Hardline Products Series 400 Factory Matched 3-Inch Boat & PWC Registration Number Kit – Very Nice set of numbers and letters for your boat registration

I’ve had about 5 or 6 boats, and i have always used hardline products to number them. I use masking tape and a ruler to make a straight line above and below the letters/numbers.

Beautiful colors and installed easily. Only problem is some were very difficult to separate from the backing.

Matches my alumaweld stryker perfectly.

My parents recently got two new jet ski’s and the only numbers that the local hardware store had were those ugly black and white ones. I decided to surprise them with these, freshly applied to the jet skis. I bought these because the price was better than the others, and i thought the ‘chrome’ would look good on the dark blue and silver color on the jet ski’s. These are 3 inch, the size you need for boats/watercraft and were very easy to apply. I didn’t have any issue with tearing and i haven’t noticed any pealing. If something changes, i’ll be sure to update the review.

Bought these a while ago, and slapped them on the jet ski. Three years later, they have not peeled and still look good. Colors matched jet ski perfectly too.

I used this on my jetski and couldnt be happier with the outcome. This is a great alternative to paying big bucks to a sticker company to make a custom boat registration sticker.

The letters are cut well, look good, and stick well on the boat. The silver black worked well since my boat has sections of black and sections of white to cover. The only issue was getting the letters and numbers off the backing. Sometimes the backing would not let the numbers go and would rip. Would try another area and again rip, then another area and finally got it off. None of the letters and numbers tore. It was just a pain getting them off. The finished product look great.

Not like the stock blocky black ones most folks have that look like they may have been pulled off the side of a shipping container. You put a lot of money and care into your boat. Why just go at the bow with a sharpie?. Do yourself a favor and lay down a piece of tape to better line them up properly. The only problem is: what to do with all those extras?. Maybe there’s some ‘life hack’ for that, like numbering your beloved household pets or something.

– practically a perfect match to the factory lettering om my alumacraft. I’ve been a boat guy for 30 years and always own a boat or two. Have become an old pro at putting on registration numbers. Another reviewer said that they are paper thin – not sure how that is or how thick that guy wants – applied and peeled back up and re-applied a w three times to get it straight – how can you ask for more?. And btw this letter set was very reasonably priced and free shipping.

This is a great looking product and is relatively easy to apply (although peeling the numbers off is a little difficult at first). My only concern is that its effectiveness depends on how many times a given number appears on your boat id. That meant i needed a total of six of them (since the number has to be on both hulls). The kit only comes with four. Yes it clearly states that but i didn’t get my boat id from the government until after i had ordered the decals so it was an unpleasant surprise. Luckily for me, an upside down 9 looks exactly like a 6. So i was ok, but if you happen to have three 8’s or something like that, you’ll need two kits.

This is not the best option, but far from worst out there. When in place the look is great. Sadly these numbers and letters will not stick on anything but a very clean and extremely smooth surface. They will also not stay in place for long under constant weather exposure. The ones on my 19 foot fiberglass boat are still in place and look good two years later. The letters on my smaller plastic pond boat are peeling off as well as the numbers i put on my mail box. So they’ll work for you some length of time if your boat is fiberglass and you keep it protected from the weather when not in use. They don’t appear to work well on plastic or metal, nor do they handle constant exposure to sun and rain.

Here are the specifications for the Hardline Products Series 400 Factory Matched 3-Inch Boat & PWC Registration Number Kit:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Registration kit for boats and power watercraft vehicles; includes four sets of A-Z and four sets of 0-9
  • Smooth cursive font, left-to-right color gradation, detailed shadowing
  • Made from 100 percent lead free inks and vinyl; waterproof superstick adhesive
  • UV coated to protect from fading; fuel and scratch resistant
  • 3-inch registration stickers meet USCG requirements when installed correctly

Reviews from purchasers :

  • too many of one and not enough of the other
  • Not the worst choice, but far from great
  • Some really sharp looking numbers!!

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