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I purchased the large size and was terribly disappointed in how they fit. They do not “fit like a glove. ” the cut of the fingers is a straight line from left to right that does not take into account that human physiology makes our fingers taper down from the middle finger. Our fingers are not the same size all the way across from pinky to index.So your ring finger will start to be swallowed up and your pinky finger may or may not be visible. I would guess that perhaps i purchased the wrong size and the others would be a better cut but the palm of my hand fits snuggle. I’ve had 3 other people try the pair on with the same results. Looks aside, they are put together fairly well. My particular pair had a cut (that clearly should not have been there) on the top side near the pinky finger. It appeared as if someone had put some sort of glue to fix it.

From my husband:i go through 2 to three pairs of driving gloves a year. I drive 75,000 to 100,000 miles a year. Decent cheap driving gloves are essential to my work. Ordered xxl because most gloves made out of the country are smaller than marked. Both left and right were marked xxl but only the left was xl and the right???. Well i had to soak it in water, wear the right one til it was dry to stretch it to up to xl. The material it self is good. The only other problem is there are no finger loops to help with removal. I had to alter the length of the middle two fingers, and do a little snipping and clipping to create loops.

These gloves are genuine leather and the fit is a little small. I ordered xxl for my large hands and they fit fine. I’m 6’2” 240 and normally wear xl gloves. The fit is not the best, but for the price they are fine. There are some places on the glove that pucker and don’t “fit like a glove. ” however, overall i am pleased and recommend to someone who needs an inexpensive pair of genuine leather gloves at a reasonable price.

I ordered an x-small and they are still too big but i will keep them and wear them. Nice gloves for the price, seem to be well made and what i was looking for. I give them 4 stars instead of 5 only because they do run large.

These are nice leather gloves for riding my motorcycle. They give me a better grip on the throttle and are reinforced on the palm, which will hopefully help should i hit the asphalt. The only problem is that they bleed the black dye on your hands if you sweat or get wet, hence the 4 instead of 5 stars. I soaked them in warm water for a couple hours and that seems to have fixed the problem. This is apparently common with less expensive leather gloves. Definitely a good value and good for summer riding.

I have to admit they’re a six dollar pair of gloves and you really do pay for quality with this type of thing. There was a whole strip between the thumb and the finger missing, one of the fingers were stitched too tight and there was already cuts in a piece on the palm. Ladies if you plan on buying these gloves don’t expect too much use of your pinkies. I got a pretty wide hand and can’t go down a size to get a better fit though the glove is too long for me. Good news is that it isn’t scheduled to get here until a week from tomorrow, appreciate the fast shipping.

I bought these for a cosplay, so they didn’t need to be the best gloves ever. The finger holes are all the same size, so they fit awkwardly. Also, when i went to try one on, fabric scraps fell out. Obviously they weren’t checked before they were shipped.

I normally wear a small in gloves so admittedly i didn’t check the sizing chart when ordering. These were way too big, and the material was so thick that i had trouble moving my fingers while wearing them. They felt more like a medium or maybe even a large which makes me suspect that i was sent the wrong size. That said, they did look darn good and felt like they were good quality. If they had been even close to fitting, i’m sure i would have been quite pleased. I don’t recommend these if you have smaller hands, but otherwise they should work out nicely.

  • Nice summer riding gloves
  • The material it self is good. Stitching is solid
  • The gloves are good. The material is nice and they are what

First Manufacturing Mens Snap Leather Fingerless Motorcycle Gloves (Black, X-Small)

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  • Supple cowhide
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  • Lightweight
  • Perforated panels
  • Adjustable wrist strap

These gloves are pretty well-made. I measured my hand for sizing (about 8ins and i’m a female) so i got a medium. They’re a little big on me, i think the small would’ve been better, but at the time when i placed my order i was afraid that the small would be too small. I really like these gloves though and they”l suffice for their cosplay purpose.

Let me first say that i love fingerless gloves & have been looking for a leather or leather-like pair for some time with no luck. I am female & my ring size is only 4 1/2 so my hands are small but not freakishly small. Based on the price & some reviews saying they run small, i thought i’d give it a shot. Unfortunately, even the extra small is ridiculously big on me. It would be quite helpful if the seller provided better & more detailed sizing info but until then, if your hands are on the small side, these aren’t for you.

Here is an example of “you get what you pay for”. I don’t believe they were made for human hands – but with some embellishing by embroidery or studs or making some kind of alteration i guess i can make these useful for something. I cannot imagine what was used to make the pattern for these. But if you have nothing better to do and don’t mind sewing. (they cannot be used for riding, they can’t be used as work out weight gloves. So i may use them in a piece of artwork. I’m a female with small hands and i had men try these on. So i have to say that i do not feel they were created for use on human hands).

I must say, the price fits the result. They are not awful, they’re nice, but there are a few problems. First, the strap is far too loose even when i tighten it. Granted, i have small wrists, but it’s to the extreme point of there being barely enough velcro left to keep it on my wrist, and i ordered the small. The other issue is the length. I have relatively big palms, and while the glove fits well around my hand, the placement of the holes for the knuckles are about an inch (2cm) below where my knuckles actually are, making movement a bit stiff. Finally, the size of the fingers is somewhat strange. On both hands, the pointer finger fits perfectly (my finger is 61mm around) but the other fingers and thumb are way too big. I do have relatively narrow fingers, but it’s pretty disproportional. As for quality, it’s what you’d expect.

The material is nice and they are what i am looking for for my project. However my only complaint is that one glove is a little bigger than the other. The other has molded well to my hand and it is easy to mvoe with it on. However the other one, some of the fingers parts are bigger and longer. Such as with my pinky, the left glove it fits well while the other glove my finger barely goes past the finger holder. This is the same for the others and compared to the other glove the whole of it is bigger. This makes it a bit difficult to move around with both on comfortable. Overall the gloves are good, but i would check to make sure that both pairs are similar to each other and the same size before shipping them.

The placing of the stitching on the thumb hurts your hands while holding the motorcycle hand grips. You can not wear then for long causing uncomfortablethe placing if the stitching between the thumb and forefinger hurts your while holding the motorcycle grips. The are hot and uncomfortable.

Y’know, i purchased the xs ones, expecting a tight fit, but they’re real loose?. Granted, it’s more so the size of my hands, but still. The quality is also something to be desired, but honestly?.If you need fingerless gloves fast and you aren’t picky, these are decent.

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