Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer – The right tool for the job

I do construction work and bought this for when we need to spray. I have sprayed roughly 100 gallon through it with no issue.

I painted my 22’x24′ horse barn in 2hrs using 3 1/2 gal of paint on osb board with good coverage. Yes, the over spray is an issue. I used tape, or piece of cardboard but it’s a horse barn so i wasn’t upset. I would however, buy an extension wand sprayer if i was doing the house or trim. This is an excellent product for the home owner.

I did watch yt videos as well as gracos videos. Had to clean out several times bec i didn’t want to clog the machine. I used 3m masker with tips form painters online to mask off door and trim. Even as a newbie i got a fantastic finish. Recommend for new users-watch videos. Take the time to learn aspects of the machines. It doesn’t take long but is well worth it.

The best for the price hands down if you follow instructions and keep it clean. Sprayed some pretty thick latex through it and 2. 5 hrs later the whole house was done. I did change the provided tip out for a 517, worked great.

They shouldn’t sell these to the public lol… you should’ve seen the mess i made the first time i use this. It was a heck of a lot of fun though 🙂 in all seriousness, graco makes the best paint sprayers in the world with just a little bit of practice you can be painting like the professionals in a day. I strongly suggest if you’re new to spraying that you watch their videos and learn the techniques before you actually try and spray your house or fence. I have some knowledge of the use of sprayers so aside from learning the mechanics i needed to familiarize myself with the features of this unit. I was very impressed with the self priming feature and most importantly the cleaning feature. Believe me, if you buy a unit that does not have a flushing feature you will regret it. Think about this for a moment, you have 75 feet of hose and a pump full of paint. Before the self flushing units were invented you had to get a 5 gallon bucket of clean water and run it through the system and just keep doing that until it came out clean. After that you would put some pump lubricant in the system and you are good to go.

This is the first paint sprayer that i have ever owned so i can’t compare it to anything other than a brush or a roller. That said, this sprayer was a definite time saver painting close to 1300 square feet of garage exterior. The sprayer was able to handle both latex primer and finish coats without thinning. The coverage was even and overspray was minimal. I would still caution using the sprayer for interior jobs unless the room was well isolated and all non painted surfaces are covered. A respirator would also be advisable for interior jobs. For my particular job, the wood that i was painting was very old and did have several cracks in the grain that the sprayer couldn’t easily fill. It was easy though to go over them with a brush in one hand and the sprayer in the other. Something like that would be a problem with a cheaper spray gun where the paint is in a container that is integrated into the the handle. And the convenience of placing a suction hose directly into a 5 gallon bucket of paint is a definite plus.

  • ABSOLUTELY DA BOMB! but with correct prep
  • Read This If You Are A Brush, Roller, Or Wagner Person Who Is Thinking About An Upgrade
  • In absolutely fantastic product… Read on

Homeowners association sent out so called ‘friendly reminders’ to paint or stain our wooden shadow box privacy fences after 20 years of not thinking anything of it. The natural grey patina has reigned for 2 decades but as the dirt, mold and black algae have spoiled the look we were tasked with this remedying this violation at christmas time. I and my neighbors got together and decided to do all the fences at the same time trying to achieve a nice uniform look to the cul-de-sac. Luckily we only had to do the side facing the street. This sprayer with the 311 tip was an amazing thing to behold. The 326 linear feet of just power washed 20 year old shadow box fence that is in a mostly wet designated preserve was easily taken care of. Conservative figure of over 2000 square feet of 5. 5 inch 3/4 inch thick pickets front, back, sides, runners, posts and gates is something nightmares are made of. What would have taken 40 hours with a roller and block brush only took 8 hours to do. Don’t ask me how i know this.

Finished my deck and fence in one day.

I am one of those who reads all the negative reviews first to see if there are any trends, so to write a 5 star review means something to me. If you’re looking for an incredibly easy sprayer to use, this is it. Cleanup couldn’t be simpler. Out of the box and painting in 5 minutes. I purchased several other sprayers, and they either quit working, or clogged. This sprayer has the look and feel of a professional product. I was painting with a water-based enamel, which is on the thinner side, and even with a thinner product, the overspray was very minimal.

I have been painting my own house(s) for years. This house has about +-3500 feet of surface area desperately needing paint. After working a few days and seeming like i was getting nowhere between prep, priming with a ‘cheaper’ tinted paint then using a high quality latex paint as a final coat, i broke down and purchased this sprayer. The vast majority of the reviews i read pointed to this graco model and i can see why. This has changed the way i will paint from now on. I’ve never used a sprayer before and within 20 minutes, i was spraying away. This is so easy, i can only kick myself for not doing it sooner. Finished off about half of the house in the first hour or so. The biggest issue was having to move the sprayer, as i was going so fast.

We sprayed the entire house ceilings in no time. Understand that it is a sprayer so make sure everything is covered well.

Features of Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer

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  • CONTROL PAINT FLOW: Fully adjustable pressure to give you ultimate control of paint flow for any project size
  • SPRAY PAINT UNTHINNED: Stainless Steel Piston Pump allows you to spray paint unthinned at high pressure
  • SPRAY DIRECTLY FROM PAINT BUCKET: Flexible suction tube allows you to spray directly from a 1 or 5 gallon paint bucket
  • SPRAY MORE PROJECTS EACH YEAR: Annual use recommendation is up to 125 gallons per year
  • FAST AND EASY CLEAN-UP: Power Flush Adapter connects to a garden hose for fast and easy cleaning
  • IDEAL FOR INDOOR AND OUTDOOR PROJECTS: Can support up to 75 ft. of paint hose giving you extra reach for your projects
  • CONTINUOUS SPRAYING: RAC IV Switch Tip allows you to reverse the tip when clogged to keep you spraying
  • VOLTAGE: 110 volts

From the manufacturer

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Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer

DIY homeowners and handymen get cost-efficient, high-speed performance with the Magnum X5. These sprayers are ideal for painting all interior projects, decks, siding, fences and small houses. Choose the X5 when you paint on a quarterly basis. Equipped with long-lasting, stainless-steel piston pumps, these sprayers let you spray more projects each year. Spray a wide variety of coating from stains to heavy latex with ease.

  • 25 ft DuraFlex hose
  • SG2 Spray Gun
  • Pump Armor
  • 515 RAC IV Spray Tip

Key Features

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Adjustable Pressure

Easy adjust pressure to have ultimate control of paint flow.

Flexible Suction Tube

Spray directly from 1 or 5 gallon paint containers.

Power Flush

Connects to garden hose for fast cleanup.

Reverse-A-Clean Spray Tip

Reverse-A-Clean feature quickly clears tip plugs with a twist.

Project Painter Plus 257025 Magnum X5 262800 Magnum X7 262805 Magnum ProX17 Stand 17G177 Magnum ProX19 Cart 17G180 Magnum Pro210ES Cart 17C305
Recommended Annual Usage* 50 gal 125 gal 125 gal 300 gal 500 gal 1500 gal
Performance Rating .24 gal/min .27 gal/min .31 gal/min .34 gal/min .38 gal/min .47 gal/min
Motor 3/8 hp Universal 1/2 hp Universal 5/8 hp Universal 3/4 hp DC 7/8 hp DC 1 hp DuraDC
Maximum Tip Size 0.015 0.015 0.017 0.017 0.019 0.021
Maximum Pressure 2800 psi 3000 psi 3000 psi 3000 psi 3000 psi 3000 psi
Maximum Hose Length 50 ft 75 ft 100 ft 150 ft 150 ft 200 ft
On-the-Job Replaceable Pump No No No Yes – ProXChange Yes – ProXChange Yes – ProConnect
Sprayer Weight 10 lbs 13 lbs 23 lbs 27 lbs 38 lbs 62 lbs
Metal Spray Gun Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sprays Hot Solvents No No No No No Yes

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About Graco

Graco – The Brand Preferred by Pros. Whether you’re a weekend warrior, a serious DIY enthusiast, a handyman or remodeling contractor, or a painting professional, Graco makes the ideal airless spraying equipment to meet your needs. Whether you are just starting out or moving up, choose the Magnum or Graco model to help you handle your job with ease. No matter what you’re painting entire homes, rooms, decks or fences Graco has you covered.

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I have no experience with paint sprayers. Yet, i found it easy to set up this system since the directions are good. Cleaning is a bit of a hassle, but it always is after painting. The only thing i did not like: when you have about 2′ of paint left in the can (1 gallon or 5 gallon), it looses suction. I absolutely loved how quickly i could paint something, and the overspray was minimal. The prep and the clean up take the longest.

I just painted my 2300 square foot house with this sprayer. I sprayed about 22 gallons of paint and it came out great. I did not have a single clog and i never stirred or strained the four 5 gallon buckets of paint i used. The paint i used was freshly mixed valspar from lowes. I took about two months to paint the entire house. I basically did one side of the house at a time. I power-washed, scraped, sanded, caulked and taped the windows doors and trim on each side of the house before spraying (not to mention cutting back bushes etc). Prep is the hardest part about painting. The spraying was the easy part.

The unit is easy to setup and use. The spray cut-off is sharp so very little taping. I does take time to clean the unit after use (and you will want to clean it well regardless of the time it takes). If you really want to make the unit easier to use buy the swivel unit and place between hose and gun. It will eliminate the need to constantly ‘fight’ the hose trying to control the gun.

I bought this as a factory refurb but it worked great. Absolutely no issues with it at all. I had experience with the x7 which is a great product but stupidly sold it in a garage sale. When my barn needed paint, i decided to save a little money and use the x5. I used this to spray a primer designed for unpainted stucco followed by the color coat. The primer was a bit thicker than the color coat but neither was thinned in any way and the unit did not have any trouble drawing and delivering the paint. It seems to be a little fussy to get started. This is actually covered in the owner’s manual by turning the machine off and turning back on a couple of times. I don’t know why this works but it does. Once the paint flow starts through the gun, it will empty (to the last inch or so) the 5 gallon bucket with no trouble at all.

After unsuccessfully trying to use a wagner pro airless sprayer to finish spraying the inside of our 27 foot camper trailer with a sherwin williams latex paint, i finally gave up, and bought this bad boy (graco x5). I am sure glad that i did – the best $250 i have spent in a long time. Although the wagner was able to spray the glidden bonding primer (without too many issues), it simply would not spray a decent latex paint (even thinned down). To the rescue came the graco x5. What a dream compared to the wagner. Even at half throttle, the x5 effortlessly sprayed the sw showcase interior latex paint (whitout any thinning). The spray was a fine mist (ensuring no runs), and the overspray was almost unnoticed. The spray pattern was nice and contained – perhaps with a few more hours of using this awesome sprayer, i could even see using it with a minimal tape job. To put this in perspective, it took me over 3 hours to spray the 27 foot trailer with primer (with just so-so results), using the wagner, and only about 45 minutes to spray the paint using the x5 (with professional results).

I painted my 2 story cedar clapboard house with a 4′ roller about 5 years ago. If you have ever done this sort of thing before, you know that it takes a certain amount of physical effort to get a full coat of paint up into the horizontal corners of each clapboard. My back, painting arm, and shoulder were very sore by the time that i was done so i vowed to find an easier way. I considered a wagner cup sprayer but the amazon reviews were average to very poor. I considered a graco cup sprayer which had much better reviews. I actually checked one out in person at a big box store but it was relatively heavy even when it was not filled with paint. I did not want to trade a sore arm with a brush for a sore arm with a cup sprayer. The graco x5 is an entry level airless sprayer that produces the results of a higher end sprayer. A few observations for other novice painters:general observations:1. The sprayer is very well made and durable despite its light weight.

CONTROL PAINT FLOW: Fully adjustable pressure to give you ultimate control of paint flow for any project size

SPRAY PAINT UNTHINNED: Stainless Steel Piston Pump allows you to spray paint unthinned at high pressure

SPRAY DIRECTLY FROM PAINT BUCKET: Flexible suction tube allows you to spray directly from a 1 or 5 gallon paint bucket

SPRAY MORE PROJECTS EACH YEAR: Annual use recommendation is up to 125 gallons per year

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