GRV T10 921 194 13-5050 SMD Wedge LED Bulb lamp Super Bright Warm DC 12V Pack of 10, Not perfect, but good

I am using these in my rv which came with #921 incandescent bulbs in all the interior lights, 28 of them altogether. I first purchased 10 of these, and was very pleased. The color and brightness is very close to the same as the incandescent bulbs. The change was simple, and all the led’s worked fine. I ordered a second set of 10 and now am ready to order a third set of 10 to complete the upgrade. These use much less power (1. 18 watts) and produce less heat. We like to do ‘dry’ camping (no hook-ups) and the led switch-over extends battery life significantly. I have attached a photo of one light which has the led in the right side and the original incandescent in the left side.

I searched and searched and compared many. These are by far the brightest lights i’ve found. I bought many different lights and compared side by side. Very impressed and love the warm white. I usually buy white led cause i love the color but for our rv we needed warm white. They save so much battery power and don’t get hot at all. I also bought the lights right under these that are not as bright for our reading light that we don’t need the “super” bright but called “high” bright. Still bright but not as blinding as these bad boys.

I bought two ten-packs of these bulbs at different times in order to save battery power while boondocking and cut down on heat when running the ac in the summer. Every bulb in the first pack worked. In the second pack two were dead on arrival, but i emailed the company and they were really responsive and sent me two replacements right away. After about four months one of the bulbs from the first pack died. Other than that they have all worked. I have two different types of light fixtures that these fit into in my travel trailer: one kind over the dining table and couch, the other is overhead throughout the trailer. The first kind holds the bulbs nice and snug and i’ve never had any problems. The second, which is the white plastic kind throughout the trailer, does not hold the bulbs as tight. On this kind i have had problems because the bulb has to be seated just right to work. I’ve had to jiggle them to get them to work right.

I bought these after reading the reviews of these and other styles to put in my 5th wheel camp trailer. These are just as bright as the original bulbs and slightly whiter. The 50/50/90 rule applied when installing as many people have explained. You have a 50/50 shot of putting them in right but get them backwards 90% of the time, kidding it wasn’t that bad but they do not have any identification as to direction. They had a slight popping feel when fully seated in the socket, if it didn’t illuminate then i took it out and turned it 180 degrees and it worked (all ten worked). Both photos show the led on the left side of the fixture. The 3rd picture shows the packaging (i already took one led out). Within seconds the right side was very warm to the touch and the left side cool as it was before turning on the lights. I would remove both lights and install the led’s before turning on the fixture so the original bulb doesn’t get hot, they heat up fast.

I used these to replace 19 interior 921 incandescent lamps in my rv. They all worked with no problem i bench tested and compared these with the 921s. The leds appeared slightly brighter probably due to the whiter color output. I measured the output at 12. 5 volts of both lamp types by back lighting a sheet of white paper and measuring with a camera exposure system. There was no detectible difference using this crude system of measurement. I was very concerned that these lamps might be too much like a florescent lamp with a greenish-blue or bluish cast but that was not the case. While whiter (cooler in color) than the 921s, their color cast is not harsh and is somewhat pleasing to the eye. Better light at about 1/10 the power drain from a lamp you will probably never have to replace.

I just changed 21 rv lamps from the stock, hot, power hungry to these warm white led lights. After changing out just one of the two lamps in a couple of the lights, i stood back to see if there was a color temp difference. There is, but very slight, very slight. They run a lot cooler than the incandescent lamps and actually don’t give you the hot spot the old lamps gave through the lens. The lamps are well thought out with each bank of led elements pointing at 45 degree angles and one element on the end of the lamp. I just ordered another 20 for my sister’s rv. Each lamp worked fine and all the color temps are the same. The lamps do only go in one direction, so if it doesn’t work one way, turn it 180 degrees and try again. When inserting them in to the socket, it helps give them a little side-to-side wiggle while pushing in. If anything happens over time, i’ll be sure to update this review.

I purchased 20 of these to replace the incandescents in my travel trailer. 33 each, they’re a bargain, particularly when compared to what the rv suppliers charge for them (roughly $10 apiece, iirc). Every single one of them worked 100% as advertised. They are roughly the same brightness as the oem bulbs they replaced, the color hue is so close to the incandesents as to be indistinguishable unless compared side by side, radiate virtually no heat, and use approximately 10% of the energy. To those that don’t know, led bulbs aren’t polarity-agnostic. In other words, if you install them backwards they won’t light up. If you install the bulb and it doesn’t work, just pull it out & rotate 180 degrees. There are a few reviews that mention some of the wires are too short to make contact.

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  • 10x T10 Wedge Car LED Bulbs 13-5050 SMD Warm White
  • Notice: DC12V LED Bulbs have + – polarity direction.If it does not light up,please reinsert the lamp 180 degrees from your first try.It Cannot be used for AC12V DC13V RV or Above DC13v Large vehicles, high power battery output or high voltage may cause overheat or Burn out!

Comments from buyers

“RV LED Replacement for 921 Incandescent Bulbs, Great replacements for #921 incandesent bulbs, THESE ARE THE ONES TO GET FOR RV’s! (warm white)”

Had zero fail, but one or two did require me to reseat them a few times (even with them being in the right way). I think they are just a tad more white than the standard halogen. They are just a little more bright than my 2 year old halogens were. My only complaint is that like almost all led lights, they will flicker with dips in current. When my rv’s water pump kicks on they will flicker a bit. Minor annoyance for the cost savings. With the halogen lights i would turn on four lights and my inverter’s fan would kick on. With these i can turn on every light in the camper and the inverter fan doesn’t come on.

I am so happy with these bulbs. We just bought a new travel trailer (well, new for us, but a used 2013 jayco). It had the standard 12v ‘921’ bulbs in it. I wanted to replace them with led’s for two reasons. Reduce the wattage when we happened to be camping without hookup, and 2. They run cooler which means less heat in the trailer in the summer, as well as keeping my kids from burning themselves on the ones near the beds. These are a perfect replacement. The color temperature is actually a perfect match for the standard rv bulb. I took a pic, which of course is somewhat bright and washed out by the light. It is a two bulb fixture, one bulb the original bulb and the other one of these replacements. You literally can’t tell a difference in the color temperature (the one on the left is the led). They seem to be about the same brightness too, maybe a slight brightness edge to the led if anything, but as near as i can tell they are identical. The bulbs went in just fine. There is indeed only one correct way to put them in, so if the bulb isn’t lighting, flip it around the other way.

These are the ones to get for rv’s. (warm white) i first bought some 6000k led’s (cool white) for our 5th wheel and right away both my wife and i hated the blueish white light. It looked like the color of those ugly, mind numbing fluorescent lights in office buildings. So i did some research (should have done that to begin with) and found a useful picture which i’ve added to this review. These warm white 3000-3500k led’s are perfect for the interior of an rv. They are polarity sensitive so if you put one in and it doesn’t light up, flip it around 180 degrees. Yes they are just as good as the ones at superbrightleds. Drive safe and happy travels.

Fantastic replacement for 921 wedge bulbs. I replaced all the 921s in my rv and these lights are brighter than the incandescent lights i replaced and the warmth of the light is very similar to the incandescent 921 lights. The lights also draw far less wattage than the 921 bulbs, 1. As mentioned on just about every other led light review, make sure to get the polarity right, these bulbs will only work one way in the socket. If they do not light, flip them over and try again. As far as dimensions are concerned, this bulb is a quarter inch longer than the 921 bulb i was replacing but in my fixtures that was not a concern. The length of the led bulb is 1-5/8′ vs 1-3/8′ for the 921 incandescent. The diameter of the led bulb is less at 3/8′ than the 921, which is nearly 5/8′ in diameter.

These bulbs worked perfectly to replace all our bulbs in our motorhome. As other’s have stated, the color temperature is almost identical to the bulbs they replaced. I can run all of 26 bulbs in our rv for days, if i wanted to,. 39 watts for all vs 260 watts for the bulbs they replaced. Other ‘white’ bulbs i tried before had the blueish tint, an affect that was increased when the battery was less than 66%. These do not appear to have that affect.

We upgraded our rv/trailer lights to led last year and have never been happy with how dim the first leds we bought were – these are brighter and in the warm color they are a pretty true color – meaning the colors in the rv are not too odd. We thought one burnt out right away (one week) but when we fussed with it in the socket it worked again – we were stationary at the time so not sure how it got loose. One was also not able to be seated at all – or i should say we quit trying in order to avoid risk of breaking the insert plug. So are they perfect – no – but we loved them enough to order another full set for backups and for the other lights – sooo much better than the leds we had before. Not much to spend to make the rv lighting a bit happier ;).

These worked well, definitely bright than factory halogen bulbs and the fixtures are not hot to the touch anymore. I am sure they are using much less power. We did also buy a fixture that had led light built into it for 10$ on amazon, it is even brighter than these. These bulbs, some light is lost since the led wrap around the bulb. The fixture we bought they all point down and are space 1/2′ apart from each other on both ends roughly. 4 stars since they are not quite as bright but they still worked very well and are cheaper than buying fixtures for all of the lights. Note, i believe they must be plugged in correctly, pos to pos, neg to neg, if not they will not turn on. Just pull them out, rotate the 180 degrees and they should work if you put them in wrong.

I bought these because the first batch of led lights was of low quality and too dark. After just weeks some started going bad. These here are much brighter, and after the first few months none have failed. I’ll add a couple photos that show the difference in brightness between these led bulbs (on the left in the photo) and the leds bulbs i had to replace. One photo is taken with flash, the other without.

I just replaced all 43 bulbs in my 40′ toy hauler (inside only). These are the best choice for bulb replacements in your rv. I ordered the super bright warm white bulbs and they are slightly whiter than the stock incandescent bulbs, but really, really, really close. None were blue in hue or even close to blue. I can have all 43 going at the same time and no fan noise. Before, i would have 8 bulbs going and the fan would roar. I installed all 43 within 30 minutes or so and that was even with having to flip some and mess with the little wires on the end of others. Every single bulb worked perfect with not one single dud (again, i did have to fenagle some, but still).I purchased 60 of these to have extras and i have to say that these were one of the best purchases to upgrade my rv that i have bought.

I purchased these for my 30′ travel trailer to replace the 921 incandescent bulbs i had. I purchased three different types of led bulbs. These bulbs were the closest match to the color of the original incandescent bulbs, as shown in the photo, the bulb on the right side of the fixture is the led replacement. The other two replacements were a blueish color which was annoying and cold, as shown in the other photo. I have replaced all 20 incandescent bulbs and every one worked, you do have to flip them over for correct polarity if they don’t light on first try. These bulbs seem to be slightly brighter than the incandescent bulbs as seen in the photo.

Quick/simplified rundown for leds (without getting too technical). Leds themselves do not interfere with radio/tv signals. The voltage regulator in some bulbs is what causes the interference: meaning if the input voltage shows a range (say 8v ~ 24v or similar), then good chance you’ll have interference with certain signals. On the flip side, a bulb without an input voltage range (12v or similar) does not have a regulator and will not interfere with certain signals. Although a constant 12v may not always be supplied from your power source (i. Rv batteries can reach 15v during charging). This could make a flat 12v led bulb flicker or even burn out. This is just a general understanding of leds and is not meant to be a definite guideline for all led bulbs. Now these specific bulbs do not have a voltage regulator and will not cause radio interference.

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