Gumout 510023 Regane High Mileage Fuel System Cleaner : Actually works and have used it for years

My 2002 rx300’s engine was vibrating bad at idle, especially when the a/c is on. I had suspected the throttle body or the iac at first. Saw a youtube video about this product and gave it a try. After just one bottle, the vibration was gone. Since my engine has never pinged, so i guess that i might have had clogged injectors and gumout cleaned them good. So i started using top tier gas whenever possible. I keep a bottle in my vehicle just in case i can’t find top tier gas.

Keeps engine running smoothly even in freezing temps. I use it regularly and found i get 2-3 more miles per gallon in my lexus (130,000 miles) using it with the premium gas that is required.

This is one of the few additives that makes an actual measurable difference. I don’t use it frequently, but whenever i buy a car, i use a bottle to set a baseline.

It’s amazing how fast this stuff works. I have a very with 97,000 miles. I started noticing some noises from the engine and some performance stutters and issues. I read up on this and a few others. This seemed to be the right choice. As soon as i filed up i noticed a difference. I’ll try the competitors, but i’m happy with this.

I’ve used this product several times before and it has always performed. I use it every 5 to 6000 miles and it does the job it designed to do. After using it, my mpg increase and my vehicle runs smoother, with more energy. It cleans the fuel injectors, intake valves and combustion chamber. It is best used for short drives, rather than long trips, as it seems to clean better. . One ‘high mileage’ and the the other regular. My suggestion is to order the ‘high mileage’ even if your vehicle is below 100k, because it contains more pea, the chemical that does the cleaning. . Only purchase the product that says ‘regane’, not just the regular fuel system cleaner (which is cheaper), because it contains very little, if any pea.

That little yellow light is the bane of my existence. I’m not sure why i allow it to cause me as much stress as it does. Anyway, i read reviews on this, and since i hadn’t used any fuel injection cleaner recently, i thought i’d try it out. Apparently the ethanol that is blended with gasoline causes more carbon build-up than straight gasoline with no ethanol. After adding this to my nearly fuel tank and driving around town a few times throughout the week, the check engine light went away.

My mini cooper loved it, got quite the buzz on.

I read the reviews just like you did. I’m not an auto expert but i do drive a 2003 toyota highlander with over 100,00 miles. From my reading, gumout regane high millage formula contains a decent amount of pea (the best engine deposit cleaning detergent) which is necessary to clean out deposits. I use this every 3 months as regular preventative maintenance of my car since i drive an average of 18,000 annual miles. Watch the price for subscribe & save to receive it on a regular basis. It’s a great reminder to add it to my vehicle while giving me a small break on the price.

  • Good Stuff
  • Works, one of the few to list that PEA is in it!
  • Got deposits?

Gumout 510023 Regane High Mileage Fuel System Cleaner

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    by entering your model number.
  • Removes deposits from port/indirect fuel injectors, intake valves and ports, piston tops, cylinder heads, combustion chamber
  • Prevents future carbon buildup
  • Conditions fuel to fight ethanol and water corrosion
  • Restores performance and fuel economy in high mileage vehicles
  • Oxygen sensor safe and safe for use in turbocharged and supercharged vehicles

I didn’t look inside of my fuel tank to see if it works well but i assume it does.

Tossed it in a 2002 hyundai elantra i bought with just under 100k miles. I didn’t notice an actual difference in mpg or performance but if there was a difference it was subtle.

Step 1: buy a bottle of this stuff it worksstep 2: drive your vehicle until the gas tank is almost emptystep 3: pour fuel system treatment directly into your gas tanknow all you need to do is fill up your tank and start driving. The fuel system treatment will begin working immediately and you should notice significant differences within 40 to 50 miles, if not sooner. Remember to repeat this process every month or two to prevent additional build up within your fuel system. Some carbon buildups in your system may not be able to be removed with fuel treatment. To prevent them from becoming worse, continue to use injector cleaner on a regular basis.

My ’97 toyota 4runner with 170k miles was starting to run rough and read some reviews that since this product contains pea (polyether amine) it could help remove some of the carbon build up in the heads and pistons. I put in a bottle when my tank was nearing empty and refilled. The car ran noticeably smoother after a short while. Has not really made any impact on fuel economy from what i can tell but idles smoother and seems to have a bit more power. I also tried a bit in my honda lawn mower since it was having a tougher time starting and rough idling. The difference was immediate as the engine fired up on the fist pull and has been running smoother. I am sold on this product and just ordered the gumout regane complete fuel cleaner 80001364 (the non high mileage version) to try in my other newer vehicles to see if power or mileage improves.

You mileage may not improve like mine has. However, mileage without regane and 93 octane gas 18. 5with regane and 95 octane gas 24. 5this in in a mini van with a small 6 cyl engine (lots of miles on the van too)yes, i used higher octane gas when filling up and using the gumout regane. (see disclaimer)yes, the mileage dropped a little with each fill up without the regane until it was back at 18. 5 -20 (dropped to lowest mileage after about 4 full tanks)worth trying the stuff in any case.

This stuff really does work. I use this every 3 to 5 thousand miles basically every time i get my oil changed i buy a bottle of this and put it in the tank. I have a 2004 mitsubisi lancer with 160k miles on it and instantly after using it my car feels more responsive and feels so smooth.

Good product, helped improve performance and fuel economy. Pea is not in a lot of products, such as sea foam, but is needed to remove varnish from fuel and alcohol that is in all the gasoline except racing or aviation fuel. Sea foam is a great fuel stabilizer, but pea is needed now that the government has turned food into fuel. Don’t they know that people are starving in the world??.

I rate this fuel system cleaner 4 1/2 stars. The only fuel cleaners that work have regane in them. Be careful not to spill it on yourself or your cars finish. It is corrosive and poison, but it works. Until we switch to hybrids with electric/hempoline power i will use these. I would give this, and the regular mileage equivalent 5 stars, but redline makes a better product. The only drawback to the redline is there are 4-5 uses in every bottle. You are stuck between choosing more plastic waste with covienence of not carting around a potential poison leak hazard or a better product with this potential. If you have children or pets that may possibly get into this, i have to recommend the one time fix. I add a bottle to every other tank of gas.

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