FOVAL Power Inverter 300W DC 12V to 110V AC Converter : Loud

I needed to use this converter to provide power during a long trip to my invalid father. It was actually a back up power source but became a life saver when far more expensive independent electric generator failed.

Lightweight and easy to use. This thing packs good power in a small package. I use it to charge my cordless tools when out at work in my truck.

I took this converter with me to a week-long campervan trip and i was very much satisfied. I used it to charge all my electronic devices including my drone batteries, camera and speakers, laptops, phone etc. I only used it for one week, so, i cannot comment on the long-term durability of the device but overall seems to be quite sturdy. I even heard it turn on its cooling system and keep the temperature of the unit cooler as i used it extensively during the trip. Only negative comment, it made a high pitch / squeaky noise time to time when it got too hot but i guess it was more on my extensive usage.

The fan is really loud and has a unique sound to it that makes it impossible to drown out using music. Plus side, you don’t need to have the switch on the back set to on to use the usb outlets and the fan only functions when the switch is flipped on, which i assume you need to do if you want to use the regular outlets.

Good product and attractively priced. It recharges my cordless power tools at a job site and i use it to inflate my boat. I did but extra cables with alligator clips so i can go to the battery directly so as not to overload the cigarette lighter circuit. Altogether a most versatile power station.

The description says it pulls 28 amps but i’ve used it to charge my portable speakers several times (they’re not small) and it hasn’t blown my fuse yet so i’m pretty thrilled about that. I have a bunch of extra fuses though just in case.

I charged my phone about 75% just running a few errands.

Purchased for hurricane to have in case of emergency.

  • Works Well! Great for long road trips and camp-outs!!
  • I had previously used this heating pad at home and it worked great so my thought is
  • Very good product

Foval Power Inverter 300W DC 12V to 110V AC Converter with 4.8A Dual USB Car Charger

  • Premium 300w car power inverter with 2 USB ports and 2 AC outlets. Dual USB ports can charge most phones and tablets simultaneously (Max 4.8A total output), while two grounded AC outlets (300-350W) great for charging laptop, breast pump, nebulizer, game console, kindle, TV, DVD players, lights, iPad, and other electronic devices
  • Safe with FCC authentication built-in 40 amps fuse with full-protection : overheating, under and over voltage charging, short circuiting, overloads, and overcharging (Applied for a 12V car but not 24V)
  • Ultra compact and lightweight: iPhone-sized design for space-saving and easy storage, 30 inch cigarette lighter cable makes the power inverter can be placed on the backseat
  • Durable metal housing provides advanced protection from drops and bumps. Integrated smart cooling fan makes it silent when it running helps reduce heat and prevents shortages
  • What you get: Foval 300W car power inverter, 30 inch longer cigarette lighter cable, 4 replacement fuse, user manual, 18 months warranty and 100% Customer Service

I bought this power converter for a 6 week road trip through america. I used it to charge my macbook pro, nikon camera battery and iphone, and i was super impressed with how well it worked. It gets very warm while in use but other than that i had no problems, and it definitely saved me from losing power at critical moments.

Bought it to plug into a portable battery jumper pack that we take camping which has a 12v (cigarette lighter type) outlet. We used it to inflate and deflate a queen sized blow-up mattress that only has a 110v plug. I’m very happy with how it performed for the duration of our campout.

Zero complaints, works perfectly as advertised for charging my laptop in my semi. Only weird thing is i figured there would be a small fan built in for cooling. It does get a bit warm and that’s the only thing keeping it from 5 stars. A tiny fan built in to help keep it cool.

Got couple of free fuses too in the box.

I have not used the ac outlets as i didnt buy it for that, i just mainly use the usb’s for my iphone 7 plus and it works excellent for that.

I purchased this product to use a 65 w heating pad while traveling. Unfortunately, the heating pad would get warm and then shut off. It seems the wiring inside the temperature control housing overheated causing the plastic to melt. I had previously used this heating pad at home and it worked great so my thought is, the pad is not defective. This product worked great for the usb port charging however i am reluctant to try anything else.

It arrived in time and as pictured works great and would buy again from seller.

I strapped it down in my jeep to prevent movement while exploring the trails. It does exactly what it is suppose to do, work.

All works however the cable at the lighter end is already giving problems (it only works at particular angle when in the cigarette lighter).

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Foval Power Inverter 300W DC 12V to 110V AC Converter with 4.8A Dual USB Car Charger
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