Frogg Toggs Toadz Firebelly Rain Jacket : Great jacket. Seems to be high quality

I’ve noticed people complaining about the zipper. I think if you’re just careful with it and don’t pull it up fast then that will help it not get broken. I’m excited to get out in the rain with it too (i just got it today). As far as the sizing goes; the arms are long, but that’s good for me because i’m tall and thin with long arms. Also the waist is tight, i guess to keep it close to your body for water shedding purposes. The chest/belly area is also big for layering your clothes underneath. Be sure to check out the size chart on frogg toggs website for exact measurements. This will help you get a more accurate size.

Great jacket, used it several times since i received it and have been very satisfied with it. In the category of ‘it’s the little things’, i really like the stiffened ‘cap’ on top of the hood. As someone who wears glasses, anything that helps to keep my glasses dry when it’s raining is truly appreciated.

I fish in salt water in some pretty cold weather and rough seas, and i needed something waterproof but light so i could layer under it without it being too bulky. I also didn’t want to spend a fortune. The jacket fulfills those requirements. There are also plenty of pockets with flaps the keep out water and velcro seals. There are also loops to tie on gear or attach your kill switch lanyard. However, the material is very stiff, so it feels bulkier than it is. Also, there is velcro everywhere on the jacket, and the sleeves continually get stuck to the pockets, front flaps, etc, so it can really be a pain when you’re trying to cast or tie on a lure, or perform some other function. I don’t think i ever tried the hood, except in the garage. It seems like it will work, but i usually wear a baseball cap underneath any hood i wear so i maintain visibility. Finally, the zipper pull lasted one and a half trips.

I seldom write reviews but when i am motivated by the quality of something, i feel compeled to pass that information on. I have bought many outdoor jackets/coats in my day. I am currently an artist/photographer of the beautiful mountain scenery of colorado, and one never knows exactly what kind of weather to anticipate on an hourly basis. Beautiful one minute and rain or sleet turning to heavier snow the next. It has always been a rule of thumb to dress in layers to be prepared for what ever old mom nature throws your way. This coat/jacket/shell is the perfect outter wear for that purpose. It is light weight yet wind and water proof as well as being warm enough on its own. Yet wonderfully breathable fabric keeping it from turning into a sweat box. It provides great protection from the elements, and one may layer up underneath to provide for whatever degree of warmth required. I have found it extremely waterproof, keeping me dry in a torid downpour.

Really nice jacket for the price but beware the sizing. I’m 6’1′ and 190lbs with long arms and an athletic build but this jacket is made for someone with even longer arms and a massive belly. Large fits like a xxl in the body & arms. Unfortunately i had to return mine.

Wore this in alaska fishing for 5 days, 8 hours/day. Kept me totally dry in the wind and rain. This is not a slick material like pvc raincoats but more like a typical winter coat feel. Lots of pockets that kept items dry. Neoprene around wrists was a nice feature. Hood has a draw string so i could cinch it down tight. It is thicker than a typical pvc raincoat too. This raincoat worked great and held up to my expectations.

Frogg Toggs Toadz Firebelly Rain Jacket

  • Water proof softshell mans coat with zipper and hood; Durable, heavy duty construction yet lightweight; Blue, black, breathable, packable present for holiday, birthday, boyfriend, dad, brother, uncle
  • 2-tone parka with long cut for easy movement; Elastic waist with shock cord and dual locks; Adjustable hook and loop watertight neoprene cuffs and hideaway hood; Zip front and chest pockets, dual storm flap and rain gutter; Expandable handwarmer pockets
  • Rain and wind proof for windy, rainy and snowy weather; Layering accessory for temperatures in fall, winter and early spring;Best for outdoor action:fishing, hunting, hiking, camping, and sporting events; Light and portable for travel, hunters, fisherman
  • Unique hybrid ToadSkinz fabric, 100 percent polyester; DriPore microporous film with nonwoven inner layer; Perfect stylish and fashionable, designer yet casual activewear; Professional, reliable adult outerwear, made in China

Very water proof, and well made. But the fabric is stiff as cardboard, and there is little ventilation. Too warm for me in the temperate bay area, but probably great in cooler climates. The body of the large i ordered fist well, but the sleeves are 3′ too long. (i don’t have unusally short arms. ) you may want to order two in different sizes, expecting to send one back.

I really like this frogg toggs jacket. Out of the box it is a little scratchy on the arms with a short sleeved shirt. Runs a little big, but with a sweatshirt under it fits great. Great for a rainy football game in late fall.Plenty of pockets to store items too. I can’t give it 4 1/2 stars( half off for the scratchiness).

I’ve had this jacket a little over a month now and i really like it. I thought overall it seemed like a well made product, meaning it did not feel cheap. I put it on and the fit was pretty accurate. I read some of the comments and went by the frogg toggs size chart [. I was a touch worried about it being to big as i’m a small guy but it fits pretty much like the chart says. The arms are a touch long but i have short arms, and layers fill out the chest. I like the pockets on this coat. Placed nicely, very big, and they have a compartment or two inside some of them. I was pleasantly surprised by the hood on this thing. It has this little visor that keeps the raid out of your face and has a couple of bungee strings to fit it snug to your head. Only reason i didn’t give it a five star is because it doesn’t have any type of insulation. I knew it didn’t have any upon buying and i layer up to compensate, and it does a good job of keeping the wind out but adding a think layer of insulation would make this coat go from really good to great.

This is the first raincoat i’ve bought in more than a decade — and, the frogg togg firebelly is a great jacket. Really well made rain shell (meaning lightweight). This brand designs for fishermen so the fit is oversized allowing for great range of motion & room for layering warmer clothes underneath. Caught it on sale so, really happy. Tempted to buy a second just so it’s there in 10 years when i need a new one.

Some issues with the velcro on cuffs hanging up on other velcro parts. Means it doesn’t wear smoothly unless it is zipped up fully. Not sure how it could have been designed differently. Good value for the $ but wish i could afford a sturdier jacket so it’s fine for me. I did want a lighter jacket for warm weather use, & this is it. Still get inside condensation when worn for longer periods but i always was skeptical of the whole ‘waterproof/breathable’ industry. My wife got another frogg toggs jacket for just a few buck less & it is not as sturdy as mine. This is all-in-all a pretty good piece of gear.

I actually like it better than the more expensive gill and simms because it’s light enough that i’m not dripping sweat if it rains in the summer. Just layer up for the winter and it’s plenty warm. So it’s been great for one season for me. Hopefully i get a few more before it starts leaking. I’ve got the toadskin bibs that go with it and those are great too, i’ve had those for two years and no leaks.

The construction of the jacket is, frankly, impressive. My primary reason for purchasing the frogg togg firebelly rain jacket is as a spring and fall fishing jacket. I was looking for a cost-effective jacket that would keep me dry in light to moderate rainfall; allows sufficent mobility in the arms for casting a fly rod or spinning rod; is more durable than the $1 – $5 ponchos, but is equally lightweight. I noticed there weren’t a lot of reviews of the design of this jacket, so i assembled a few notes on my impressions in the hopes it might help others understand some of the features or shortfalls. Designthe design of the firebelly is impressive. Below is a rundown on some of the design features worth calling out. Zipper -the zipper has a fold-over style storm flap with velco closures. Zip it up, fold the right flap to the left, then the left flap folds over and secures to the right side with velco. -there are three sets of pockets on this jacet.

There are several parts to this review, so if you don’t mind reading a bit, have enjoy. Ordering review – i placed my order on a thursday and wanted it by saturday since there was an offer for prime users. When i checked out the delivery date was set for the following tuesday. I called amazon customer service and was told they would note my order to ship as soon as possible. I continued to review my order and found that there was another seller who was offering the saturday delivery, but the amazon representative did not inform me of this. I had to cancel my first order and then place a new order with the second company. Summary, review your order and verify the delivery dates. If you desire your product sooner check to see if there is another vendor who has a better date. This is the first time i have ever had an issue with amazon.

My biggest gripe is if you wear it with the front unzipped, you’ll constantly get the cuff velcro sticking to the rainflap velcro. The waist elastic is very strong and helps the waist stay put in strong winds. The hood is great, recommend wearing a ball cap to get the most out it. Great wind resistance, especially if paired with a light jacket underneath during winter.

I usually wear a large in everything, but this thing is like southern bubba large. The sleeves completely extend past my fingers and the torso is sized for some that weighs about 300 lbs. The waist band is below my crotch. The ‘large’ appears like it would fit someone approximately 6′ 4′ and 300-350 lbs or so.

All of the positive reviews are right on target. And have been through many jackets during my scuba diving and world travel adventures. This is by far the best one yet. I’ve worn it one the boat, in during the drenching florida thunderstorms. Where the rain comes down at the rate of 2-3 inches per hour. This jacket kept me warm and drythe jacket does arrive stiff as cardboard. But after a few uses it breaks in just fine. The only thing i can contribute at this point is sizing info. I normally wear medium jackets.

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