Grip 89358 MM/SAE Combination Wrench Set : Storage Case Is Worthless

I’m a hot rodder and had some guys coming over to my nicely equipped garage to do some work. None of these guys steal tools but they never seem to put ’em back where they are supposed to go. So i bought this set for my secret stash of tools. Nicely arranged in a fold-up carrying case where i could easily pick out whatever size i need (the sizes are shown on the holder). Given the price, i wasn’t expecting much. But i’m pleasantly surprised to find good quality wrenches and and a compact, sturdy storage case. My little secret that i use in the privacy of my own garage, but only when i’m by myself.

I seem to have several sets of wrenches kicking around but can never seem to find the one i need. This set was purchased just for that reason. This is the sacred set that is safely locked in a separate tool chest with other tools of its kind. They are wrenches so i’m not sure that “fantastic” was the right description but they do what they are supposed to do.

Like others have said, lots of wrenches for cheap but my first time using the 1/4″ wrench it began to slip on a fresh bolt. The 19mm wrench worked very well so it seems there is inconsistent quality between these. If you are really on a budget then get these but i would have preferred to get a nicer such as craftsman. I am a mechanical engineer and we have many craftsman sets at work and have never been disappointed with them. I will be purchasing a nicer set of wrenches and use these merely for backup.

I’ve had this set well over a year. The wrenches are still in great condition. The case is starting to come apart though. This is after being brought back and forth in a tool bag to a boat constantly and used on cars many times. I’m happy with the product and would buy again.

Have been using these to work on my car and they are high-quality, even when i’m wrenching hard on something there’s no flaking like you get on the cheap tools. Love the carrying case too, very convenient for toting around. I’d especially recommend these for someone looking for a travel set (like to races).

This wrench set is amazing simply for the fact that if you keep the wrenches in their designated slots, you have a perfect mobile pack to keep you from the frustration of searching for wrenches. I probably have 5 of each type of wrench for standard and metric and with my wife and kids always misplacing them, i always am searching for the right fit for the bolt i’m tackling. I keep this set complete and now i just take this out to my barn or my project and don’t have to worry about not having the right size on hand. The wrenches each have their own labeled compartment and they slide into and out of each one. The ouch also has strings to tie it up for easy carry or storage. Its a nice set especially for the price. I may buy another just due to the frustation it saves me.

Im working on my 3rd year with these. I do have other sets of name brand wrenches stacked neatly in their cases but these are great for the price and convenience. I’ve got the whole roll up on my peg board in my garage ready to go and easy to get to when needed. I’ve used them on my vehicles, lawn equipment, and everything else that has nuts and bolts. I haven’t had any issues with them.

Got these to install shocks & stabilizer on 2012 jeep jk 4-door, item came on time and as advertised. No issues with weakness to metal used. Managed to work hard water bolts from under jeep with not issues. I’d buy them again as a gift or just to have and secondary option for in jeep tool box.

  • OK for spares, not for a gift or every day use.
  • Like others have said
  • My little secret that I use when I’m alone. Don’t tell anyone!

GRIP 89358 MM/SAE Combination Wrench Set, Chrome, 24-Piece

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  • Drop forged, heat treated alloy steel.
  • Precision machined open and boxed ends.
  • Raised panel provides added strength.
  • Sizes: MM (7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 18, 19, 22), SAE (1/4″, 5/16″, 3/8″, 7/16″, 1/2″, 9/16″, 5/8″, 11/16″, 3/4″, 13/16″, 7/8″, 1″).

It is difficult to discover, but if you look on the box you can find the “made in india” mark by the barcode. Pro: lots of wrenches for cheap. Fine for throwing in the truck in case of emergency. Con: pretty poor appearance. Rough edges, size and other markings inconsistent, storage bag has an unpleasant smell. As emergency spares they are ok, but you wouldn’t want to use them every day or give them as a present.

They look great and i like the pouch they came in. I know it may not last forever and may stretch and not look as good but for the budget price as they are placed at it’s perfect for someone like me who works on their car from time to time but dont use the tools every day. They seem quality enough for me. Its great to hang up on a pegboard in the pouch that’s what i bought this one for.

So i bought this set extremely worried i was getting something that just wouldn’t do the task it was designed for. I am shocked and almost amazed these wrenches. I know it sounds weird but a complete set for 25 bucks (what i paid) i just was worried. Yeah it’s not super pretty or whatever blah blah. These wrenches are practical.

The wrenches are awesome but the roll up cloth is cheap plastic, the tie that holds it together broke the first time i tied it. I thought it would have at least a ok holder but its worthless. But the wrenches (which is the actual product) are great.

They’re a little rough, but hey, its a tool. 5 star rating for the price. The numbering on these are kinda small. So if you’re an old timer reading glasses are a must, if you choose to keep them loose around in the job box. Used them today on my truck to do an oil change & front brakes and alternator job. Again 22 dollars for 32 is hard to pass up. Even if you’re more on the craftsman, matco, snap on, blue point, gearwrench, husky, stanley, dewalt, sk, williams, proto, armstrong.

These wrenches are a great set for the price you pay. I got these for myself at work, i don’t do life threating mechanic or machine work. I just needed something that if i lost or grew feet it wouldn’t hurt my bank. 🙂 i have used then a fews time at work already and feel they will take care of the need that i have for wrenches at work, toilets seat tighten, chainlink frence tighten, work on the curtains, tighten the cable wire, and what ever else that comes my way.

Apron is a little shallow for many of the larger wrenches. But, you’re not buying an apron. You’re buying an inexpensive set of wrenches. Haven’t put too much stress on them tho (yet), team isn’t entirely inexperienced with such tools. -eject velocity-shipping came quick from what i remember.

I don’t have an issue with these wrenches. The quality control on the finish is non-existent but they work as intended. The case has a very sturdy material on the back side but the clear pouch that holds the tools is so poor i received it brand new in the package defective. The wrenches have broken through the holders already and will fall out the bottom. Cases are always a bonus to me but i have no intentions of using it this time, they are going straight into the toolbox. Considering the number of wrenches for the price i am going to be a realist here and say i got more than expected and will most likely order a second set if these don’t start to rust anytime soon. If these were a dollar more i would have given them a 3 star.

Bought them as a back up set of hand tools for the ranch truck where hand tools get lost or removed frequently, so they are exactly what i needed. Fit and finish is acceptable and much less expensive than craftsman or other brand names. If i need to get replacement hand tools again, will go here first. They don’t get daily use but when used but function is completely satisfactory.

The storage roll is super crappy. It arrived with most of the wrenches falling out. The wrenches see to be of decent weight but i have not used them yet. To replace the roll with a decent one is another $15 which would partly justify the cost of some of the more expensive sets. There is really no point in sending it back, you will just get the same in return. So, you either like the cost for the wrenches alone or you send it back and pay more. In the end, you get what you pay for.

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GRIP 89358 MM/SAE Combination Wrench Set, Chrome, 24-Piece
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