EPPCO Enterprises 1860 12″ x 72″ Drawer Liner : Well made – Professional grade

Delivered on time—-no problems. Same style and feel as the one piece that came with the tool chest. Same ‘stickiness’ that allows the mat to remain in place. Won’t slip around or ball up in the back of the drawer.

This liner material is equal to or better than that which mac and snap-on use in their boxes. I used it to replace old liners in a mac box and am 100% satisfied. I loaded my box and drove exactly 155 miles. Im sure thats a testament to how good the product is and not my nimble driving skills.

I had heard great things about this liner and decided to give it a try. I was very disappointed that it is made in china, whereas the pictures show packaging that says ‘made in usa’. It still seems like nice liner, very similar to the solid type you can buy at harbor freight. The great thing about eppco is that they offer 24′ depth. Overall i’m happy, but i didn’t pay full price and i’m not sure i would.

It was easy to cut and install and looks quite nice although i doubt anyone other than me will see how nice it looks. The roll covered more than i had calculated (that old age is creeping up on me again), next time i will use a piece of paper rather than trusting my head to calculate how much material i will need. The material is thinner than i thought but it does a better job holding the tools in place than i was expecting so i think the material is the perfect thickness. I would recommend this product to anyone needing tool box liner.

Ive used several other toolbox liners, and this by far has been my favorite. Cuts to fit very easily, using either a utility knife or scizzors. Roll had a few inches of waste material on the end, looks like it was damaged during shipping?but the vast majority of it was in great shape. Lays flat, and while slightly sticky, doesnt overly grab onto the tools.

. I will never buy or recommend another toolbox drawer liner again. This one wins hands down every one i’ve ever tried. And actually comes in usable lengths for large standing toolboxes (not the small rolls you usually can get, that are good for maybe 2-3 drawers at most). I ended up buying 2 of the 30-foot rolls. After using this for my 2nd toolbox, i loved it so much, i ripped out the cheap crap i had in my old toolbox and replaced it with this.

EPPCO Enterprises 1860 12″ x 72″ Drawer Liner

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  • This material is formulated and produced to the same high standards as that used by nationally known Professional Tool Box manufacturers.
  • It is easy to maintain, will not trap dirt and dust and easily wipes clean.
  • 12 inch X 72 inch

I used it to line a toolbox i use to store my edc knives. I have used the perforated stuff for my tool boxes in the past in the garage. That stuff doesn’t hold a candle to this. I cut it rather quickly with a t-square and a knife on the kitchen counter so the pieces weren’t a perfect fit – which was fine for me. After i placed the first piece in the drawer – my concerns with how it would look were eliminated. The way this stuff clings and conforms to the sides and corners is nothing short of fantastic. I cut the rest with no fear. I would line my whole truck with this stuff if i could.

Finding tool box liner for 24” x 35” drawers was tough. Complicate that by 10 drawers. Fortunately, this product was a perfect match. It was easy to cut, fits in the drawers nicely and provides a little cushion and stops items from sliding around in the drawers. Decent quality at a reasonable price. I would buy the product again.

This product works, it is exactly what i was looking for. The only one problem was very wrinkled in the middle of the roll. If it wasn’t wrinkled it be 5 stars. But i’m a carpenter , hence not a professional mechanic with a 5k matco/snap on tool box. Works for me just wish it wasn’t wrinkled.

They look and feel similar to my old krsc46 liners. I just wish they had more sizes available due to there being so many drawer sizes that it was a little difficult to buy my liners so instead i had to opt for the 24update: both sides look very tacky but there’s one side that is meant for the bottom. Lots of wrinkles that i cant get out that were in the middle of roll. It may be for you but definitely not for me.

This worked very well for my application. I used it in the trunk of my car to stop things from sliding around. I attached velcro strips to the back side so that it would stay in one place in the trunk.

I had been looking for this kind of liner for a long time. It’s the perfect liner for your tool box. Its stays in place and keeps tools from sliding around, and damaging your box. I’ll take some photos and upload them. I cut my liners a little big so i get a lip all around the drawer, and it acts like a bowl helping to contain spills and really makes sure the liner stays in it’s place.

I have had this stuff in my toolbox at work for about a year and it is almost as good as the liners that came in my matco box when new. They show very little wear after heavy use i had the mesh type liners in my work toolbox before and they would not stay in place even after gluing them down. After searching for liners like my matco box had i found these. They are very close in quality. They stay put and tools don’t slide around when opening and closing drawers. My box is very deep and these are about an inch away from being wide enough to cover the whole drawer. That should not be an issue for most people. I will buy again when needed.

This is my first time using real liners, i have always just used shelf liner or something. These are definitely better. The tools stick to it so they don’t move much but they are not sticky when they come out. I actually put these in my toolbox then put the box on it’s back to transport it to work and they didn’t fall out. They are thin but it doesn’t seem to affect their performance. I would definitely buy these again.

I bought this to redo my mac tech 1000 tool box. I had enough left over to do my two craftsman 3 drawer service carts, and my locker. It keeps the tools from sliding and bouncing around plus it’s easy to clean.

I bought this to line the top of my toolbox so i can set things on top of it when i do not need it open. I thought i would need some adhesive to stick it too the surface but since i have put it on (about 2 months ago now) it has not come off without any kind of aid. It is very soft and molds to whatever you set on it which i find very nice. I have not had anything fall off the top of my toolbox since i installed it and am going to replace all of the pads in all of the drawers with the rest of the roll.

EPPCO Enterprises 1860 12″ x 72″ Drawer Liner :

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EPPCO Enterprises 1860 12" x 72" Drawer Liner
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