Honda 08732-SCP00x6 Spray Cleaner and Polish, Some of the best stuff I’ve ever used! Perfect shine!

Some of the best stuff i’ve ever used. This also works perfectly on chrome faucets, like sink in bathroom. Has my car looking like a zillion dollars: very valuable 🙂 perfect (:.

Just as good as plexus, and a whole lot cheaper. I use it on my motorcycle plastic fairings & pieces, and some metal parts, like the fuel tank & the frame. One can won’t destroy your bank account.

This is a great product, i used this on my motorcycle helmet and it made my visor so clear i couldn’t see it, definitely recommend. I also used it on my motorcycle’s windshield and fairings and it took the bugs off easily. I used to get plexus but its pretty expensive and this is a good alternative.

What is amazing to me is how easy it goes on and comes off. The ease of use combined with the fact it’s a cleaner wax that leaves behind the most silky, soft, and glossy finish saves time and lots of effort. Honda wax does it all in one step and the results are second to none.

Bought a new club car golf cart and wanted a great cleaner and wax. I had a very similar (we called it harley spray) product that i used on my harley ultra classic. I never waxed my harley with traditional wax and instead used this. It works great with a cotton cloth or microfiber. If you have an rv and have those black streaks on the side, spray and wipe them off. One can completely finished a 41′ montana fifth-wheel rv. I will buying a few more cans of this soon.

And i’ve tried literally dozens of different things to clean bugs off the leading edge. Not only does it clean bugs off quickly and easily, it leaves behind a brilliant shine and slick surface that stuff (bugs) won’t stick to. People that come in my hangar often ask how i get the plane so shiny.

I’ve been riding for over 10 years and have tried just about everything. I keep a can of this stuff in the saddle bags of my bike and use it on the entire bike (2009 road king). Cleans the windshield perfectly, cleans the chrome like new and makes the bike shine. I wish all products were this simple and affectivei even use it on my f150 truck.

Key specs for Honda 08732-SCP00x6 Spray Cleaner and Polish, 12 oz, 6 Cans:

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  • Genuine pro HONDA chemicals aerosol spray cleaner and polish 08732-SCP00 (6 cans)
  • Quickly cleans, polishes and protects all plastics, chrome, aluminum and painted surfaces
  • Use on plastic, chrome, paint and aluminum
  • Cleans road grime, grease and bugs without water

Comments from buyers

“comparo and came out on top
, Awesome!!
, Super versatile and easy to use

I didn’t have a good expectation for something you could just spray on and wipe off to a beautiful shine. I just mist it on my bike, wipe it down with a microfiber cloth and what a beautiful streak free shine. When i get down to the last can in the 3 pack, i’ll be getting more on the way.

I have used this polish on my autos for years. I highly recommend this product. No mess no residue, shines and protects almost everything.

Most of my bike cleaning (mountain bikes, road bikes, motorcycle) involve water-less cleaning because i live in an apartment without access to hose. The honda spray cleaner and polish works amazing – loosens caked on mud/dirt. And i’ve never seen it cause any harm to any metal or painted surfaces and wipes clean every time leaving a limited protective coating.

This cleaner is great, i use it on my motorcycle it cleans the entire bike including the chrome, glass and the windshield and of course the paint. I am a fanatic about keeping my bike clean and would use several different products to clean everything now i just use this on my harley.

I was ready to compare this to plexus an see it fail. It does not have that lexus smell which i love, but it cleans faster and better, cheaper. I used it on my helmet shield and wind screen, it took off the stickum left by the parking sticker folk at wassean (keep your damn parking sticker dots off my bike) put on my windscreen that has tasked me for 2 years. Well done honda , at 7 bucks a 12 oz can vs 17 bucks a 7 oz can of plexus, you winpaul.

I bought this product because the professional product by johnson wax called multi seems no longer available. I use it mainly to polish my guitars. It works very well for that purpose. Like multi was, this leaves a less greasy feeling than pledge like products in my experience.

Don’t expect an incomparable shine, but if you’re using this you probably don’t. Normal wash and polish will do a better job, but this is definitely more clean for your time and effort.

I used this polish years ago when it had the old design on the can so wanted to see if the product was the same so after using it i have to say it’s not as good as it was back then but still work like a charm . But if you want something like the old style that honda had years ago i would go with liquid performance, it’s superior in my opinion.

First thing i did was checked to make sure they all sprayed. They were all new and sprayed perfectly. I use this on my heritage softail classic and my bay boat. This stuff is great on the boat. It helps protect it from the salt and keeps it looking new. It’s great on the scooter too. For touch ups in between details. I have been using this stuff for over ten years. I stick with stuff that works.

I took a tip from my friend mr. Bright and shiny harley owner to try the honda cleaner wax,,i’m sold. But don’t stop just on your bike, i also use it on the interior windows of my car, and all the windows in my house. Anything that you want streak free clean and shiny this cleaner wax is for you. My bike is a denim black and this wax keeps it at a nice semi denim sheen, the same with all the brushed aluminum appliances in my kitchen. Try one can and you will love the results.

Best cleaning spray polish i have found, i use it on motorcycle, classic car, and truck, exact same stuf honda dealers sell, but at a better price. I like the way it eats bugs and guts off windshield and headlights, both plastic and glass.

Absolutely the best for dirt, dust, and shine. Have not come across anything better to finish wash job to include rough black trim pieces. Spray it ion, brush into rough and wipe off.

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