much better than stock tire iron

The only negative i can think of would be that i wish that the handle had twisted, clicked or locked into place when you lengthen it.

Follow-up review:received this compact lug wrench weeks earlier. Was purchased to facilitate changing out the winter tires for conventional ones on our bmw 328i convertible. Here are the pros and cons:pros:- solid feel and quality fabrication. – ball detent at the end firmly secures each socket. – extension of torque rod is generous resulting in safe and efficient use. – storage bag, although somewhat light weight, does the job. – wrench fits nicely in the trunk of our bmw. – sockets fit the deep recesses of the alum alloy wheels and still fully engage the lug nuts. – angle of wrench supports exerting sufficient torque to remove and tighten lug nuts safely.

I’ll be keeping it for doing car maintenance and emergency tire swaps. I used it to rotate my tires already and i liked it. Not as good as a dedicated lug nut wrench or impact driver but not bad. Note: put a little bit of your favorite lube oil on the smaller bar to make the metal slide easier (i used a rag and wd 40).

The product seems to be strong enough for regular lug nut removal. Although i did not try to remove my lugs because socket is a hair too small, i am skeptical of any ‘stuck on’ or repair shop over torqued lugs. I did bend my oem wrench why i am replacing.

I bought this to replace a missing lug wrench in our vw and its compact size yet extendable design for leverage makes easy work of changing a tire. I gave it a test run and it worked very well, i can’t comment to long term durability but see no reason why it should last forever.

Very pleased with this lug wrench. Purchased to use on my 2004 miata which has limited storage space in trunk the lug wrench for the car issued by mazda was 8′ long and provide little leverage for loosening tight lug nuts installed with a impact wrench at your tire shop. This epauto wrench make tight lug nut removal easy.

Just had to use this to fix a flat tire, and i was impressed with the feel and construction of this tool. Put all my bodyweight into it, and easily withstood the torque. Comes with 2 socket heads, also very thick and sturdy. Even fully telescoped, i didn’t feel like i was bending the shaft.

Key specs for EPAuto Telescoping Lug Wrench, Wheel Wrench with CR-V Sockets (17/19, 21/22mm):

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  • Durability: Made from Hardened treated Chrome Vanadium steel alloy (Cr-V)
  • Telescoping handle extends to 19 inches for maximum leverage
  • Compacts to 13 inches for easy storage
  • 1/2″ Drive Head: 17mm, 19mm(3/4″), 21mm(13/16″), 22mm(7/8″) socket sizes provided.
  • Easy Storage: A convenient carry bag is included for storage

Comments from buyers

“Heavy duty and built to last.
, Works just fine. Can’t beat it for the price

I added a temporary spare tire to my bmw x1. The run flats were discarded in favor of better riding tires but the car didn’t have a spare, jack or lug wrench. This compactable wrench fits the needs perfectly and has the strength to remove lug nuts that were over torqued at the local costco. I actually had to stand on the wrench to loosen the lug nuts – the wrench and its socket held up fine. I plan to purchase another for my other car.

When extended the bars have a lot of play between the two. It still should work but there is no way to lock the two together once extended. This is for emergency use only, if you need to regularly and manually remove lugs get a quality 4 way. This works as an emergency tool in my utv.

Worked great for taking wheels off to replace brake pads. Quick and easy, good quality. Thought about getting a breaker bar based on reviews but this was perfect.

From the extendable handle to the four available lug sizes in one tool, a great tool to keep under the seat of the truck. There are two things that would make it better. A cloth bag instead of the plastic one that becomes very brittle in the cold and a lug on the handle to hold the second, reversible socket.

I actually got a flat tire on a trailer. Has great torque to break loose lug nuts due to its handle length. Downside, it wouldn’t remove the spare tire from it’s carrier; the socket was too shallow. Fortunately, i carried a t- lug wrench. The whole point was to carry this one wrench due to its space saving package and eliminate the t-lug wrench. Do a practice simulation at home before heading out with this wrench. Only 4 stars; would have been 5 stars if it stands on its own.

This is so much easier than using a stock tire iron. I have used it several times as i’m in the process of fixing brakes and painting wheels. It fits in the jack compartment of my daughter’s mazda protege and with the extra leverage and softer handle, she’ll be able to change a tire now if she needs to.

Tesla doesn’t come with spare tire. I carry a plug kit and a pump. But in some situation you do need to take off the wheel to plug it. So i bought this and a scissor jack( don’t carry hydraulic jack for emergency. The telescopic handle is a must for the 129ftlb high torque of the lug nuts.

I purchased this kit to go in my smart fortwo. Its a simple simple kit that doesn’t take up a lot of room, and was easily able to remove over tightened lug nuts on my rv. The downside is that the supplied sockets don’t fit any of my cars. Pro:long enough to have leverage to remove tight boltscompactcons:you may need to purchase a socket to fit you lug nutsi would buy it again.

Purchased to go with utility trailer since the lug nut size on the truck is different than those on the trailer. Tool appears to be a simple,well designed ,all inclusive lug nut sizes,compact , item. The finish on the sockets( two sized both ends) is flawless chrome. The handle extends from 13 to 19 inches and has a strong detent ball which positively keeps the socket attached. You know so it doesn’t fall off and roll under the trailer on a rainy night. All in all a good tool for the price which will store better than a std 4 way lug nut wrench. Since i’m metric challenged i had to learn that 22 and 23 mm is equal to good ole 13/16 and 7/8.

Worked beautifully just now on my bmw. The wrench is strong enough that even extended i could stand on it and bounce a bit to loosen the bolts without problem. (a couple of days ago i bent a normal socket wrench when i but an extender on it to try to do the job. ) it would be great if there a small addition at the bend to make it easier to stand on the wrench with more stability. Easy five stars, easy recommendation.

I purchased a pickup with after market tires and wheels. The factory lug wrench did not fit the 19mm lug nuts on the after market wheels. I almost didn’t order this wrench due to the low cost. This wrench is heavy duty and built to last. The bend angle is enough to allow the wrench to clear off road tires mounted on off set rims. The telescoping function creates great torque. This wrench is an amazing value.

Excellent quality, retractable lug wrench. The extension provides just the right amount of leverage to break free stubborn nuts. Solid and dependable with great quality sockets included. Only downside is that the vinyl carrying bag is thin and tears easily under the weight of the wrench and sockets.

Make sure you get both sockets, first order only came with one. This item should include two sockets, giving you four different sizes. The tool itself is heavy and seems very sturdy, not cheaply made at all despite the low price.

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