Ernst Manufacturing Greg’s Drip-Free Oil Filter Funnel – saved me from a lot of mess that would have

Takes some practice but when you finally get it, you will be doing the cleanest harleyu oil changes around. My buddy was amazed that only a few droplets wound up on the garage floor when we were doing his bike (05 road king). I actually found it useful for primary oil changes as i dont own the flat drain panhave used it on a sportster, dyna fat bob and road king. A+one suggestion, the manufacturer should add a small ridge to the narrow side as the hose keeps sliding off once it gets oily (inevitable).

Filter wrench fits a little snug around the filter on my 2002 fat boy but worked well. It helps to loosen the filter first, then put on the funnel, then the wrench around the funnel for stock harley filters. I replaced the spent filter with one from k&n that has a 17mm nut that you can twist off with a crescent wrench which will make this job even easier next time (https://smile. Com/gp/aw/d/b000e28c7m/ref=ya_aw_oh_bia_dp?ie=utf8&psc=1).

It doesn’t stay in place when unscrewing the filter. If you pop a hole in the filter first to drain it, this funnel catches all of that. Once the filter is off, small amount of oil will still drip/pour down the front of the bike. I don’t regret buying this item but it isn’t a miracle worker.

I bought the harley shop version of this a few years back because they said it would work but it didn’t even fit under the oil filter. This one went under it perfectly. (out of habit though i still put a paper towel under it). Be sure to follow their directions otherwise you will spill oil from the filter.The pictures in the directions are in color and are very clear. First, drain the oil from the engine & holding tank completely while the engine is warm. Place the ernst drain pan under the filter and, using the enclosed nail, punch a hole in the bottom of the oil filter (up top at 12:00) and loosen the filter a half a turn until that hole is at the bottom and let it drain completely (i used an awl to enlarge the hole for faster draining). If the filter gasket separates from the filter mount oil will leak all over the engine. Once the filter stops draining, unscrew and remove it and you’re done.

Works great for my ’09 dyna. It is important to read and follow the instructions. Without know how to use the nail to drain the filter it is messier. I didn’t know at first and wasn’t thrilled with the results. Today i used it and actually read the instructions and didn’t spill a drop of oil and didn’t get oil all over my engine mount.

This little funnel really works well, if you use it correctly. There are youtube videos on it’s use. You put it under the filter and punch a hole in the front upper part of the filter, then give it a half-turn and all of the oil in the filter runs out the hole, into your filter funnel, down the tube and into your drip pan or same container. Pretty simple, but nice to have.

This is a great product to have. I bought my first harley about 3 months ago. I like to do fluid changes myself, so that i can use amsoil in my bikes. Every motorcycle that i’ve had has had the oil filter on the bottom. This bike has it in the front middle of the frame. I was thinking, how the hell do you take the oil filter off without making a huge mess. Not only can you use it as a drain for the oil filter, but you can use it as a funnel to put the oil back into the oil tank.

I went to home depot and got a much bigger nail to train the filter with. Took too long with the nail included. Bigger nail pushes oil out the first hole punched though and makes a mess. Just use a big drill bit if you don’t want to wait 15 minutes for the filter to drain. I’ve got three hogs and a ducati so i can’t an hour on oil change day for the filters to drain.

This little thing is kinda handy i guess. Sad part is you have to use a nail to puncture your oil filter to drain the majority of the oil first which takes forever, but it does a great job of keeping that oil going to a desired container. But good luck getting the oil filter off and have this thing trying to catch the oil. Used it twice still makes a mess you’ll end up cleaning off your bike and floor. Can’t say it’s the products fault for harley’s poor filter placement, but i would expect this to eliminate the mess much more than it does. If your filter head allows it take out the lower grub screw plug and drain the filter that way.

It’s effective in that it channeled the oil into the catch can. Trying to sneak the oil wrench in with the tool in place is a bit tricky. There’s not much clearance between it and the filter. Also, you need to keep an eye on the plastic tubing to make sure it stays snug. Three sets of hands would probably be helpful.

I always carefully read reviews before i buy a product online. If i had based my purchase of this funnel on all the negative reviews i read here, i would still be searching for the ‘holy grail’ harley funnel. I went ahead and bought the thing anyway so i could give it a shot, and as a prime member it arrived in a day and a half. Perfect, i am ready to change the oil and filter in my ’01 road king. I followed the provided directions to get started. I slid the funnel under the filter to just beyond the connection at the oil filter bracket. I was changing out the hd 5 micron filter(14 flute cap) using an oil filter end cap wrench with the cut out for the crank position sensor. Contrary to other reviews here, i had absolutely no problem getting the wrench to easily slip into place on the filter. The space between funnel and filter is narrow, but plenty wide enough to get the cap wrench in place and still let oil run through. I did the whole punch the hole in the filter thing, rotated it a half turn, let it drain for about 5 minutes, then carefully began twisting the filter off to drain it at the connection.

Saved me from a lot of mess that would have potentially had to clean up after doing my oil change. The tube is a bit narrow, however, and the oil spilled out of it from the inlet side because it didnt drain through quick enough. But still got the job done much cleaner than it would have been without this tool. Here are the specifications for the Ernst Manufacturing Greg’s Drip-Free Oil Filter Funnel:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Drip-free oil filter funnel for Harley Davidson motorcycles
  • Designed for use with most new Harley Davidson models (except V-Rods)
  • Keeps oil from damaging rubber engine mount
  • Also great for refilling fluids
  • Made in the USA; lifetime guarantee; tools not included

It worked beautifully on the sportster. The softail turned into a mess, as it didn’t fit correctly to clear the footboard. I’ll try a little different technique with it in 5000 miles and see if it changes my opinion. Edit: used this on my nissan xterra and it worked beautifully.

I dont need to pop a hole in my filter as i hold it tight against the engine while the oil drains. After the bulk of the oil is done you can safely let go and let it finish dripping out. First time ever i didn’t have a sloppin mess to clean up. I should have gotten this long ago.

It did help, but the seal at the filter housing still allows oil to escape past this trough and drip onto the floor. For best results punch a couple holes in the bottom face of the filter. As close to the lower edge as possible. Then wait for the majority of the oil in the filter to drain. If you loosen the filter before its drained then oil will escape where this trough meets the filter housing.

I was a little hesitant to purchase since buying a bike and putting some money into it but figured well spent if it helps prevent a mess on the bike when i changed the filter. It worked great on my 2009 harley sportster. It kept the oil from dumping down the frame when pulled off. I followed their online directions and punched a hole in the old filter start draining it prior to removing, perfect mess free change. Very happy i found this simple gadget.

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  • Funnel is fantastic!
  • Finally; an oil drain pan that works!
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