Frogg Toggs All Sport Rain Suit – The medium fits great over cloths

I’ve always been dubious about hunting rain gear having tried many different vendor’s products. I have been proven wrong by frogg toggs. Upon receiving these this past season, i put them to the test that very weekend during a tremendous rain storm with high winds and later snow. I sat in pouring rain on the ground so lightning was less of a threat. It poured for over an hour and i stayed bone dry. Being huddled in driving rain, my concern was to keep my rifle and scope dry. The frogg toggs allowed me to slide the scope under the jacket front and no water made it through. Overall, they exceeded my expectations.

So i read reviews and ordered a large. Sorry but this thing was huge. I’m 5’10’ 190, wear 34 pants and large shirts. I could have fit two of me in that thing. No worries, prime member, returned it, got refund in 24 hrs, thx amazon. Ordered a medium and it came two days later. The medium fits great over cloths, including a sweatshirt. I know there are many questions on the reviews about size, hopes this helps. Have not used this in the field/rain. Along with other reviews it does not come with a carrying case. So, i followed another user’s suggestion. Fold the pants in half, put them inside the jacket and zip it up, fold the sleeves in, fold each side into hood width, roll it up from the bottom and stuff the entire suite into the hood. No straps or ties, it just fits great.

I bought this as a cheap rain suit to throw on the boat. We went to a boating rendezvous on lake erie and docked at port clinton and a storm came up. I dug the suit out and put it on. The storm grew to near hurricane proportions. Waves came across route 2 – a 4 lane highway – and closed it. I was out trying to keep the boats from busting loose in the storm. Water was about 1 1/2 feet over the docks. Our dock lines kept pulling the cleats out of the docks and planks off the docks the wind was so bad. Finally a dock on the next row broke loose with about 20 boats, all larger than 40 feet, attached and proceeded up the river. I was out all night until dawn trying to keep the boats on our dock safe.

Ordered 3 brands of rainsuits with the intention of comparing and returning two: **1) mens waterproof rainsuit with hood swisswell black large ($40), **2) result mens heavyweight waterproof rain suit (jacket & trouser suit) (l) (black) ($23), and **3) frogg toggs men’s all sports rain and wind suit, black, large ($40). In the end, chose swisswell. Swisswell seemed to have the best fit, style, and functionality. **1 swiswell’s fit over my clothing and have their own pockets (no pass through holes). The material seems as though it would absorb water but a quick test under the faucet proved otherwise. Not sure how well these will breathe but i’m confident they’ll keep my dry. The appearance, fit, and velcro/drawstrings in all the right places made this the top choice of the three. However, i don’t care for the left handed zipper. **2) results: very rubbery looking and tighter than the other two.

First of all these are light, ultra light. And this is the reason i sought out frog toggs . I am 6’2 and 240 and i purchased the 2xl and they fit perfect even with two shirts and a sweatshirt an regular jeans. Jacket has plenty of room ( im built w/ broad shoulders) as u can see in the pic .The pants has plenty of room even when squatting. As i noticed they must have listened to the consumer cause the seams have been reinforced in the front and back even down the sides. So im pretty confident they will not rip doing any manual labor. I bought the stone/ blackish ones cause its pointless to get the camo for the woods because well do your homework they are not quiet at all but for work and around the house they are absolutely the best around. Columbia is not better whoever said that. They are well built as i said, zipper is well built and don’t see any problems with that or the straps.

And then the skies opened and it poured rain.I ordered the 2xl for me as i plan on wearing this over my clothing and i wanted it baggy. Something i could pull on quickly when i’m out driving my jeep and it starts to rain. I am 5’11’ and 250lbs and i’m swimming in the 2xl. There’s room to breath and it’ll go on over my jeans or whatever i’m wearing. As for the downpour, i was outside for 5 minutes until the lightening forced me back inside. No leaks and the baggy pants helped cover my shoe tops to keep water out of my socks. The only downfall to these are no pockets.

  • amazingly good rain suit
  • The medium fits great over cloths
  • Perfect Rain Gear!

I’m 6’2′ and wear 3xl shirts. 3xl jacket fits fairly well although it’s on the large size. I wanted it for golf and wanted extra room. No pockets or pass through slits at all. Once you are buttoned up, no place to put anything. The pants are by my measurements a 36′ inseam. They are so long they are annoying. You can’t really roll or fold them up because they have a draw string to close them around the ankle. Thats a fine feature but not when they are 4 inches too long. They are huge everywhere else. I think the only way to use this product is to buy the pants and coat separately and step down a size as to what you wear normally. I returned this suit without using it so don’t know about breathable or dryness.

I haven’t used the suit in the rain. However, here are my thoughts on the fit. First, some information: i bought medium. The jacket was loose fitting in the sleeves, chest and waist. The sleeve length was just right. The pants aren’t snug, but they are just barely big enough to fit over another pair of pants and still have a little room. I would prefer slightly roomier pants.

Nice rain suit, always wanted one. Like many have posted, it does run a bit large, but i bought it this way to go over my hunting clothes. I bought a size xl and im 5-10, 210 lbs. Inseam is a little long (34′ if im not mistaken), but i pull the pants up above my belly button, lol. Not in the woods to make a fashion statement, just to stay dry on a rainy day. Not quiet at all, would be nearly impossible to slip up on game in this outfit. The cap is detachable, and it is large enough to wear a ball cap underneath it to divert water from running directly down into your face. Rolls up into a tight wad to stash away in a back pack, and even a fanny pack. Has no pockets or slits to access pants pockets, but i can live with that. Matter of fact thats what fanny packs are for if you choose to use one.

Though these feel like a paper hospital gown, they are awesome. I have gone through so many different types of rain gear, i have lost count. These are the most waterproof and breathable. The only thing i would change is there aren’t any pockets on the jacket or pants. I have worn these through several storms and they have been great. No leaks and they don’t make me sweaty.

For those not used to this product it’s not the vinyl/ nylon type of fabric you might be used to. It is by personal previous experience, light weight, effective and convenient rain ware. You should take in consideration how you intend to use this product when selecting your size. I’m 6’1′ and 235#, 38’w and ordered the xl size figuring i would wear this over a life jacket. Spot on for my use, otherwise l would have worked for warm weather use as i don’t have linebacker shoulders. Sleeve and leg lengths are good for my size and height also. Sizing from ftsize height weight (in pounds)s 4’8′-5’4′ under 130m 5’2′-5’10’ 130-160l 5’6′-6’3′ 160-200xl 5’10’-6’5′ 200-2402xl 6’0′-6’8′ 240-285.

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  • Frogg Toggs Mens All Sport Rain Suit

Frogg Toggs Mens All Sport Rain Suit

Bought this rain suit for my husband who drives tractor trailor and is out in the elements for hours per day. We bought a cheap plastic one a few months ago, and it was exactly that. Lasted only a few wears before it ripped and never really kept him dry. This one is such great quality. He loves the drawstring elastic waist pants that he can easily pull on over his uniform and they are plenty long enough to cover his work boots. He usually wears a 2x in shirts, however after reading reviews i decided to go down to the xl, glad i did, as this is a perfect fit and plenty roomy inside. For size comparison he stands 5’11 and weighs 240lbs.

Jury’s still out on durability. Feels like a flower garden weed barrier, maybe a little softer like damp cardboard. The pair arrived today (before the hurricane) so for fun i weighed the bag and it was. 86 pound for the top and bottom. I felt adventurous so i carefully opened it knowing i’d be returning it. Everyone that said it runs one size bigger was right, well sorta. See i wear a lg tshirt perfectly and 34×32 pants. While wearing gym shorts i slide the medium pants on which are 35×33 as measured with a fabric tape. I did a squat or two and they didn’t rip so, i’m good. Let’s just say they’d be snug over jeans or impossible if i ever gain an inch in the waist. Oddly, still comfortable-ish for the price and quality. At it’s best the arm of the jacket is 32. Hits right at my wrist bone. The girth of the midsection is 48 inches from chest to bellybutton.

Right out of the bag, the suit makes you think, huh???. It looks baggy and goofy to be honest. But when you put it on, it doesn’t fit baggy at all, and the person i bought this for is quite thin. The legs are long even for a 6′ tall person, but there is velcro to tighten and shorten the legs if you’re shorter. If you’re very short, you might have to shorten these or have pretty baggy legs going on. When you walk there is just a slight russling sound, but if you are wildlife viewing, i imagine it could disturb them. This is matte not shiny which is nice. It is perfectly waterproof and breathes so it is comfortable in the rain. It fits loose enough to layer underneath it because this suit provides no warmth.

Most important thing: all the reviews saying these run large are correct. They’re meant to be worn over clothes. I’m 6′ 6′ and 300 lbs (and no, it’s not all muscle :o) ). I usually wear a 36′ inseam and a 38′ – 40′ waist, and 2xl tall in shirts. I would normally have ordered the 2xl size, but i went with xl based on comments about sizing. Xl turned out to be a nearly perfect fit. Fit:~ the length of the pant legs is perfect. The waist-band is elastic with a draw-string, which i don’t need because they’re a snug (but not tight) fit. There are narrow velcro straps at the ankles to adjust the fit, which is great for bicycling. ~ the coat is almost as good a fit as the pants, but it could be just a skotch longer.

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