Hobart 770074 Welding Mig Accessory Nozzle Gel : Great Nozzle gel

This stuff works even better than the last jar l had. And these jar’s last a long time. I took this to a job that l worked at for 30 years, and let one of the guys try it out. He could not believed how great it worked also. So we went up front and told the office manager and he took a pic of it and they were going to order it. Because nothing stuck into the welding nossle which made the argon gas flow so nice around your bead of the weld.

No issues with this product at all. Welding tip is easily cleaned by wiping with a rag. Simple application, dip the tip of your stinger into the gel could not be easier to apply. I apply as needed and expect the container to last for years with my no pro welding use.

I am learning to mig weld, and this stuff makes up for the poor technique of a newbie welder. Arc too long, too short, wrong angle, all resulting in a mess on your tip, even with shielding gas. I dip the nozzle in this gel before every weld, and it has made it much easier to clean the tips.

And i am just unorganized enough so that i often find myself without gas for my mig welder, which means that i switch to flux core, which is a bit messier than mig. That mess, that spatter is often times hard to clean up, both on the gun (consumables) and on the welded part. Since using this i have unnaturally clean tips and nozzle but have found that i still need to take the nozzle off just about as often as always but only to clean out the residue from the gel. I have also found that i can take just the smallest bit of this gel and coat (very lightly) a very small area which will then be protected from the spatter of flux core welding. At the rate i am going through this gel it should last a very long time. It’s usefulness, low cost and longevity makes this a great product: i have nothing but great things to say about it and find it very easy to recommend.

This gel works great well worth the purchase price. This gel helps with splatter sticking to your welding nossle head. I could really notice a difference with the gas flow before and after using this gel. You still have to clean the gel up after welding, but it is not have as bad as splatter on your nossle head. It is a good product for the price, and i think it will last forever. . I have not gone through much.

Works great on the tips and i found it very handy to keep spatter off or components i was welding together. Welding nuts and bolts to steel for bolt together frame keeps the threads clear.

It really helps keep splatter from sticking to nozzles and contact tips. It makes them last much longer than they would otherwise. I wouldn’t be without the stuff after using it.

I never used this stuff before but it sure helps keep my (mig) nozzle clean . I usually just stick my nozzle into the jar until it bottoms out ,wiggle it just a little bit then pull it out. Then i’m ready to lay some nice beads .

  • Don’t use for aluminum welding
  • This stuff works even better than the last jar l had
  • Hobart 770074 Welding Mig Accessory Nozzle Gel

Hobart 770074 Welding Mig Accessory Nozzle Gel

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  • Prevents adhesion of weld spatter

Didn’t know there was such a gel for welders until i was at a friends house. Ordered some when i got home. I am a hobby welder so i need all the help i can get. The gel does the job, my welds look a lot better.

Dip your torch nozzle in this gel to keep spatter and debris from attaching itself to your torch tip. Not only helps to maintain your torch but keeps a lot of the spatter off your weld surface, too. Especially when welding with flux core wire.

Keeping the nozzle clear and the wire from not sticking is critical in welding. Hobart’s nozzle gel does the jog and i have never had an issue when using it.

This is a good product helps keep mig clean only problem at the beginning it will drip , when deep is done as bad news is cleaned up it will stay clean for awhile.

This gel really helps keep the spatter from clogging up the tip while welding. I can weld a lot longer without having to stop and clean the tip and cone.

I recently got back into welding after not touching a welder in nearly 10 years and had picked up a small lincoln 140 mig machine. This nozzle gel does its job keeps the nozzle clean and makes the gun easy to clean after a long day of welding. Not much else to say, it just works well.

If you mig weld, you need this. Think of it as teflon for your mig gun, helping to make your consumables last longer by not getting hot metal stuck all around on the inside of the gun tip. You’ll know it if you miss a spot inside the nozzle. No smells, or excessive gooey mess. Works great, and is easy to apply and use.

Love this stuff i would go thru a contact tip every day or two, i do a lot of flux core welding. Using this stuff now i am getting 3x to 4x longer life out of each contact tip.

Works really well, does a good job of keeping splatter out of the nozzle, good product for a good price. This is one of the things a lot of people forget to buy or just don’t know they should have it. Always use a small brush to swipe it inside the nozzle instead of dipping the nozzle in the gel.

Not too much to say here, i chose this product based on price and name recognition and it works as it should. It is a great way to keep your nozzle clean, especially when you are forced to use a flux core wire.

Works great for welding steel but don’t use it for welding aluminum through a spool gun. I have a lincoln magnum 100 sg which ran fine out of the box, but when i added this gel to the tip and nozzle, burned up three tips in 5 minutes. Didn’t notice any problems with the nozzle. After replacing the tips and not adding the gel, gun ran fine again. I used this gel for steel and welded a whole bunch and the tip looks good as new.

Hobart 770074 welding mig accessory nozzle gel has not been used yet but the value was as good if not better than what was available locally.

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