HOOAI 799868 Carburetor, Better than rebuilding a carb!

Carburetor works, but only runs properly if you use two o-rings between the carb and the engine. The place where the o-ring sits is deeper on the replacement carb than the original, but it looks like they are using the same width for the o-ring. The result is that the seal is poor and air is sucked into the engine, resulting in surging. I had the same results with a murray with a briggs and stratton 5 hp and a craftsman with a different briggs and stratton engine. Both engines used the same carb. Both surged with the o-ring the company sent. Both ran fine once i doubled the o-rings. I tried contacting the company to tell them, but they didn’t bother responding. Won’t be buying from this place again.

5 hp b&s engine mower, 10 yrs old model, runs again.Quality seems decent as well. Planned to rebuild original carb, and use this one interim, but now will just run this til it dies. Mower runs good, starts ez as well. Update: just mowed lawn for over an hour in very thick field of overgrown grass and weeds. Mower performed perfectly, how overgrown was it?.Hadn’t been mowed since summer 2017 when my mower died with what i thought most likely were carb issues.

The carburetor resolved the no start issue on the engine. Much simpler and quicker to replace the carburetor than to rebuild it. The cost of this aftermarket availability makes that financially sensible as well. The only issue with it was that i had to clean the threads up in one of the holes that the air cleaner housing bolts to. I matched the thread pitch from one of the screws and it was a #10-32. Once i ran the tap through with a little cutting fluid then cleaned off the debris, everything bolted up just fine. Also, please take note of all the details of your carburetor. I was replacing one on two different mowers. This one is for the mower with the primer button. The non-primer mower has a carburetor with two butterfly valves in it, and two corresponding black pivots on the top.

This carb works on a 123k02-0114-e1 so in other words, probably 123k02 series engines are fine. I would ding it one star if it weren’t so inexpensive based on the following:1) one of the air filter bolt holes was not tapped correctly. When installing the bolts they should be fairly easy to seat all the way. I had to continually back out one of the bolts for the air housing and lubricate. Not a big deal, but when you do this for a while you know when you can snap something off. There was no cross-threading, and the bolts are fine after the fact. Just took some time and the threads are fine. In short, bolts were tougher than the carb housing. 2) upon firing up it needed a squirt of starter fluid which i expected. 3) after that noticed priming circuit was not operational.

378891 self-propelled lawn mower. Unlike other reviews, i did not have any problems with the ‘filter side screws’ – the thread matched. It took about 15 minutes to install, but be careful with the ‘plastic piece on the top of the carburetor. The lever that attaches to it has an ‘s’ bend so carefully maneuver it into the hole before you mount the carburetor. If you try to slide it in after you bolt on the carburetor you may find, like other reviewers have commented, that you will likely break the plastic piece if you bend it to insert the lever. My mower runs smooth again – no more ‘hunting’.

I originally ordered the briggs and stratton oem and received it damaged. The plastic choke connector was broken. Evidently someone received it, broke it and sent it back ($33). I bought this aftermarket part and had no problem installing it on my weed eater mower. The threads were a little tight when attaching the air filter housing, but carefully used the original bolts to expand the threads. :lawnmower fired up and ran just like new. Less than $15 and appeared to be higher quality (machine work and attachments) than the briggs and stratton oem part.

I didn’t even prime it after bolting it on and it fired right up and ran smoothly. However- the bolt holes for the air filter thing are not close to the same threads as the original. The metal is so soft that i was able to tap it out with the original bolts, but it was an unexpected pita. Other than that, it works great.

Key specs for 799868 Carburetor for Briggs & Stratton 694202 693909 692648 499617 498170 497586 498254 497314 497347 497410 799872 790821 498255 498966 698444 Carburetor – Carburetor for Briggs & Stratton 14111:

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  • Carburetor for Briggs & Stratton 694202 693909 692648 499617 799868 498170 497586 498254 497314 497347 497586 497410 799872 790821 498254 497347 497314.
  • Replaces Briggs and Stratton 14111 carburetor, fits Most 122000 Model Briggs & Stratton Engines, compatible Model: 120XXX / 121XXX / 122XXX / 12EXXX / 12TXXX With Primer Type System.
  • Carburetor for Stens 50-657, Stens 520-966; carburetor for 4-7 hp engines with no choke; carburetor for Snapper Ninja 6.75hp Engine; carburetor for Craftsman 6.5hp Snapper Ninja 6.75hp Engines
  • Carburetor for Briggs & Stratton 124T02 124T05 124T07 126M02, Briggs & Stratton 129700 129800 123H00 123J00 124H00 125H00 12G700 12G800 12J700 12J800 12J900 12L800 12U800 12V800 12C700 12C800 12D800 4 Cycle Small Engine. Carburetor for Toro 16401 20716 20712 20713 20714 Walk Behind Mower,
  • Pre-adjusted before shipping, no extra adjustment needed. It’s a bolt on and go carburetor. Comes with 1 carburetor, 1 mounting gasket, 1 rubber o-ring. HOOAI locates within the states, we provide carefree return, and 90 days money back guarrantee! Lifetime warranty against manufacturer defect!

Comments from buyers

“Orginal bolts don’t fit
, I would have gave it 5 stars but the thread
, Lawnmower fired up and ran just like new. Excellent value

5 hp briggs and so far working flawlessly. Didn’t have any alignment problems as someone mentioned, my thought is that they didn’t install it properly. If i had to complain about anything it would be that the threads were a little rough for the primer plate bolts, but a little pb blaster and patience got them in with little effort. Would recommend a thread chaser if you have one.

The carburetor was a replacement match for my craftsman lawn mower model # 917. 388061 21’got it as promised and installed, & primed it and it started up. Mower is about 10 years old. Always one pull to start it. Put this new carburetor and it starts at one pull like always. I recommend this product and the price you can’t beat anywhere. Will shop this store again and always. Thanks for the super service.

The carb on my old snapper ninja mower (b&s mdl/typ -12h802-1531-21) was ready for a rebuild but i decided to give this new carb a shot instead. The price was about the same as a rebuild kit and delivery was really quick. Made for a quick and easy swap out job. The mounting holes for the air cleaner housing were slightly snug so i tapped them with a mounting bolt before running them all the way in. I have a few hours mowing time on the carb now and it’s doing just fine.

I installed this carb and primed and it brought the motor to life. It’s been reliable so far. I definitely recommend over the more expensive oem carb. As per a lot of other reviews the threaded air cleaner screw holes are a bit tight. The thread pitch is correct for a 10-32 just tight. I didn’t tap the holes, i just installed the screw after verifying that they would work. Tapping the holes is probably the best way to go but i was in a hurry. Just make sure that you can finger turn them and that they start into the hole properly ie.

My sisters craftsman lawn mower had set for several years after quitting one day. On a recent visit my husband decided to see if he could repair it. After taking the sediment bowl off and finding lots of deposits from the ethanol fuel from sitting so long he decided to just replace the carburetor. The replacement arrived on time. When bolting it onto the mower it fit perfectly. The only issue he had was with the air filter shroud. The holes did not appear to be pre-taped so the screws were very hard to screw in securely. Fortunately the metal is somewhat “soft”. So, he used a hex head bolt and ratchet to pre-tap the holes and then put the original bolts in. I felt this deserved 5 stars because the mower started on the second pull of the rope and has been working perfectly since the carburetor installation.

Loses one star because as several others have noted, the threaded holes for the air cleaner housing screws are too tight. I tried using the screws themselves to tap out the holes but the torque required was so high i was afraid the housing would crack so i found a tap and used it. That’s a nuisance one shouldn’t have to go through and there is no excuse for it but once having done that, everything else was fine, it was an exact fit for my old b&s 12h802 mower engine. It takes two pulls to start the motor – quite acceptable.

I was getting around to giving my mower a tune up and as i cleaned the old carb, i lost one of the little tiny o-rings, resulting in fuel leaking from the primer bulb. I was going to buy a rebuild kit, but i came across this carb and it was cheaper than a kit. As soon as i got it installed, i primed it 6 or so times and it only took me 3 pulls to get it started, and once it was running, i was amazed at how smooth and steady it ran. In fact it ran better than it did with the old carb.I highly recommend this over a rebuild kit.

One of the best deals i’ve ever gotten. I’m writing this review after changing the carburetor on my craftsman 22′ with the briggs and stratton motor about 2 months ago. The original carburetor was leaking gas through the air filter compartment. I found this one for under $9, for the price, why not try it out right?.Well, it’s a perfect fit, everything looks like it is made well, came in the mail in like 2 days. The lawnmower runs like it’s brand new. I still can’t believe i changed the entire carburetor with gaskets, o-rings and all for less than $9. I’ll write an update in the future if anything noteworthy happens.

I would have gave it 5 stars but the thread pattern where the primer and air filter housing are supposed to attach to the carburetor are incorrect and i could not find metric or standard thread screws that would fit, this is what i did to remedy the problem i drilled out the threads and used a 8 mm tap with corresponding screws, if you have a local bolt and supply store as i do you can take the carburetor to them and they will hook you up with all that you need for about 5 to 10 bucks, hope this helps .

Like others the bolt holes with threads for the air cleaner are tight, but they are not the wrong size or threaded wrong, as stated in other reviews- they are slightly tapered and are done that way for one reason – so they don’t loosen up while the motor is running. Also on the motor side as stated in other reviews – is deeper than the original factory carb, so one of 2 things either buy t a thicker same diameter o-ring or if your old one is good leave it on and use the new one along with it – it works perfectly fine with both on ,that’s what i did. Also the gasket for the air cleaner to carb fits tight, so clean up the air cleaner side and make sure you seat it properly on the air cleaner side, there are pin holes to hold it in place. Great carb for a great price- cheaper to do it yourself than take it and get old carb cleaned by a repair shop.

As other reviews have noted, this is a nice copy of the original carburetor. Includes the o-ring ring for the intake side, but this was slightly thinner than original, so i reused the original one, and includes a new intake gasket, which fit perfectly on the pegs on the back of the air filter cover. As noted by others, the holes for the air filter screws were smaller than original,i measured and used a 10-32 tap to easily take them up to the perfect size. The mower started on the first pull, and runs like new.

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