FOVAL Power Step Down 220V to 110V Voltage Converter : Great Product, Highly Recommended

We did not actually need the adapter plugs because the unit is already using the most common prong style used in europe, but we brought them along anyway just in case. The handy carry bag was great as it allowed me to put usb and other cords into it as well as the foval itself. Pros: so nice to have this many outlets and usb ports in one unit.My wife and i were able to charge everything at once. Very well-built and feels like it will lastcons: a bit heavy and bulky for those who may be backpacking, but not an issue for suitcase travelers. I turned it off some nights. However it charges quickly, so by the time i was out of the shower, the phone had enough charge on it.

I took several adapters/converters on my recent trip to europe but did not need them. I was able to charge everything at once with this converter/power strip. The cord has a europe plug, but adapters for other countries are included. I used it in england, france, and spain with no problems. This is hands down the best product i have purchased for travel, and i recommend it 100%. Love it for home needs also.

My wife used it primarily for her hair curling iron which needs a bit less than the 200w at 110v. However, the best thing about this unit was the 4 usb ports that allowed us to charge two iphones and two tablets each night. By adding two apple usb chargers to the two power receptacles, we were able to charge six items at once. (the other two items were my camera and a battery pack. ) the cord that it comes with allows for more convenience that units that plug directly into the wall, especially for the usb usage. That way, the usb ports are on a desk, not near the floor. The best part, this uses only one power receptacle in the room, since there are never enough outlets in any hotel room.

 video review:- perfect for traveling- i’m using this in africa and asia- a must have for missionaries- see video review for full live test.

I bought this to upgrade my older transformer to one that also has usb ports for charging. I just go back from a 3 week trip to chile and it worked great, just as expected. It has a nice carrying case that’s easy to locate and pack in my luggage. I did not need to use any of the supplied connectors; the 2-prong power cord easily worked in 3-prong wall outlets. My only criticism is what i found with a friend’s transformer. That the 2 ‘regular’ plug outlets on the top are ok for a regular power cord but are too close together when using adapters such as camera battery chargers and a charger for aa batteries. My travel partner and i were unable to use both top outlets at the same time because the adapter would cover the second outlet.

It’s a great summary source of information:the unit is rated at 200 watts. (disregard my comment in my video re: 250 watt capacity) most questions you’ll have will be about figuring out what devices you can power from this converter so that you don’t exceed the total of 200 watt output capacity. Even if you exceed the unit’s power-output-rating, the unit has internal protectors which will prevent damage to the unit. Most important recommendation to anyone who isn’t ‘tech saavy’ and has questions about what devices can be used with this adapter; talk to someone who is. Most ‘electro-mechanical’ devices like shavers and small table top fans consume under 75 watts. And most electronic devices have labels with power consumption on the power supplies or on the item itself. Most laptop and cellular phone power supplies are rated to operate from 110vac to 220vac. So you wouldn’t need this converter.

Foval Power Step Down 220V to 110V Voltage Converter with 4-Port USB International Travel Adapter for UK European Etc – [Use for US appliances Overseas]

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  • Worldwide Use: 1 EU power cable and 3 international adapters ( US/UK/AU), step down voltage converts 220/240V to 110/120V, so you could use American electronics in 220V / 240V countries such United Kingdom, Continental Europe, Australia, Thailand, Japan, China etc, more than 150 countries over the world.
  • Supply 200 watts power converter with 2 standard US plugs and four 5V / 2.4A (2.4A per port max) capable of simultaneously charging multiple devices for laptop, bluetooth speaker, CPAP machine, electric toothbrush, fan, nebulizer, game console, kindle, TV, DVD players, lights, iPad, and other electronic devices.
  • Protect Eelectronics Safety: Fan work silent and Converter will auto shutdown for surge protection, over-heating, short circuiting, over-current, over temperature, short-circuit and overload keep you and your devices safe, keep you and your devices very safely with small 200W power
  • Travel Size Design: compact small size (4.8×3.1×1.5 inches) with 5 feet detachable power cable makes this power converter easy to pack and take anywhere you go
  • Warranty And Support: Foval 7*24 online support standing by, worry-free 100% money-back guarantee, we supply this adapter 24 months warranty

I purchased this for my trips to foreign countries with 220v. Several years ago i fried one of my electrical gadgets by not having one of these. I am happy with the vendor and the item. There was a issue with power plug not completely getting inserted into the converter. I contacted the vendor with a couple of photos, and they sent me a replacement quickly. I took the replace to a trip just past week. The converter has a internal fan for cooling so it makes some noise. It wasn’t distracting, but when i was running this in my hotel room, i could hear some humming fan noise during bed time. I had no problem getting my sleep but there is some noise.

Worked perfectly on recent trip to england and france. I used it to power a macbook air, a windows laptop, 2 iphones and 2 portable chargers. I like the design of the case. The form factor is so much sleeker than most of the other travel transformers available. One thing i didn’t realize when i ordered it (because i was in a hurry and didn’t read the specs thoroughly) is that this device has a fan to dissipate heat from stepping down the voltage. While the fan is not extremely loud, neither is it silent. I found it a pleasant source of white noise that actually helped me sleep at night, but you might not.

This worked well in france, germany and the netherlands. It was very quiet considering it had a fan – just a faint whisper really. But i give it three stars because the manufacturer said in the amazon q&a that it would work in switzerland, but it does not in many cases. Whenever the swiss outlet is recessed (as they often are) the foval adapter cord won’t physically fit into the outlet. The prongs line up, but they won’t make contact.

Bought this product to bring to europe, as it was a major selling feature to have multiple ‘outlets’ to plug into when arriving back at the hostel with limited wall outlets. The fan didn’t bother me at all (despite what some people said). However, if you are buying this to use a hair dryer or straightener. The only pro to this comment is the fact that this device has an auto-shut off so that it won’t ruin your straightener or hair dryer. I was just disappointed because i really thought it would work based on a couple other reviews. Now that i’m not traveling anymore, i’ll still use this to allow for multiple items to be charging at the same time, but just beware, ladies, it will not work overseas (at least in the 5 countries in europe i used it) for your hair care essentials.

Bought this for a trip to europe, and could not be happier-included adapters allowed use in countries with different plug requirements, and allowed us to keep things charged and to use a u. It’s quite light, convenient to to use and delivered exactly what we had expected. Spec plugs met all our needs. The unit has a cooling fan, which is very quiet, and was normally in use most of the day each day we were gone. An excellent product, ‘don’t leave home (going overseas) without it’.

Foval Power Step Down 220V to 110V Voltage Converter with 4-Port USB International Travel Adapter for UK European Etc – [Use for US appliances Overseas] :

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Foval Power Step Down 220V to 110V Voltage Converter with 4-Port USB International Travel Adapter for UK European Etc - [Use for US appliances Overseas]
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