Extreme Max 5600.3204 Deluxe Motorcycle Wheel Chock / Tie-Down Kit, this chock would be fine with a touring bike

I was impressed with the quality of this chock. That’s the only reason i’m giving it four stars. My bike weighs almost 800 pounds. To get to the tire to lock into the chock i have to either get a running start, or drive the bike into the cradle. In essence, to get this thing to work your front end has to be pushed and pulled over a 3” hump. . Sometimes that’s almost impossible with an 800 pound bike by yourself. I lowered the cradle by drilling another hole so the 3′ hump was only 1 1/2′, but then it didn’t hold the bike upright. If you have a friend to help you unload the bike, or can park on a steep hill to unload it,. This chock would be fine with a touring bike.

I have not used this tool as of yet however it is well built. Looks like all the issues some others have had with the bolts were worked out. Never had to readjust the bike on a 3k trip from washington to the south-central texas. I did have straps on the bike but bike never moved. Unloading would have been difficult however i ran a ratchet strap under the tire to hold the bracket in place while i pulled on the bike with a winch to control removal of my bike. A vtx 1800 r with lots of extras, est. Weight at 900 lbs plus some.

I installed this wheel chalk on my utility trailer for hauling big road bikes and it works really great. It is constructed of very heavy steel and is easy to install. I have had no issues whatsoever hauling big motorcycles with this chalk. I’m very happy that i chose this. I have hauled a goldwing gl1500, a victory touring classic, and a couple of big harleys with no issues. I wasn’t sure if the front fender would clear on the goldwing but is does. Very satisfied with this purchase. Super high quality and flawless operation.

The product is made of good quality. . I loaded my goldwing onto the chock with no problem. However, i’m so short and the goldwing is so high that i can’t push the front wheel out of the chock without assistance. My short term solution was to take the rear pivot off of the chock and just secure the tire to the front bar with a tie-down.

Takes some time and patience to get it right but well worth the effort. Very heavy duty and i trust it will keep my expensive motorcycle in the chock. Follow the directions to get the wheel locked in properly and you’ll feel much more at ease hauling your bike around. I’ve seen and used other chocks but this one works and works well. It’s a bit wide but after i got the pivot pin in the right position, i epoxied some treated wood on the inside of the chock to fill in the gap so there is less play. A little work with a rasp before epoxying cleaned out the pivot point so the treated wood doesn’t interfere with the pivoting. My explanation may not be clear so i’ll include some photos soon.

First impression is that this is a well built chock to hold a motorcycle in place. I have a 2007 holda goldwing gl1800 non abs with the kuryakyn rotor covers and the wide hoop of this chock has plenty of clearance for my setup. The con of this is that it allows the bike to lean side to side more than my friends chock from cycle gear. I would imagine properly strapping the bike in place will prevent excessive leaning in either direction. Update: just moved the cradle one hole closer to the front and the bike is more secure. The rotor covers have a substantial amount of extra room from the chock so i will likely keep it in that position. Will update photos after i install this in my trailer and get it situated properly so you can see better photos. Still doesn’t seem as secure as the cycle gear chock, but i think there are pros and cons to each and will go into further detail once i’m done setting everything up.

I purchased this item as i wanted more peace of mind when hauling and securing my newly bought motorcycle in the rental truck. Assembly was a breeze, but keep in mind you will need a socket or wrench to secure the bolts into place as they don’t include any tools. Once strapped in with a few ratchet straps it didn’t budge and held the front wheel securely for the whole hour and a half trip back home. There was a bit of an issue guiding the wheel onto the locking mechanism as we had to rock the bike to get it over the hump. It came out very easily however. I hope i get more uses out of this thing because it seems an effective product for securing your front wheel. I can’t bring myself to drill two holes in my garage but it should be just as effective if not more than the straps i used in the truck.

Key specs for Extreme Max 5600.3204 Deluxe Motorcycle Wheel Chock / Tie-Down Kit:

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  • Includes motorcycle wheel chock and pair of 1.5″ x 6′ tie-downs
  • Wheel chock fits 17″ – 21″ motorcycle and sport bike wheels between 3-5/32″ – 7-3/32″ wide
  • More about the wheel chock: easy assembly, heavy-duty steel construction, adjustable design, and semi-gloss powder-coat finish
  • More about the tie-downs: heavy-duty nylon with dual safety clips, sewn-on soft ties, plastic coated metal hooks, heavy-duty ratchets, and 2000 lb. rating
  • Two-year limited on chock and tie-downs

Comments from buyers

“Heavy duty, well designed, and works great.
, I highly recommend this motorcycle wheelchoc.
, Sturdy but wide wheel chock

Well i sure was happy with my purchase , the assembly was easy, the product itself rock solid tough and everything i hoped it would be. I mounted it and pulled my harley davidson in and locked her in. It held nicely and enough space so that i can (if i so choose) to leave on kickstand when strapping it down. Not a option in many wheel chocks. I bought three of these and should i sell my trailer will be buying these again. By far the best ones that i have seen even at all the bike rally events. Dave steffentraditions motorcycle club.

Heavy duty and can be made to be removeable. Sits flat on mounting surface; which means it’s among the few locking wheel chocks that can be used with removable wheel chock hardware. Com/gp/aw/d/b003ok4zm2/the extra width of the front cross-bar, and the heavy gauge construction of this chock make it hands down the best option: those non-locking tubular removeable chock kits don’t provide enough confidence and security for trailering a motorcycle. The only other affordable choice is that generic locking wheel chock you will see from harbor freight/ebay/everywhere else; however, those need to be mounted with 4 plastic spacers and carriage bolts because the base plate has beveled edges and a gap underneath, so they can’t be mounted with removeable hardware. I paid about $60 for this chock, and another $9 for removeable hardware and now i can remove it and use my 4×8 trailer more often without having a bulky chock occupying the front 1/3.

I actually modified it by adding a longer piece of angle iron. That way it fit on the existing floor anchors without having to drill into the rv floor. It’s work really well carrying my midsize kawasaki weighing in about 500 pounds.

After reading many reviews both good and bad i decided to give this a try. Having fabrication abilities i figured if there were any issues i could make it work for the price. With that said i received the product in 3 days which was way faster than expected. The product is very well built took a few minutes to put together. I have a 900lbs harley that i needed to trailer do to snow and ice conditions, i borrowed a neighbors enclosed utility trailer but it only had 4 little d ring attachment points. I took this unit and put up against the header and put 2 lag bolts in. I rode the bike up into the wheel chock it took a little bit of effort to get in the chock but the bike is very secure. I then strapped down the bike to the d rings and the bike never moved from that point. Getting the bike out was not a single person job with a heavy bike it took 2 of us to lift and push the bike out. I will be moving the articulating chock down about an inch which should give me more leverage to get bike out by my self.

I bought these for my trailer to transport my sportbikes. The construction is good and they are pretty easy to assemble. My only issue with these chocks is that they are a little too wide for my sportbike tires. When the front wheel is in the chock, i can still lean the bikes all the way over to the kickstand with no problem. I have another chock that i usually keep in my storage building where i store my bikes and when my bike is on that chock, it stays upright. I gave it four stars because it ‘does what it’s supposed to do’. My advice would be to only use this chock if you’re transporting and have tie-down straps holding the bike in place. If you have a sport bike and plan on storing it on a wheel chock don’t get this chock. I’m not sure how cruiser wheels fit in these but definitely wouldn’t ‘store’ a sport bike on the chock.

I had purchased a harbor freight wheel chock but when i got ready to mount it in my new trailer i was concerned about the light duty design. So i returned it and bought the extreme max 5001. This thing is heavy duty and well designed. I installed the cradle in the second hole from the back for my harley road king and it fits perfectly. I was concerned about it hitting the fender skirt which other reviewers had a problem with, but it cleared it fine and really holds the bike securely while i tie it down. I also went to the hardware store and bought (4) 3/8-16 threaded tee nuts (see picture) to bolt the chock down so i can quickly and easily unbolt it when i use the trailer for hauling other stuff. I read a couple reviews that said the included assembly hardware was substandard, even a couple said the bolts were hollow. The hardware that came with mine was good quality metric branded 8.

My bike room space is limited. I use this to hold my fxdf upright for maintenance and modifications. Two anchors flush mounted in floor allow me to remove when not needed in order to free up space. It stores easily under engine bench. For a little extra support (confidence) i use small ratchet straps to secure bike to engine table. (really heavy work bench) this allows the bike to be very stable during maintenance, level for fluid levels. Withstands curious grandson that wants to learn and climb. I plan on using it on trailer as well. Removable anchor bolts you have a can’t lose tool.

I purchased 2 of those for a 5×8 enclosed trailer to hold an r6 yamaha and a zx7r kawasaki. It was really easy to mount and they feel very sturdy. Once bolted to the wooden floor, they would not bulged at all. When the front wheels are inside, they feel securely lock to not roll back and forth. But it feels like the motorcycle could easily fell of on one side or the other. With tie downs and canyon dancer, this won’t happen during transport. But i would not recommend this product to anyone who just want to roll their bike in their garage. Good product if you want to transport your motorcycle with tie-downs.

Installed to haul my hd streetglide with. I bolted the horizontal angle onto a square unistrut which is bolted through two e track rings in each side. I did this to be able to change locations in trailer. This raised the whole things 3/8” so i put rubber bumper pads on back side to make it level. This makes it slightly more difficult to roll on and off. My first haul i was in a hurry and strapped bike in sloppily and straps got cut pretty bad on brake calipers which loosened whole bike. After 80-100 miles on twisty bumpy roads the bike was still standing but straps themselves were doing very little. Really recommend this wheel chock.

I read the reviews and i was hesitant, i should of followed my first instinct. These are not made for a bike with a low fender. I bought this for my 2006 harley softail deluxe, the rear wheel cradle misses hitting the rear of my front fender by 1/8 of an inch without being strapped down so i know it will hit the fender once i strap it down, i will be contacting the seller asking for a refund. Also, i sometimes reposition them around in my trailer in order to fit my wife’s bike in as well, it would be nice to have those elongated holes so you don’t have to totally take the bolts in and out to move them around. Pros: heavy dutycons: not made for a bike with low fenders, not easy to take in and out or move around.

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