EZ-Pour 40051 Replacement Spout Kit : No Leaks, No Spills, No Wasted Time.

Great solution to renewing old gas containers and not have to buy the ‘fill & spill’ new things that are so much worse. Fits most with one of two rings. All the parts needed to refurbish an old gas container so one doesn’t have to ‘move up’ to the new ones which are such a pain. I like it has a mounted filtering screen.

For the price i was a little skeptical when ordering. But, i knew that the goofy oem spring loaded spout on the diesel cans i had were just a royal pain to use. They vented through the spout, were very slow pouring and often slipped of the tank while pouring making a big mess. This product flexes to help start pouring, vents through a vent (novel idea) and delivers the full five gallon can to my tractor in less than half the time of the oem spout. I have not spilled a drop since i started using these. The included spout extension affords you additional pouring options.

Water can spout allows your cfr compliant gas can to become a water can. The modification allows liquid to flow freely and this large spout allows for the quickest fill up you have ever seen. No leaks, air flows free and happiness follows. Ps: most applications require use of the smaller fill spout. This spout is about 1″ diameter and allows maximum fluid to be poured. Locate spot on handle where liquid will not leak when vent is open. Use a flat blade 1/2 drill bit to drill hole.

This is specified for water cans, but it fits well on the red plastic 5 gallon gas can i just bought from lowes. I can only imagine that there are some regulations that restrict spouts like this on gas cans. But, those restrictions probably don’t apply if you claim to use it on water cans. The safety nozzle is virtually impossible to use to fill up my boat. The safety nozzle is very slow and frankly not designed to fill a car or boat whose intake is on the side. If i was to use this on a gas can, you probably only need one of the nozzles. , but you can attach two together to make a crazy long hose. Please note that when you look at image you might think this includes two nozzles. It’s only an extension and can only fit on one can.

All of the parts and pieces included in this kit worked on at least 4 of the different types of gas cans that i have. I like this enough that i ordered a second kit, only in black. I have not had any issues with leaking or drips. These spouts held up through freezing temperatures outside this winter. The instructions are very well written. I did not try to drill a hole in my gas cans to utilize the breather valve yet though. One suggestion i’ll offer is, consider how far you are going to put the spout into the gas tank of whatever you are filling before you install the ‘leash’ that holds the screw-on cap on the end of the spout. If you mount the ‘leash’ too close to the end of the spout, it might interfere with being able to put the spout into the gas tank as far as you’d like.

This thing works exactly as advertised. Fits all of my new and old gas, diesel and kerosine (water) cans. You’ve gotta get one of these. By the way – there is a difference between this unit and this one: http://smile. Com/gp/product/b00cyndnm8?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o04_s00this unit has a much bigger diameter nozzle and flows even faster. The nozzle is not so big as to be a problem for pouring gas (water) into any container – just bigger than normal. 50 more and you get the extention as well. The only down side of this one is it does not include a replacement screw on vent cap like the other package. By the way, if you need replacement or more vent caps, see: http://smile. Com/gp/product/b00zq10fwg?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=ox_sc_sfl_title_3&smid=a2lcab6xhj87k5also, what’s not shown is a nice plastic tether to keep the cap from being lost from the spout. Just drill the 1/2′ (31/64′ worked also) and press fit the vent cap.

And hate the stupid safety spouts that create more problems than they solve. The ez pour come with nuts that fit every variety of polymer containers i have. Easy to add the weep hole, but i recommend using a drill bit one size smaller than they suggest. That way if you need to go larger you can, but i liked the tighter seal of the smaller hole. I am not a fake reviewer, have these on every diesel and gas can in my garage (6 altogether). Couldn’t imagine standing on a step ladder holding a 5 gallon container of diesel at chest height and pouring it into my tractor with a safety spout. The only thing i don’t like is the cap retainer (little strap that prevents loss). It loops around the spout like a noose and attaches to the cap. It tends to bind up and wrap around the spout as you are unscrewing the cap.

This thing works great, empties a five gallon can in well less than a minute. No leaks, no gas on me or my car and no wasted time. This was my second purchase of this item and i’m extremely happy with both of them. I bought this because i was so tired of dealing with the ‘safety’ device on my gas can. The ‘safety’ features are there because the epa thinks it’s better for the environment, but when the safety feature is what’s causing me to get gas all over myself, the outside of my car and the ground, then i think they’re kind of defeating the purpose. If you’re going to install the vent, be sure to use a ‘spade/paddle’ wood bit, a regular bit will not make a round hole in plastic. Also there is a tag on the spout when you get it that says ‘this will not fit an unleaded gas tank opening’. Well it does fit on my 2015 corolla. That year doesn’t have the spring loaded flap over the hole. If your car has the flap you’ll want to consider a different spout.

  • they work a lot better than the California horrors
  • Works great on several different styles of gas cans
  • Dispense 5 Gallons of Gas in 35 Seconds! Brings a smile to a grown man’s face!

EZ-POUR 40051 Replacement Spout Kit, Pack of 1, White

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • High flow water replacement spout and vent kit
  • 8 inch spout extension for those hard to reach tanks
  • 1/2 inch replacement push in vent
  • Second base cap to fit additional cans

If you’ve purchased a new gas can in the last 5 years you might be asking yourself “what the holy hell were they thinking when they designed this?” just yesterday i tried to use a new gas can my father in law recently purchased. 05?) and the nozzle was a stiff mechanism about 5 inches long that had 3 buttons to engage to make it dispense and the can had to be inverted to get the gas into a weed whacker or leaf blower. I think i needed 3 extra hands to make it work. Absolutely the most rediculios engineering to meet epa guidelines. Don’t let the epa run your garage guys, do yourself a favor and buy this kit. For $10 it’s well worth it. All abs plastic, conversion adaptors, extra tubes, spark arestor, it’s got it all. I’ve installed 4 of these and just ordered 2 more and have sent it to many friends running the new style crap.

I routinely carry 5gals of stablized gas in my truck bed, for driving in the winter and in the woods. And when rotating the contents, had to stand ‘pouring’ for 20mins, to get 5gals of gasoline out of a “modern” epa-fixed can and into my truck. It’s ridiculousi’ve seen the videos about this product in the past, but i didn’t want to spend this much per can on the function (these are frequently more expensive than the gas cans themselves). But after ending up with gas-soaked gloves and gas all over the driveway, while filling the snowblower, i finally snapped and replaced the junk ‘modern’ cans i had. In spite of being expensive ($20 for at most a few dollars of plastic), and pretty cheaply made, these still offer decent value, because they let you actually have a _functional_ pre-96-style gascan, in spite of the obnoxious federal regs that have wrecked ‘modern’ cans. I bought four of these, along with a fourpack of midwest 5600 cans, and needed nothing more than a 1/2″ drill bit & drill to get things assembled and functioning. The lack of the extra ‘cap’ insert older cans came with (and are sold separately online), to be able to invert the nozzle inside the can, and seal them “low-profile”, is a pain. But even with the nozzle hanging out over a foot, these still beat the heck out of the modern alternative. In normal circumstances, these would be a brutally expensive boondoggle. But with the current state of affairs in the us, they’re pretty much essential to getting job done, the way our parents & grandparents did.

I use 5 gallon gas cans to fill my boat and have several older cans that the spouts have deteriorated and broken. I’ve gone to the local hardware mega-chains and local stores and have been unavailable to find spouts that fit. I decided to give these a try and they worked perfectly. They fit and are not the type that you have to press down some complicate handle or keep pressure on the spout to maintain the flow (impossible to use on the water). The spout extension is great when having to reach the tank on the back of the boat. The ability to add a vent, and the cable so you don’t lose the cap are fantastic. I tried one and then purchased several more.

I’ve upgraded my rating to 4 stars after using this for a bit. It it really nice to put fuel into a vehicle without scratching up the paint because thd spout is too short. You can get the can at yhe right angle to fully empty it as well. I dinged a couple stars because. The nuts included are shallow and dint fit my can. I reused ghe existing nut, and the spout works great. I was concerned it might leak in the middle, but it seals tight, no leaks. After the previous abomination that came with the cans, i can finally pour fuel without spilling half of it. This is some truly amazing tech; a non-spill spout.

They work, and they work pretty well. This is one of many such spout replacements for gas cans. All of them serve the purpose of enabling you to deep-six the cruddy monstrosities that california epa ‘experts’ have foisted on us under the guise of consumer safety. I have a few points about replacement spouts:one, don’t throw away your can’s original screw-cap (. With a hole in it), at least, not until you’ve verified that the replacement screw cap works on your gas-can. I’ve replaced various crappy california-mandated @&*%##$ non-pour spouts on a dozen cans, and i’ve had at least three where the new screw cap didn’t fit the threads on the can. In this here particular product, they give you not one, but two replacement screw-caps, but i’m telling you that for one of my cans, neither of them worked. So i was glad i’d kept the old one. Two, it’s best if your can is completely empty and dry before you drill the hole for the breather. Most of the time you get at least a few shreds of plastic falling into the can, and it’s easier to get them out if the can is dry.

Fit my midwest can 8600 diesel cans perfectly using the coarse threaded yellow ring cap (the black one has finer threading and fits some other brands). Perfect for replacing the slow-pour spouts that came with the midwest diesel cans. Hint: use a 1/2 inch blade drill bit to drill the hole for the vent, and then tap the vent into the hole using a rubber mallet; it gives a tightly sealed fit. Make sure to get all of the plastic shavings out of the can before putting diesel in it. Using the ez pour spout and opening the vent lets the can empty in no time.

Wish i could give it the full 5 stars but read on to find out why i can only give it a solid 4 stars. I have several 5 gallon epa mandated carb compliant gas cans. The amount of time it takes to empty the 5 gallon gas can is absolutely mind boggling. I know safety first but when you are holding ~30 pounds of gas and trying to empty it into an atv, car, motorcycle, lawn mower, whatever it gets really annoying. It used to take upwards of 5 minutes to dispense the fuel. I came across the ez pour spout and saw there was one that was for gas cans and then there was a ‘hi-flo’ version. I opted for the hi-flo version knowing that the spout 7/8′ would not fit into a car’s gas tank (i knew i could make it work). I have 3 blitz can’s and 1 midwest can all of them 5 gallon tanks. While it includes two collars (yellow and black) the yellow one fits perfectly on the midwest can and the black one fits great on the blitz can. The problem i am encountering is that the black collar leaks while on the gas can.

A fuel can can be used efficiently and without spills. I’m so sick of the modern, green ‘spill-proof’ crap that’s being sold these days. These ‘hi-flo’ spout kits are fantastic. They don’t leak at all, even when carried around in a truck all day. No seepage around the cap or the air hole. Be cautious about drilling the hole. It might be easy to drill through the handle depending on what type of can you have. Drill the hole, trim any excess with a knife, press the air spout plug into the hole and then screw on the cap/nozzle.

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