EZ-Pour Gas Can Replacement Spout Kit – Update Your Old Can Or Water Jug – 2 Spouts : Filling Your Gaspline Driven Tools Just Got Easier.

Update: yes the gasket is junk. Im adding a picture for reference. One week after first use it was as hard as a a boot sole and curled up like a potato chip resulting in a major leak. I’m adding a picture of the gasket so you can see what it looked like. Basically the gasket is made out of some type of rubber that’s not meant to be exposed to gasoline. I ended up going to the hardware store and buying a large rubber gasket there and trimming it with scissors to fit now everything works good. This is my second spout and i love the kit like this. Adding the vent makes pouring gas a lot easier and faster. The only con is the wonky gasket they use.

I purchased two ez-pour spouts with the extensions to install on two new midwest 2 gallon fuel containers. I prefer this size (about 12# full) to the 5gallon variety (about 30# full). They are much easier to safely handle when fueling small engine devices, as in my case 4 stroke only…. Trimmer, leaf blower, lawn mower, plus a champion 3000w portable emergency power generator. I simply don’t care to mix the oil with gasoline and the resulting smell and smoke. The first thing on my agenda was to immediately deep six the useless and dangerous epa mandated spouts on the midwest containers. Good bye gasoline all over the place, even with careful handling. These spouts remind me of the childproof rx containers that virtually no senior citizen could open. At least the braintrust at the fda saw the error of their ways and allowed consumers to use a screw-on feature. Perhaps the epa should consult with the fda to work out a manner by which the consumer can opt for either the new spout or the pre-2009 traditional spout.

This is a good product if, like me, you want to either replace a malfunctioning ‘epa’ spout, or simply just get rid of the government-required spout. However, when i was browsing the shelves of my local ace hardware the other day, sure enough there it was. Pretty much the same, if not identical, product. Pretty cheap too (after all, it’s just a few plastic pieces).

I ordered one of these for a 5 gallon can my husband had. I was never ever able to lift it and manipulate the ‘safety’ (useless) spout that was on it — instead when i was in a pinch i fashioned a funnel from a bleach bottle, took off the spout, and poured it into that. (though it made a mess it was less of a mess than i made with the spout on)i’m ordering two more of these now for the smaller cans used for oil mixtures. With those it’s always been the same deal – take the spout off and use a funnel for my weedeater and chainsaw. My wrists just aren’t strong enough to hold a can just right and fiddle with the worthless and tricky ‘safety’ spouts.

The spout seems to work fine. Neither the coarse or fine threaded caps fit on my gas can. Fortunately i saved the old cap, which worked fine with the new spout. I’ll probably buy more of these to replace the terrible epa spouts the gas cans are sold with.

From viewing facebook, irish central and a variety of other shopping sites, it is evident that the. Previously touted”safety nozzles” were not as user;friendly as once thought. The ez pour spout with the air inlet are more suitable to my high volume needs, especially during hurricane system when our generator is used for 2 to 3 weeks and fuel is in short supply. The high capacity fill of the ez makes life a lot easier,not only in emergency conditions but, in year round convenience.

EZ-Pour Gas Can Replacement Spout Kit – Update Your Old Can Or Water Jug – 2 Spouts, 7 Piece Kit

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  • EZ-POUR Replacement Spout and Vent Kit Let’s you Update Old Cans
  • Easy Flow Action With Superior Manufacturing That Won’t Break Down Or Spill
  • Include 2 Spouts – One Hi Flow That Can Empty A Can In 35 Seconds
  • Includes Regular Spout, Reducer Tip, Spout Caps, 2 Base Caps, Vent Cap, Replacement Vent
  • Spout Works On Many Types Of Water Or Gas Cans – Check The EZ Pour Website For Full List

All you do is drill a hole in your plastic container for the included vent. Then screw on the nozzle with the included retainer rings. Or, you the one on your tank now. All the crappy auto-shut off versions that some epa dummy made mandatory cause more spills and simply do not work. This gets back to no spilling and fast discharging.

The spout works great out of the box, but after a few uses, the rubber gasket comes off the end of the spout. The gasket is very difficult to put back on because it is such a tight fit. Once you get the gasket back on, then you have to get the spout back inside the nut without the gasket being pulled off again. I finally figured out i could add some vaseline to the gasket to get it to slip into the nut and not pull off the rubber gasket. However, after removing the spout a few times to fill the refill the gas tank, the gasket came off again. It takes about 5 minutes to get it back on each time. I know this is fixable problem for the manufacturer. Just need a little more space between the nut and the gasket, but right now it is not worth using. If they solve that problem, then i am all in. The ability to add a vent to your tank is great.

They make all of these new gas cans with the horrible ‘safety’ nozzles. You know that, that’s why you are reading a review on these replacement ones. You are wondering, do they really work?. Is it worth the $13 bucks or whatever?.Well, here’s the answer: omg yesseriously, quit researching, just buy the dang thing. 1000% better than the safety crap out there. The claims of like 35 seconds to empty the whole 5 gallon can with the high flow tube on. Installing the vent was a breeze. I used a step drill and took it to 1/2 inch.

I bought 2 and one was missing the vent piece but i was replacing the spout on an old can that already had a vent and a new can. I easily added the vent to the new can. It is important to be sure and clean all of the gas out of the can before you start drilling a hole for the vent. Drills make sparks and gas fumes are explosive. I rinsed my can out with dawn dish soap and water, then just water 4-5 times to make sure there were no gas fumes left.

Why did it take the industry so long to invent a spout that works?. The post 2009 epa gas cans are worthless without this. They leak all over the place when i try to fill my lawn mower, generator, my old pickup truck, etc. The action required actually has damaged my generator. Fill the gas can, put on this spout, and pour away. No spills, no damage to items, no frustration. The epa should be punished for not allowing these. I mean really, how does it help the environment to spill gas all over the place?.

I connected the large spout to my old 5 gallon gas can, drilled the hole for the vent with a stepper drill bit and put 5 gallons into my boat in record time with no spills. No infuriating glug glug, slosh of the stupid vent-less cans spilling everywhere. Just a smooth easy fast pour. I read some reviews that said the hose is not flexible at all. Its not as flexible as it looks like some hoses are but its easy enough to bend the hose over to start your fill without spilling anything.

Finally a gas can that pours right. I hate the new spouts on these epa cans. I have spilled mre gas since these new mandates came outthat i ever did with the old spouts. I converted my epa cans into old school cans. The screw on cap ensures no accidental spillageor fume leakage during storage.

New gas can spouts and nozzles these past few years are abject garbage. Their idiotic designs are nearly impossible to use and generally end up spilling gas everywhere. With this kit you can take a new gas can and make it work the simple intuitive way it should, instead of the way the morons at the epa decided it should. Even better, find yourself an old used gott/rubbermaid or similar can that already has a built-in relief valve but may have a worn out or missing spout and simply use this one.

EZ-Pour Gas Can Replacement Spout Kit – Update Your Old Can Or Water Jug – 2 Spouts, 7 Piece Kit :

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