Global Vision Eyewear Global Vision Eliminator Motorcycle Goggles – Very good! Just weak foam!

Transition is fast both ways. While they do not go ‘black’, they do get plenty dark to stop glare, while allowing great visibility. The yellow is at a perfect tint for night riding. The foam wind dam is a little flimsy, but is holding up nicely. I can see an easy repair with some trim seal should the foam finally fail. While they do fog up some, movement allows just enough air in to clear it away quickly. I’ve never had goggles that didn’t fog, so this isn’t an issue with me. Overall; very comfortable, great transition speed, very good peripheral vision, and they look pretty good in a slight steam-punk sort of way. And the goggles have made riding much more enjoyable.

Well the goggles are here and i love them. The transition lenses work really well. Indoors they are very nearly clear with just a very slight amber tint which increases contrast. In full sun they get so dark that people can’t see my eyes behind them. Visibility is good at every light level. Transition time from light to dark is less than a minute, from dark to light takes just over a minute. Even fully tinted i was able to navigate my darkened house without bumping into things till the lenses caught up to light conditions. Peripheral vision is excellent. They look very cool on my face and i have let a couple of other people wear them and they look cool on them too. My one complaint is that when i sweat in still humid air they tend to fog ever so slightly.

These managed to last me the entire week on the playa, but the lenses snapped out almost daily. I’d have them around my neck, go to hug someone, and then snap. Finally lost a lens for good when i went to see beats antique with these around my neck. I’m just lucky it didn’t happen on the playa this year, since it was a dustbowl. The transition lenses were nice, but didn’t work so well for sunrises. Basically it wasn’t bright enough for them to transition. No idea if i ruined my eyes or not. They fog up and make my head sweaty when i wear them on my forehead, but that may just be all goggles.

I read so many articles on which goggles to buy for burning man. I almost spent a lot more money buying army grade goggles. They were cute and did a great job of keeping sand out. I originally had regular sunglasses with these in case i needed for sand storms. In the end i just used them as sunglasses as well.

Bought these for my husband a couple of yrs ago and he loved them. The foam started to pull off recently and he wanted another pair exactly like the old pair. I was hoping these were the ones he wanted. When they arrived he was so happy. We have a little over 5 acres of ground and we have very sandy soil which he needs to be able to keep out of his eyes while he mows in the very windy terrain.

I work ten hours a day outside in dusty, windy conditions and these are so helpful. I can get stuck in a dust devil and not have to close my eyes. They haven’t fogged up on me thus far. Only issue is since i work in 110 degrees the foamy parts around my eyes get soaked with sweat. Doesn’t take away from the product though.

First of all, they sent me the wrong product. I ordered the clear lenses and received the dark lenses, so those are the ones i’ll be reviewing. Kind of a bummer, but nonetheless, these are really nice goggles. I got them because i had some that were more of a glasses style and they kept fogging up when worn with a bandanna. They sit right against my face very comfortably and don’t fog up; however, i do wear them in a cooler environment (which is where i really have issues with glasses fogging up). So i’m not sure how they would do in the heat, but they do great in cool weather.

These are pretty sweet goggles. They work really well at night with a hint of an amber tint. During the day they darken just enough to tone down bright sunlight to a tolerable level. They don’t get very dark, but it helps. The foam seals feel kind of cheap, but they are comfortable. They are a bit bigger than a pair of shades, but not huge like the old aviator goggles. Don’t know why they call them ‘red baron’ as i doubt he wore anything like them. I don’t lose any peripheral vision and can just barely see a hint of black at the far edges of my sight. The vents keep everything clear without letting in any ‘drafts’. Even at very high speeds there isn’t any objectionable airflow over the eyeballs.

I really like these goggles so far, and this was a big change from just poly-carb glasses for me. I ride without a windshield and these protect quite a bit more of my face from bugs and sand. They also do not want to fly off when i turn my head to look over my shoulder because they have a full strap. The biggest thing i noticed was that i have nearly 100% field of view, which is a big perk. The transitions work very well and are very dark in full sunlight with a slight tint on a very cloudy day. Awesome only having one pair to carry around. They are not too ‘bug eyed’ which was my biggest concern. They fog a bit while sitting at a stop light in the rain but some anti-fog spray might take care of that. Other than that i have had no issues with fogging on dry days.

These didn’t fit my face very well and were not comfortable to use with my bump helmet/night vision. For my use the lenses stick out too far. They would probably work fine for normal use but i prefer full size atv goggles or sunglasses for normal use because they are more comfortable and have better air flow. The lenses are not vented so these felt like when i was a kid wearing swimming goggles in the summer in arizona. My eyeballs cooking in little mini greenhouses. These might work better in colder weather or when it’s overcast or at night. Not recommended in arizona at any time.

I like the smoked ones better, they offer a cool mad max-like looks on a black leather jacket. These clear ones are okay, but not recommended for bright daylight. The foam used around the frame is of lower quality, but they offer excellent visibility (unlike most other bike goggles that have the frame limit your view). These goggle frames do not cut out anything from your viewing field when looking straight forward.

I use them for cycling in cold or wet weather and they work great, they are very clear but are mirrored from the outside which is great. They do fog a bit when i stop at a light on the coldest of days but its only a minor problem and goes away almost as soon as a start moving agian. They are comforatble and the strap is adjustable to fit the smallesy head to large enought to fit all the way to the back of my helment (where i like to keep them). They have good field of vision, although you do lose the farthest peripheral vision so i often have to turn my head a bit more back when looking for cars, but once you get used to it its not a problem it was just a bit disconceriting at frist. Over all i have to say this is a great product espeicaly for the fairly cheap price. If they ever were to break for anyreason i would deffinatly get these again.

I’ve had them for 2 months and have worn them nearly every day. The good: they fit well, the foam molds to my face well, the strap is good, and they transition from nearly clear to not quite very dark. The bad: the lenses pop out easily when i put the goggles in my jacket or bag. I fixed that with a little bit of super glue. The foam is a very lightweight stuff and, while it really adds to comfort, i don’t feel confident saying that these will last all that long. There haven’t been any problems yet. They fog up pretty easily, especially when worn over a neoprene mask in sub-freezing temps. They clear up pretty quickly once i’m moving. Overall i’m pretty happy with them, but the fogging problem will keep me from buying another pair. Here are the specifications for the Global Vision Eyewear Global Vision Eliminator Motorcycle Goggles:

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  • Shatterproof anti-fog polycarbonate scratch resistant UV 400 lenses
  • Soft airy foam padding
  • Red baron look

I purchased 3 pairs kickback foam padded motorcycle sunglasses a few weeks prior to buying the red barons and the padded sunglasses were great until i exceeded 40 miles per hour. These goggles are fantastic, even at speeds of 70 miles per hour on the interstate. The transition lenses are not quite as dark as the dark pair of sunglasses, but they reduce glare better, have a wider field of vision, and automatically adjust back to clear as the sun goes down. The adjustable strap is comfortable and fits under both half and 3/4 helmets nicely. The padding is a little fragile – it feels softer and more spongey than the padding on the sunglasses – however, it keeps air, grit, sand, and bugs out. The sunglasses i purchased are great for short rides and cruising around the beach, but my eyes tear up at speeds over 40 mph from wind sheer getting past them. I’ve had to rub sand and road grit from cars in front of me out of my eyes more than once with them. The red baron goggles put a stop to all of that. No wind or debris get around the lenses and they provide a much more comfortable ride at highway speeds.

I used these goggles on a 2 hour ride on a very hot day in full riding gear. I think it was 92-96 that day and i was truly wet all over my shirt. This item may have fog up a little but i really don’t remember them fogging at all. I was surprised but the did work for me with next to no fog. Now the liner foam is cheaply made but they work on my 2 hour ride during a hot day with vary little wing blowing and i had on gloves with a joe rocket 5.

First off, i live and ride in southeast texas, so i am on my bike year round and would like to think my input should be of some value. I have been ordering the pairs of goggles (clear and smoked) made by this company for over a year now, and they work well enough and are fairly cheap to replace when they inevitably get scratched up. As far as photochromatic products go, though, i have never had a good experience, due to not getting dark enough, or stopping transitioning altogether. I have been getting tired of swapping day and night goggles though, and saw these on amazon at a decent price ($22. 95 when i bought them) along with favorable reviews concerning the transitioning. I gave them a shot, and couldn’t be more impressed. The photochromatic lenses do get pretty dark, working well in all conditions except for the sun shining directly in your face (early morning or late evening), and the transition is quick. Nightime riding is no problem, they are more than clear enough for me to see. They will fog on you if you’re sitting at a light or stop sign though, at temps of about 60 or below, but as soon as you get going they clear up fast. My only concern at this point is that they may scratch as easily as thier non-photochromatic counterparts, but to combat this problem i purchased speedo hard goggle case and the goggles in the micro fiber pouch fit nice and snug.

I’m surprised to see so many 5 star reviews, these are a far cry from a 5 star product. I think folks are just bedazzled by the price alone which is a fair deal. Overall not bad and certainly worth 9 bucks. Serious problem with the strap clip (tensioner), which tends to sit right behind your ear, causing discomfort. Helmet amplifies this, really making them useless. I will redesign my own strap to fix this, and i don’t mind because the lenses are nice and worth the effort imo. The manufacturer could (and should) place the strap clip a couple inches back on the strap, easy remedy. They clearly did not give much thought about end user comfort.

It’s fits well but the foam is cheap and does not hold it’s shape. The first time wearing them around my eyes and the bridge of my nose became a little sore. It also holds sweat if you are riding on a hot day like i was. I bought them for riding my motorcycle and they stay put at higher speeds and do not fog up like other foam lined glasses i’ve worn. I’m going to try to replace the cheap foam with a sturdier foam.

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  • Ordered with trepidation, pleasantly surprised.
  • I used these goggles on a 2 hour ride on
  • Nice but could use better foam.

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