Griot’s Garage 10527 5 : Awesome wax pad – worked great on my black trailblazer SS

I’ve been using griot’s products for years and these waxing pads do exactly what they’re meant to do. This is replacing the older griot’s waxing pad that lasted almost 2 years which i used numerous times on waxing our 2 full size suvs along with a couple other vehicles belonging to my parents and brother. A good tip: i soak the pad in a mixture of dawn liquid soap and water for about 10-15 mins before giving it a good rinse. It helps remove the majority of the built up wax on the pad and keeps the pad nice and clean for the next job.

As the headline says, uses a lot of product. That, in turn, makes application take longer and cleanup nearly impossible. I tried cleaning out all of the leftover sealant from the foam but it wasn’t enough and some dried up inside the foam. It’s right on the affordability spectrum where buying a new one for every application isn’t that bad, so if you can afford it, i recommend going that route. Otherwise try finding something that reviews say doesn’t absorb too much.

These pads are made up of super soft foam, so there is no cut to these pads. I use these along with the 3 inch palm holder also made by griots. The biggest advantage comes from having way more control over how thin i can apply the wax, which we all know is key for easy removal. Being 3 inches across, this may have a harder time fitting in wax pots if it has a narrow opening.

I bought these pads to get in the tighter areas that my 6′ pads with my griot’s da polisher don’t reach very well. I have use these pads to apply wax, paint sealant, and glass sealant by hand. Reading other reviews about the back pealing off, i am very careful not to over saturate the pads. I am also gentle when cleaning them. I think these pads are overpriced for what you get, but they attach nicely on the velcro handle that griot also makes.

Quality is always excellent from griot’s garage. These buffer pads meet their high standards.

It’s a great wax applicator and easy to clean. I’ve used one for two car’s now and it’s still holding up. If you clean and use water based waxes, it’ll last a while. I used one with a maguire synthetic wax and it was harder to clean. The griot’s best in show wax washes out a lot easier.

Griot’s Garage 10527 5.5″ Red Foam Wax Pads (Set of 3)

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  • Chamfered edge increases surface area
  • Thermo-Set Bonding ensures long pad life

As the title says, they are nice and soft, great for applying waxes or glazes but the foam just is not very durable.

Quality griots garage product that you all know and love. Bought this pad to fit on my orbital waxer. Its opponent – a black 2006 trailblazer ss. I drive this as my daily, all year round in wisconsin, so it sees all of the weathers elements. I take care of my vehicle’s paint with handwashing, claybar, protection, and stay away from any kind of brushes or automatic car washes. Wash, clay, buff, wash, polish, waxanyways, ill just let the picture do the talking.

I bought this set to compare it to the polishing pads griot’s has. I wanted to see if there was a difference or if they were just selling the same thing in a different color. They are definitely different. The waxing pads are a softer foam than the polishing pad. They are perfect for applying wax without burnishing it or polishing it (obviously). They contour nicely and are very controllable when using the griot’s polisher. I will buy these as i wear the ones i have.

Griot’s makes some of the best care products. This foam is an exceptional quality & applying wax makes it so easy.

I bought the griot’s garage 6′ random orbital polisher and the buffing pads because the pads were also available locally if i needed an extra. It’s been a long time since i buffed and polished a car and i was worried about swirls that you would sometimes get with the older buffers and the terry cloth covers. But i watched a lot of videos online so i felt comfortable with today’s foam pads.

I thought i may buy a cheaper pad but instead i decided to go with this one and i am totally impressed with the texture and durability. Cleaning brings it back to new. Thats why i bought the orange pad as well. In the end you save a lot of money because these last forever and make the job easy.

Wow my waxing has never been so fast and easy and looked so good with so little effort. I honestly had no idea waxing could be so easy and that the application pad would have such a huge effect on the results. Had i known i would have bought this years ago.

It does suck up product, but otherwise it holds together and spreads wax and polish evenly. So here’s my run down scale 1-10, 10 being awesome, 1 being don’t use or buy:durability (does the pad maintain form with multiple use, that is it does not flake up gunk up or fall apart): 10usability ( can the pad be used for more than one application): 10absorption (how much product does the pad absorb): 7spread (how well does the pad spread product): 10abrasiveness ( can you use it for heavy cutting): 1 **this pad is soft, you could use it for lite swirls or very lite scratches***overall, the pad is good, i used it to spread paste wax, micro polish, regular wax. The only caveat to this pad is it takes for ev er to dry if you wash it out.

Used these today to apply chemical guys jetseal and butter wet wax. Went well as expected, easy to clean.

Had to buy another because the last one only lasted for four years. Full size truck, travel trailer and several cars. You get what you pay for: griot’s garage items are great.

I’ve had a griot’s orbital buffer for several years but until now i’ve used it only for polishing, not for waxing. A friend introduced me to a griot wax that is best applied with an orbital buffer using these special foam waxing pads. I decided to give them a try, and this pad does the job admirably well. My ’92 porsche 911 targa, my ’95 corvette zr-1 and my daily driver 2002 ford focus svt never looked so good.

Griot’s Garage 10527 5.5″ Red Foam Wax Pads (Set of 3) :

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Griot's Garage 10527 5.5" Red Foam Wax Pads (Set of 3)
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