GasTapper Siphon Pro XL – Largest Siphon : This does the job!

I have used many siphons in the past for water transfer, gas transfer and general fluid management. Most of them were decent but didn’t last at all. Not to mention sucking in all of the toxic fumes wasn’t fun. I bought this to replace all of them. Simply bounce the hose in the liquid and the valve does all of the work. Never touch the siphon to your mouth again. I have used this 12 times so far with gasoline and transfer case fluid and i see no degradation of materials at all. You can set it up many different ways to include the hand pump. I also love the spring that is on the end. This prevents kinks from bending the hose as it is in the container.

This siphon works well, it neat and clean in its function, and the pump is precise and powerful. The hose is a clear flexible vinyl. The spring is to assist with support in making a tight turn with the hose. The little plastic orange ‘man’ will hold the hose end, onto a variety of containers, with its many different clips and attachments. . But this pump is high quality.

This may be the nicest, most thoughtfully designed and well made utility product i have ever purchased. It is exactly the alternative i was seeking to the cheap plastic water siphons sold at auto supply and hardware stores that barely work and then leak after one or two uses. Each component of this kit is nicely crafted of top-notch materials. The plastic accessories are exceeding clever: one is a multipurpose clip for hanging/controlling the supply end of the hose and the other is an ingenious hose clamp that actually works. This is a sweet product that exceeded all of my (already) high hopes and expectations. My first impulse upon opening the package was to write this review. My second impulse is to tell my friends about it. My most immediate impulse now is to buy another one. This is the sort of company that deserves to succeed. Funniest detail: the high quality rubber squeeze pump was molded with the product name siphon pro showing in raised relief.

I’ve been looking for an easy way to siphon gas from my snow mobile to my 5 gallon gas can for a while now. I have a cheapo pump, a shaker siphon pump and a few other items that i’m not wild about. This thing is the answer to my prayers. I have my snow mobile up on the trailer, put the hose in the bottom of the tank, it actually stays there and in place because of the brass shaker weight which all other siphon tubes are painfully missing. I then run the hose and connect it to the large bulb pump and then into my 5 gallon can. I gave just 2 quick pumps on the bulb and the siphon was started. This was the easy, mess free fuel experience i’ve ever had. I neglected to say that i also attached the white fuel cutoff clamp just before the bulb too so when my 5 gallon tank was almost full i hit shut the cut off valve. I then lifted out the hose into my sled, released the cutoff clamp and let the last few drops of gas drain into my tank.

This device works great for fueling up my boat while it’s setting on the lift. I can set the 5 gallon gas can on the rear sun deck of the boat, extend the hose from the can into the fuel tank, give the primer bulb a few squeezes and the gas starts flowing and runs until the gas can is empty. Much better than hanging off the side of the boat lift with a full 5 gallon can of gasoline, trying to fill the tank with those ‘great’ new safety nozzles that doesn’t work worth a c#%p. It drains the full 5 gallon can in about 3 – 5 minutes. I can start the gas flowing and let it run on it’s own until the can is empty. It should also work fine for pulling gas out of the boat this fall for storage.

I bought this siphon for my aquarium. All of the parts seem very high quality and i think should last me a lifetime. I bought another siphon designed specifically for aquariums and it broke after less than two years of use. This was only a few dollars more than my old one and it is worth the extra investment. All of the parts included are very useful, i don’t know how i managed without them. I especially like the clip that holds the hose and clips to the side of the bucket. The spring that stops the hose from kinking works great. The real gem is the siphon bulb. The bulb itself is made of a thick durable material which i think is made of rubber or synthetic variation. The metal tubes are firmly attached and do not leak, it is obviously very well made and seems very durable.

Siphon Pro XL – Largest Siphon for Water – Gas – Diesel – See Video – It’s a Pump or Siphon – Get Work Done Fast! 8′ & Shut Off Clip – USA

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  • USA – Largest Siphon on the market! Up to 4 gallons per minute depending on how it’s used – 2 in one, now comes with Jiggler to start siphon as well – SEE VIDEO at left bottom picture
  • 8 feet total & 5/8 hose with anti-kink spring. Hang the hose over an edge and it keeps it’s shape
  • 2 Siphons in 1 & patent pending universal hose clip to secure hose in place, no flop outs!
  • Jiggler acts as weight to sink hose or start siphon – hose is easy to push on and off hand pump. Built in screen
  • 5 feet of lift – Use pump in-line for 1 gl. flow or start siphon and remove for 4 gl. a minute flow (use provided pinch valve to shut off flow!) Not for car access

This is a very high quality product. I tried to make a diy first that did not work at all so i can better appreciate what this siphon pump can do. In less than a minute i had cut the tubing, inserted the pump and started pumping. In this photo it took 2 squeezes of the bulb to flow 5 gallons into the car without spilling a drop. There were only a few ounces left in the can and i could have gotten those out if i needed to. I chose a slow method: if you need to flow more fuel you get it started and pull the pump off the end of the tube. 5 gallons per minute which suited me fine. My normal gasoline transfer technique is to spill it everywhere and hope that at least 90% makes it into the target. I will be using this regularly for my motorized equipment.

Bought 2 of these siphons for work to move water from 5 gallon contains to much smaller 1/2 gallon containers. Prior to having the siphon we were lifting up the 5 gallon containers and using a funnel to pore into the smaller containers. It was both a pain in the back and we always managed to spill water as we did it. With the siphon pro xl we now easily transfer water between containers. At first we used the siphon ball pump, but we quickly learned that the ‘bobber’ end was much easier, faster, and more convenient for what we were doing. We get the job done faster, with less pain in our backs, and with no spillage of water now. There is even a plastic flow meter on the end to make life super easy. Tighten the stopper just a little and the flow slows down, tighten it all the way down to a trickle or even to a full stop as you move the hose over to another container you need to fill. I love this product and i highly recommend it if you need a siphon.

I liked this siphon – that part works well – but i did not like the fact that the brass fitting caught in the fuel filler in the car and i almost lost it in the gas tank. Be sure not to put that brass part down into the fuel tank. The modern cars have a little spring loaded door that will catch the brass and pull it out of the hosing on this siphon. Be sure to use a funnel to hold open the fuel filler neck door in the car and don’t put the brass clunk down there.This could be improved with some directions about the brass clunk and perhaps to better secure the brass clunk to the hosing – maybe a clamp could be used. But as far asa being a siphon it worked as it should – started flowing easily and kept flowing.

Not sure how this would work if you are trying to siphon gas from a car, but to transfer from a can to a vehicle it is amazing. I use it to fill my boat and with the can higher than the tank, i move the pick-up nozzle 3-4 times and it starts flowing immediately and drains the 5 gallon can in less than 3 minutes. The package i received came with a sturdy hose that was not kinked at all and i don’t think you could kink it as it is very solid. Maybe some people do not know how the siphon principle works.

So many of us have bought some kind of ‘inexpensive’ siphoning kit and discovered it was actually cheap and not worth what we payed for it. I tried and tried to siphon old gas out of my honda generator with one of those. Finally gave up and (with help) poured gas out of the spout. I use my generators a lot, but not frequently enough that i always use up the fuel while it’s still good. I did the research and bought this kit. I stuck the tube down in my generator, squeezed the bulb a few times and. I had a full flow of gas pouring out. I haven’t even tried all the ways you can use this kit, but i consider it a great purchase.

I’m going to give a legitimate ins and out, run down review on this siphon pro xl siphoning kit because the reviews on it are all over the placefor starters,the product comes with a clip to secure your hose from flopping everywhere, a thick clear hose, a handpump prime bulb, hose clamp to clamp/crimp the hose to keep air from going in the hose which essentially stops the flow of whatever you are siphoning. I have read people saying the hand pump bulb didn’t work. When we intially tried to siphon gas into our boat, it wouldn’t work for us either. I (being a woman who reads the directions on everything,) told my husband, ‘you know the bulb has an arrow showing which direction to insert it into the hose right?’.He quietly turned the bulb around and voila. The bulb workednow, as for siphoning with the bulb on, takes entirely too long. So if you decide to use the bulb to prime the hose, make sure you install the crimping clamp onto the hose before so. Get the hose primed, clamp, remove the bulb, and then release the clamp and your fluid will flow. The easiest way to use this product is gonna be with the jigger, without using the priming bulb. Secure your hose into what needs to be filled (you can use the securing clamp if need be,) use quick in-out motion to jig the opposite end of the hose, do so until the entire hose line is filled with fluid and the fluid begins to flow.

I bought this to get the last little bit of water out of my above-ground pool i got for the kids. The copper/brass ‘jiggler’ shake-primer thing works fine. However, the squeeze bulb is useless. It squeezes flat and won’t pop back out to squeeze it again unless i take the suction end of the hose out of the water. It isn’t strong enough to pull water through the hose. It works great for pumping air, but once the end of the hose is put under water, it fails to work. Very disappointed, and now i wish i had gotten one of those with the hand pump (piston) instead of the squeeze bulb. Edit: of course the bulb is pointing in the right direction – it has an arrow. I emailed to get a replacement and got a new unit from the manufacturer. This new bulb is harder to squeeze. I already put the pool up this year, but it feels like this new bulb is stronger. Upgrading my review to 4 stars for good customer service.

I bought this pro xl to empty water from small stock tanks (15-20 gallons) i use for my ducks. It is well thought out and made and works great. I was able to add a length of hose using the provided hose splice. The parts are high quality with attention to detail; i highly recommend it.

Works perfectly for draining water off my pool cover. Just make sure to disconnect the primer bulb after the water starts running or it will be slow (all explained in included instructions). Don’t waste your money on cheaper ones, this is made in the usa and made to last.

This thing has a larger hose and primer bulb then i was expecting. I am very happy with its construction. I use it to transfer gasoline. I keep extra gas for my mower and generator (about 60 gallons, but to keep the gasoline fresh, i rotate it through my vehicle. I keep the tank above my vehicle and once i get the fuel moving it goes on its own. I have used the self priming valve (located in the bottom) a couple of times, i am surprised how easy it works. I did purchase an extra length of hose instead of cutting the existing hose in half. It fits on the other end of the primer bulb. I did this to allow ease of transfer for me. If the primer bulb is removed after fuel starts to flow it is much faster then when it is left in place, but for my purposes it works fine with it left in place and the extra hose attached.

I bought this to siphon gas out of my generator so it doesn’t get stale. You need to be creative with the parts, i cut the tubing and put the bulb in the line. The end with the spring went into the gas can and held it open. The juggler went in the tank, although i worried it would fall off, i couldn’t twist or pull it off. I needed to pump the bulb continuously, i thought the siphon would start, but it didn’t. Probably because the bulb shoots a stream so hard there’s still air in the line. But the device made short work out of transferring the gas.

Siphon Pro XL – Largest Siphon for Water – Gas – Diesel – See Video – It’s a Pump or Siphon – Get Work Done Fast! 8′ & Shut Off Clip – USA :

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