Eyourlife Led Light Bar : Well worth the $$$$$$

Absolutely love the 42 in bar i bought. It lights up those dirt roads and pisses off the a holes who ride down the road with brights on.

Just the way some people have reviews that are positive i have also take the step to unscrew the glass portion put silicone at screwback on i have had it in my car now for the last three months though it’s only rained for five times why don’t hasn’t made it in yet and i don’t think it’s going to anymore. I use this on a 2013 fj cruiser it looks sick on my baja rack i get a lot of compliments for the light rack as well i was the one thing is i also knew while i was buying this that it’s not going to be illuminating thousands of meters away it’s more of a flood light within the near a few hundred feet which is more now what i need in the dunes. I have also attached a photo helping the rangers at pismo using my lightbar.

I purchased this led lightbar because i couldn’t pass on the price. I already have 2 light bars on my subaru for off road use but for 1/20 the price of a name brand bar if it even turned on i would be pleased. That said when the bar arrived and flooded my garage with light i was more than pleased. As for performance as advertised these are definitly not spot lights even though it is advertised as spot/flood combo. It runs more like flood and wide flood but the amount of light is exceptional. For any off road light in this price range glowing would be acceptable hut this dwarfs all other forward facing lights. I do not have the tools nessessary to properly test the lumen claims on the lightbar but compared to a name brand led light bar it is exceptionally suited for short range flood lighting. And in this price range you can buy a spare just in case it gets damaged on the trail. I would definitly recommend this lightbar for off road use.

 i’ve had the 31′ single row lightbar for a little under a month now. I was looking for something that would fit cleanly between my grill guard on my xj cherokee, and not block the radiator too much. I also needed it to fit above my winch. This fit the bill nicely, and has a very bright light output. My stock headlights aren’t very bright from the start, and with this turned on, i can hardly tell they’re turned on. I was glad i got it when a buddy rolled his jeep on the pritchett canyon trail and had to drive the second half of the trail in pitch black darkness, by ourselves. I also found out on accident that you can leave this light bar on for 4 hours and still start your jeep without any problem. My only knock against it is that one of the led’s is a little dimmer than all the others (has been since i first installed it) it also appears that the price has gone up almost 50% since i got mine a month ago.

This came in a generic box with no instructions, it also had 4 attachment point instead of 3 like in the pictures. I only had room voor 3 attachments so now 1 remains unattached and rattles when driving along the road. Also the light isn’t bleu, it sort of aqua, doesn’t bother me when just this light is on but you can notice a big difference when turning on the other led bars (i have multiple on my car)all in all not a bad purchase, is doesn’t fog up and works just fine.

Works great mounted to my sons’ grill guard. We bought the suggested wiring kit for it – the wiring kit was very complete, but the switch they sent with it was absolute crap. It fell apart while installing it. Unfortunately, we had already drilled a huge hole in my sons’ dash. It makes the night look like day. It is way brighter than any brights on any vehicle i have ever seen. Exceeded expectations on brightness. Runs fairly cool, considering the amount of light it puts out. The sliding mounts are nice – just make sure you loctite the crap out of every screw/bolt/nut. I have had to go back and tighten all of them twice, and this is not a high vibration install. There has been no condensation issue that seems to plague these style of lights. Finish was great, and the light is nice and heavy. We’ve got it mounted in a grill guard directly in the center of the grill on a 2008 silverado 1500 that is driven in a rural area every day. While the paint on the truck continue to get rock chips, there is no damage to the light at all after 6 months.

Eyourlife Led Light Bar,4Pcs 6000K 18W 4Inch 4D Lens Spot Beam Led Work Light Driving Fog Light with Brackets Waterproof for Jeep Truck ATV UTV SUV

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  • Eyourlife 4D Lens: Sense of perspective! Fish 4D lens is the ultra-wide-angle lens that produce strong visual distortion to create a wide panoramic or hemispherical lighting area. Keep your driving view brighter and more broadly!
  • Incredible Bright – 6pcs*3w superior-quality OSRAM led chips each light emit 6000k cool white and deliver 18w & 1800lm effectively light. It will light up entire forward dark road, turn night into day.
  • Fish Eye 18W: Eyourlife led cube lights with the 4D lens, the light emitted through the lens, can focus more focused, without the lens of the lights, not. For the effect, with the lens of the lamp, the radiation range, the light is more bright, more distant from the irradiation.
  • Wide Application:Fit for Toyota tacoma,Chevy silverado,Nissan titan pathfinder,Hummer h2 h3,Yamaha viking,Dodge ram,Ford f150 f250 f350, Jeep,ATV,SUV,Truck,Tow Truck, Motorcycle, Project vechicle,Off road 4×4,Mining vehicle,Heavy equipment,Boat,Pickup,Van,Wagon etc.
  • Universal Fitment: Eyourlife Cube lights come with easy installation brackets. Whether off roading or normal driving surroundings. Universal mounting size: Slide brackets you can choose any suitable size on your car!

This is not a $1200 rigid industries. But if you are in the average paid person range like me, then go ahead and buy one or two. It lights up the area like a football stadium especially in the woods. In the picture it is just the light bar on and it was pitch black outside.

The 31 inch, rated at 150w, is actually more around 100 watts. It’s using 30 x 3 watt leds, so that makes sense. It is very bright, and very well made. The wattage rating is a lot closer than many light bars – i have another one rated at 360 watts that really pulls 54 watts.

Eyourlife Led Light Bar,4Pcs 6000K 18W 4Inch 4D Lens Spot Beam Led Work Light Driving Fog Light with Brackets Waterproof for Jeep Truck ATV UTV SUV :

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Eyourlife Led Light Bar,4Pcs 6000K 18W 4Inch 4D Lens Spot Beam Led Work Light Driving Fog Light with Brackets Waterproof for Jeep Truck ATV UTV SUV
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