Honda OEM 91345-RDA-A01 – O-Ring : Solve the problem with the noise coming from my mom’s

Had a noisy whine when turning my steering wheel on my 06 acura tl and after replacing the top and bottom o-rings with 2 of these, the noise basically disappeared. Do know that the noise doesnt go away right away, at least not for me. I drove my car around a few minutes i guess for the oring to settle and afterwards no more noise, cold start or not.

This small o ring and about 5-10 minutes fixed my cold temp power steering whine and slow leak.

Perfect fit on 2006 honda pilot exl-nav. Took about 20 minutes to swap out. I reccomed a short 10mm wrench or 1/4″ 10mm flex socket with short extension. I was unable to get a 3/8″ socket in there. Use the tools to break the bolt and then spin it off with two fingers. Put a rag under to catch a little ps fluid that spills. Also recommend un-clipping the wire harness shown in picture. Frees up a lot of room to get the wrench in there.

My order didn’t come in the honda oem packaging so i don’t really know the quality, albeit it appears to be the orange upgraded version.

Perfect fit and worked well to eliminate the power steering problem on a 2006 honda pilot.

I didn’t think a simple o-ring could fix a power steering whine, but it did. On a 2004 accord with the 3. 0 it took about 20 minutes to remove the belt and put it off of the pulley, remove the two bolts that hold the pump, remove the one bolt that holds the feed line, replace the bad black o-ring and put it back together. An o-ring for $6 is pretty pricey, but it fixed a potential $100 power steering pump so i’ll take that any day.

Pretty easy install, suggest you tuck a couple of rags under inlet before you start. Unfortunately it didn’t change my truck’s power steering whine.

My power steering fluid reservoir was frothy and full of bubbles. You could hear the power steering squeal because of the air getting into the system. This o ring and a ten mm wrench easily fixed the problem.

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  • 2006 Honda Pilot EXL-Nav Perfect Fit
  • Perfect fit – no more steering whine

OEM Honda 91345-RDA-A01 – O-Ring (13.0X1.9)

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  • Genuine Oem:Yes, Category 2:Steering Gear & Linkage, Fitment Footnotes:Parts Part Included With P/s Pump., Item Name:Inlet Connector Gasket
  • Brand:Honda, Fitment Type:Direct Replacement, Superseded Part Number:91345-PDA-E01, Category 1:Steering
  • Manufacturer Part Number:91345RDAA01, Category 3:Pump & Hoses, Other Part Number:91345-PDA-E01, 91345-PAA-A01

Power steering unit was leaking all over my garage floor. Thought i would change out the o ring first and see if that would help. Changed it out using this item and leaking stopped. Great shipping, product is an original honda product. Would byvftom this seller again should the need arise.

This seal saved me a $500 repair on my acura power steering. If you have air bubbles in your power steering fluid tank on your honda or acura, this seal has probably gone bad. It’s simple and will resolve the problem.

A $3 fix for squealing power steering on my 2004 acura mdx. It’s awkward to get to (there are youtube videos that help), but with this o-ring, a 10mm wrench, pair of pliers, small screwdriver, replacement power steering fluid and some patience i saved a fortune. Did i mention free next day delivery?.

The part itself is exactly as advertised. In my particular case, in order to pinpoint the issue in my power steering pump, i loosened the motor mounts to completely remove the pump from the engine block. My car had been making a horrible squealing noise for months before i finally got around to having a look at it and i’m happy to say that i didn’t have to pay the $900 estimate that i had been given by two auto shops to have my pump and lines replaced. If your power steering pump is squealing such as mine was, i highly recommend purchasing both this o-ring as well as the other size available for the other line before cashing out on a potentially expensive repair job.

The o-ring worked great in sealing my wifes odyssey’s power steering pump and eliminated the annoying whine coming from it. Still holding up just fine after putting over a hundred miles on the engine and pump.

Quick & easy fix to a very common problem. If you see ‘boiling’ like behavior in the ps reservoir and it spills out when you turn off the car, then try this quick and easy fix before doing anything else. Known problem with a service bulletin behind it. Perfect for for 2005 accord.

Solve the problem with the noise coming from my mom’s 2007 honda accord. The shipping/handling was a bit excessive for such a small part but still beats going down to the dealership to get the part.

Worked perfecti was able to repair my steering wheel pump. The horrible noise went away as soon as i replaced the o-rings and added genuine fluid.

This part saved me hundreds of dollars after easily replacing the steering fluid o ring. My ’04 accord no longer whines on those cold mornings. Find the instructions online before trying to replace the part yourself.

So glad i googled info on my honda accord’s noisy power steering pump. Hubby had it on there in about 20 minutes. Local auto parts store wanted to charge him 23. It actually fixed the problem. But i will say when you first start car after replacing o ring, it will make noise and fluid will still appear foamy. It should start working right after u drive it for a little.

My power steering has been noisy in the morning. I thought my pump was going out, and i was prepared to spend a lot of money and a saturday afternoon replacing the pump. I read that a bad o-ring can let air into the hose, causing cavitation and noise. I decided to check that first, and sure enough, the o-ring had hardened and was letting air through. This was a cheap, quick and easy fix.

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