GearWrench 20-Piece Ratcheting Wrench Set, Why did I wait so long?

Super good price on really good tools with lifetime warranties. The only minor complaint is that the packaging is very hard to get apart. It would also be nice if they dropped some of the useless and duplicated sizes, (7mm & 5/16′ is the same size as an example), and replaced them with something more practical, usable. See photos for pictures of the tool you need to do it the easiest, i think they call it bull nose pliers.

For the price these are a great tool. Getting this same set through snap on or matco is going to cost you a fortune. I have not used and abused these yet but they have a lifetime warranty and feel pretty well built. The only complaint is the gears seems to move side to side more than it should and sometimes makes it difficult to get around a bolt in a tight space.

Wrenches themselves are great, a nd an awesome deal for the money. The case however is complete garbage. It would be sufficient if you were going to keep it in a tool box drawer etc, but if your going to be moving around with your tools such as a field technician etc then it just wont do. It does not hold the wrenches in securely and is rather large for what it is. It would be better to have them come in a roll bag like many other wrench sets. The problem with the case is that the wrenches do not all snap in securely (some do though, which really makes this a poor workmanship/qa issue), some fit snugly while others are not held in with any tension whatsoever. The case comes with market material printed on cardboard behind the wrenches, i have a feeling the case is so large so that in a store they have more real estate for marketing hoopla to sell you with. The size of the case could easily be reduced by 50% or more. The case also does not have the wrench sizes printed or stamped on the case to aid in easy tool selection when using them.

I’ve always wanted a set of these. And the fact that the shed is metric and standard and it includes metric and standard stubby’s well you can’t go wrong. Don’t know how i went all these years without these tools.

91 on june 6th,price fluctuates a little around $60, then jumps past $100 when the sellers change. Give it a few days and it’s usually back in the $60 range again. These are the less expensive type without a forward/reverse lever,and the box ends are straight, not angledbut the wrenches themselves are gearwrench brand and the quality seems on part with other gearwrench tools i’ve had(which is to say very good in finish and durability). This set includes;standard;1/4′ x5′ long5/16′ x5. 5′ long11/32′ x6′ long (waste of a wrench & a wrench slot imho)3/8′ x6. 375′ long11/16′ x9′ long3/4′ x9. 75′ longmetric:6mm x5′ long8mm x5. 5′ long15mm ×8′ long16mm x8. 375′ long17mm x9′ long18mm x9. 5′ longso the smaller wrenches are pretty long for their sizes (a 5′ long wrench gives a lot of leverage on a 1/4′ fastener head)but the larger sizes are on the shorter side.

I have been using these just about every day at my job. Haven’t had an issue with them yet.

If you like gear wrench stuff get it now .

Key specs for Gearwrench 20-Piece Ratcheting Wrench Set, SAE and Metric # 35720:

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  • Extremely strong, meets or exceeds ansi, din and federal torque specifications
  • Includes sae sizes: 1/4, 5/16, 11/32, 3/8, 7/16, 1/2, 9/16, 5/8, 11/16 and 3/4 in
  • Drake off road tools includes metric sizes: 6, 8, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18mm
  • Ratcheting box end moves a fastener with the speed and ease of a fine tooth ratchet
  • Surface drive box end provides a stronger grip on fasteners and virtually eliminates rounding

Comments from buyers

“Good set, came out to $3 per wrench
, OK for casual use.
, Buy this item it’s a great deal but read this as well, it will save you some time with the packaging.

I have had the box/box set for 20 years.

High quality, durable wrench set is reasonably priced and worth every penny when they save you time to boot, since i don’t have change from socket to ratchet, rather i can just use the ratcheting end or the open end depending on my need. I definitely recommend gearwrench tools and this set in particular. The right tool for the job makes all the difference and who doesn’t like quality tools that makes their life easier?.

Overall not bad for the price. I would buy again, but i can’t give it more stars based on the quality. The ratchet isn’t very fine splined and there is a lot of ‘play’ in the ratchet mechanism. Usually if your using this type of wrench, it’s because you can barely get on the bolt or nut. Every little bit of play counts. You may find yourself in a situation with these where you can’t turn the wrench far enough to ‘grab the next tooth’ in the ratchet. I have one of their 3/8′ flex head ratchets and it has a real nice ratchet mechanism unlike these. I was kinda hoping for the same.

Worked great for my brake job. My only complaint is the handle is very narrow and cutting into your hand when turning the wrench to loosen or tighten a nut.

Good enough for casual use and pretty nicely finished. In retrospect i would spend a little more and get the ones with an offset end and the lever for selecting direction. Being flat, and depending on turning them over for reversal these will be knuckle-breakers at some point. Plus, if you use them on a bolt head with a lot of flat surface around it you can’t get your hand around the wrench and you drag your fingertips on the surface.

Buying gifts for my dad is not easy. He’s a very mechanical guy who loves to fill his shop with tools he’ll use one every few years. This is the most used gift i have ever bought him. He constantly remarks about these- years after he received them. Fantastic for wrenching in tight places.

I was warned to buy a higher quality set of ratcheting wrenches. Well i’m glad i didn’t listen. I’ve use them almost daily for months with no issues. Some i’ve put way more poundage on than i would think they could handle. And none have broken or slippedmy only gripe is the heads are flat and no lever for gear switch. So if you get in a weird spot you can get the wrench stuck.

The kit comes in metric and us. Can’t say anything bad about them except for the packaging. Rather then have the wenches packaged against a piece of cardboard with plastic strips holding them down, it would be better if they provided a box of sorts. This thing takes up half the drawer space in my tool box. I should probably throw the display card into the garbage.

The wrenches are fine- i bought for my husband for his birthday. The only thing i suggest is researching the price before you buy. They day after i purchased them sears had them for $20 cheaper. They would not cancel my order and wanted to take $10 from the return for return shipping.

Really nice set of ratcheting wrenches. I work on my car at home quite often, and these come in handy when you are working in tight spots so you don’t have to move off the bolt you are working on. I would recommend these to anyone.

I purchased these because i coukd not afford a big name brand. . For me tyese wrenches are perfect. . I am not a professional gear head swapping race motors every weekend. . I do use them for prohects, did an intake manifold and turbo upgrade on my buddies 2005 ford 6. . I have done other various prhects using these tools and they still look and perform like new.

I have had these for about 2 years now and they get used on the regular. I wrench on my own project cars as well as my friend’s cars about every 3 or 4 days (restoring and building on an old toyota 86 over the last 2 months or so) and let me tell you, these things are worth their weight in gold. If you are used to using regular peasant grade open ended box wrenches then you need to elevate yourselves and allow yourselves into the light that is the ratcheting wrench.

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