FIXD OBD-II Active Car Health Monitor – 2nd Generation, Easy to setup and use with great functionality!

Downloaded the software and ran the diagnostic. Come to find out that this product only produces a report if the check engine light is on. You can leave it on and it will produce a result only if the check engine light comes on during your trip. Unlike other obd products it does not provide an active report of what is going on in the engine. Works well and easy to use software so i give it 3 stars.

So my engine light was on for a few days, and i made an appointment with my mechanic. I decided to get this to see if i could fix it myself. I got it the night before my appointment and it took me all of 5 minutes to download the app and plug it in. Very easy, i have a jeep and the port was right under the dash. So it came up as a thermostat that was going bad. I kept my appointment with my mechanic because i knew i couldn’t fix that myself, but i didn’t say a word about what could be wrong. They diagnosed the same thing so now i know it really works.

Pros: the sensor and app work as advertised and solve a longstanding and irritating problem for me. My car is 13 years old and for the last two or three years the check engine light comes on because the catalytic converter is not working well enough to meet exhaust standards. Since i’m not going to replace the catalytic converter, i’ve had to get the check engine light cleared by a repair shop at least four times now, and a couple of months later it will come back on again. Now, with fixd, i can verify that the warning light is for the catalytic converter and not for something more serious, and i can clear the light myself without having to go to a repair shop. Cons: the setup instructions could be clearer and the app a little more user-friendly. The instructions basically tell you to download the app, install the sensor, and open the app with bluetooth enabled and the engine running. Well, before you install the sensor, you need to write down the device number that’s printed on there, since you’ll need to enter it in the app. If you didn’t write down the number, you’ll have to crawl back under your dash to retrieve the sensor and reinstall it. Also, you have to register the app and get your car’s vin before you can connect to your sensor. Then, you have to enter a bluetooth pairing code (huh?) to pair your phone with the sensor (i guessed ‘1234’ and it worked).

If you have a check engine light on this neat device lets you know in detail what is wrong. It is more accurate than any parts store diagnostic check. I highly recommend it especially is you have a few miles on your vehicle.

It’s awesome and easy to use, i was able reset my check engine light with no problem. It does a a full diagnostic. I gave it 3 stars because it would disable my passenger seat airbag if i left it connected while driving and that’s a safety issue for me.

Tried it on a 2001 gmc truck and it read the code and let us know what it meant. Also like the fact that it will read up to three vehicles and keep them stored.

I like the product, but since i don’t have any current problems with my car, i not sure if it works. I brought the product as a precaution because my car is 12 years old. I will say that it was easy to setup and i love your customer service. I had 1 question and within a matter of minutes you responded. Thanks for the great customer service.

Key specs for FIXD OBD-II Active Car Health Monitor – 2nd Generation (2):

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Check Engine Light Diagnosis – Shows why it’s on in plain English and can clear the light
  • Maintenance Reminders – Get automatic alerts of scheduled maintenance and oil changes
  • Monitor All Your Vehicles – Buy multiple FIXD devices and track them all in one app.
  • Works with any gas-powered vehicle 1996 or newer (no all-electric or diesel). iOS and Android compatible.
  • Does NOT detect Airbag, maintenance, TPMS, or ABS lights

Comments from buyers

“A great solution for a vexing problem, Very easy, I have a Jeep and the port was , Great little tool, if it doesn’t work make sure you try this one thing!”

Gave reasons and items that might need checking and where shops immediately spend your money and may not be the problem. Immediately diagnosed issue of lean fuel mixture. I had noticed a clacking in valves temporarily then check engine light came on then clacking cleared, just after getting fuel at a station i suspected had a very low tank. After reading up on issues, i cleared message from dash. No light and running smooth. It suggested water or trash passed through fuel line and caused the temporary symptom and set light off. Will monitor but this could have cost quite a bit if the shop started stabbing at the symptoms by replacing things trial and error.

Very easy to set up, didn’t need to pair or anything the app just connected to it. First scan found a bad o2 sensor that i fixed for $30. Heads up: this didn’t work on 1 of my vehicles, contacted support and they got back to me quickly. Turns out i had a blown fuse in my second vehicle. There’s a blue light that flashes inside the sensor when you plug it in. If it does not flash that means your obd-ii port doesn’t have power. For my vehicle the cigarette lighter and obd-ii port share a circuit, and since i never use my cigarette lighter i never bothered to fix it. Swapping the fuse fixed my vehicle and the sensor worked normally after that. Also i was surprised to see that the app tracks tire wear/can show you tire tread health.

Took me only a couple of minutes using an iphone 6s. (yes, you need to know how to use the phone/app store at a reasonable, 2017 level). The app interface is sleek and easy to use. I only have one fixd device, but it appears that it would be easy to add additional cars on my same account. I browsed through some of the maintenance and product cost estimates on different services, and it looks like it will be very helpful and informative when i am in need of service, especially for someone who knows little about cars. I am not always on top of my car maintenance schedule and the fixd timeline feature will keep me up to date and reminded. Excited about having an extra tool in my pocket for keeping up with my car.

If you are considering purchasing this on amazon right now because you just watched a youtube commercial where marky-mark’s long lost cousin pretends that he’s a mechanic while convincing you that all repair shops are crooked and this gimmick will save you thousands in car repairs – you might want to consider the real scoop first. Pros: i can’t say it doesn’t work at all, because when i did finally get it to work, the diagnostic information is excellent and comprehensive (as can be seen from my screenshots below)it is small and links via bluetooth so you don’t have to hold a wired connection to your obd-ii port and it will actually work with the vehicle running and driving. Cons: the application is terrible and inconsistent. Marky mark glossed over that part in the commercial, and said he ‘already had it set up’ so no one gets to see that part. It’s just like any other bull$hit app where they want all your information, register, email, login, password, key code on the device, your cars vin. And if you try to link up again and an error exists, you get to do it all again. (sometimes) before you drop this $60, ask yourself ‘do i have time for all this and then repair my car?. This thing isn’t a magic wand, you will still have to make your own diy repairs. This device is accurate when you can get it to work, but the commercial draws parallels to selling snake oil – and i fell for it.

I have check engine light on. Already knew it was catalytic issue. It informed me that it is the catalytic converter and that it would cost $2000. Not repairing this item, and this device allows me to clear the check engine light. Now when the check engine light comes on, i will know exactly why it came on. This device tracks your battery, tires, and windshield wipers. Also, let’s you know what maintenance is needed by your mileage.

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