Hopkins 08525 Graduated Level, Decent

I’ve bought a couple sets of these over the last few years to use on different rv’s i’ve owned. They do seem to be accurate if you install them correctly. Most will recommend using a level on the floor of the freezer to set the trailer to ‘level’ and then attach these levels to the front and side so that you can get a good idea of how level the freezer is anyway. The only thing that i would like to see improved on the hopkins levels is to use a green fluid that did not fade from exposer to the sun. Obviously the color of the fluid does not impair their function. But, it is good for the visual contrast. They are fine for the intent task.

The hopkins graduated level works for me as advertised on my travel trailer. This is my second set as my originals were sold on my last camper. It is important to follow directions to install these correctly, or else your trailer will never level up. These are very easy to use once installed. I can quickly assess what i need to do to level my trailer. I use the ‘lego’ blocks, and each block is roughly one mark on the level. I adjust the side to side level and pull my onto the ‘legos’, then i simply adjust the height of the hitch jack and i’m done. These are so easy to use my kids are the ones reading the numbers to me as i adjust things. I see other trailers and motor homes at campgrounds that are not level, i don’t know how they can stand to be in it.

This is a cheap solution in leveling our travel trailer. Once installed, it is wherever we go. I did peel off the original double-sided tape and replaced it with a more robust industrial strength double-sided tape.

I installed these on my tt to replace the sub-par levels that came on it. These are very helpful when leveling the tt front to back and side to side. Time will tell on their durability. Some reviewers state that the green fluid turns clear over time. I don’t know how this would affect the level functionality and purpose though. One recommendation, i removed the cheap 2-sided tape that came on the levels, and used an outdoor high strength 2-sided tape. They installed easily after this modification, and they’re solid.

Levels are 5 star, double sided tape is 1 star. I wish i would have read some of the comments before i installed. Tape causes level to twist on installation and you guessed it throwing off your levels by a whole lot. Ended up scraping off and using a bit of clear rtv. I cant believe no one from hopkins is reading these comments. Come on guys time to wake up.

But in the 2 pack one of them is for front to back, and the other side to side. They don’t tell you this in the packaging. Had to ask the google to find that nugget. Here is what the google says: ‘on the hopkins graduated rv levels, # hm08525, the level c is for front-to-rear level and can be installed on either side of the vehicle. The level 3 is for side-to-side level and can be installed on front or rear of the vehicle.

The primary reason for leveling any rv is to enable the absorption refrigerator, specifically the low-temperature evaporator coils in the refrigerator, to function properly. Due to the dynamics of the rv absorption refrigerator, the evaporator coils inside the cooling unit must permit the gravity flow of liquid ammonia through a portion of the system. Liquids simply won’t flow uphill. Without getting too steeped into the theory of absorption refrigeration, suffice it to say that it can indeed be costly if the refrigerator is operated off-level. True, newer cooling unit technology incorporated in today’s rv refrigerator employs a more vertical approach to evaporator positioning, still the refrigerator must be ‘relatively’ level for optimum operation. Fore and aft as well as side to side leveling remains a concern. Set you level and check to see that the refrigerator is level then stick these outside near landing jack switch and the back near stabilizer jack switch adjust as necessary when setting up.

Key specs for Hopkins 08525 Graduated Level:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Designed to take the guesswork out of RV leveling
  • Markings indicate how many inches are required to raise or lower a trailer or vehicle
  • Optional screw holes for permanent mounting
  • Self-sticking adhesive back
  • Easy to use

Comments from buyers

“Good level, crappy tape
, Good devices,help get generally level quickly
, Made leveling the camper so much easier!

The pair of levels are a great value. I recently purchased these for a second time, as the originals were sold with my previous trailer and i wanted to make my new trailer easier to get on a level stance. There really isn’t much to go wrong as far as product failure is concerned. Accuracy is up to you with the initial installation. Recommended method of installation is to get your trailer level/rv, front to back, and side to side. Once you have your trailer true, install the graduated levels in locations which will show you front to back level (placed on the side of the trailer) and side to side (place on the front or back of the trailer). Make sure the bubble indicates ‘level’ by being in the center point of the tube. Installation should be done once all your components are ‘stressed’ as they will be for trailer/rv use (i. Front tongue on a travel trailer, all the normal weight sitting on the winch foot, or in the case of 5th wheels/motorcoaches, landing gear down), try to place the levels on the rv in clear view of the winch/landing gear controls to enable leveling without having to relocate to a different location to view the levels.

These work well for a budget level. They have double sided tape on the back and a couple of drill holes for security. The problem is that if you only use the tape they can move simply by grabbing them and wiggling them around. The onyl way to truly secure them is to drill holes. I did not want to drill holes in my rv in the event that i didn’t like these or wanted to go with something else in the future. If you do get them i would buy a couple packs of them so that if they break or go bad you can put a new one in without chancing them being unavilable and potentially having to get something else that doesn’t have the same screw hole pattern.

I had these on a previous rv. I have found that they tend to shift in the sun or cold, so are only approximate. However, they get me close enough that (if necessary) i can use a carpenter’s level and my leveler jacks to tweak it to perfect level. It is close enough that i only take this extra step if i am to be several days in one location. For an overnight stop it is unnecessary. If they were to make them larger they would be more reliable and consistent — although they would then be more difficult to mount on corrugated-type surfaces.

We installed these on our rv two years ago. They are still in place and work fine. The green color in the liquid has faded but it’s not a problem for us. Note: make absolutely certain that your rv is level without the slides *before* applying these to the sides.We stuck one on with the slides our on our rv. When the slides are in the camper shifts a little, just enough to be off. We made a mark and now we know where the level should be, but it’s not ‘right’. Not a big deal, just a free tip.

For the little bit of money spent, these levels work perfectly. Be sure to follow the directions, as they may look alike, but one is designed for left-to-right leveling and one is designed for front-to-back leveling.

These are perfect when installed correctly. I jumped the gun and stuck them on, not paying any attention to the directions on the back of the blister pack. That’s when i discovered that there is a ‘front to rear’ and a ‘side to side’ application. Of course i had installed them wrong and had to peel them off and switch their positions. ‘my bad’ and zero fault of product . To double check my initial leveling, i drove to a couple different locations and tested my install, and these guys performed great with ‘no’ further adjustment required. A super price and super service by amazon, make these a great purchase.

First, i’m really happy that this came as a 2 pack. They have made leveling our camper so much easier. We placed one on the outside of the kitchen window (the middle of the camper) and one on the front of the camper, right in the middle, above our propane tanks. Instead of running in and out trying to see the leveler, arguing about whether or not its level, we can see it from outside and make adjustments quickly. Now camp set up is a breeze and takes less than 10 minutes instead of the eternity it took before. They attach with double sided (foam) tape.

Very accurate and high visibility glass bubbles. I can easily see the side-to-side indicator from the driver’s seat. The instructions say the mounting tape can removed and attached for positioning for a short while, but mine adhered immediately to both painted and fiberglass surfaces. Used adhesive remover to get the tape off the rv and these levels, and replaced with 3m emblem tape.

This seems to be one of the better levelers. There are two different scales on these levels. One is for the side-to-side (back of the coach) and the other is for the front-to-back (side of the coach). The reason there are different scales are they are more-or-less calibrated in inches. For example, it is simple trigonometry to determine how many inches the coach is out of level simply by using the formula for right-angles and solve for one side. The input values are the angle (determined by the level) and distance from the level to the point at where you want to know how many inches of lift are needed. For the side-to-side level, the 1′ markings are pretty accurate as long as you put the scale in the center of the coach, as most coaches are within an inch or two of width from another. However, for the front-to-back level, even though you put the scale in the center, the result will vary wildly due to the length of the coach. Using this level on a 18ft coach will result in a far different measurement than say a 35ft coach. Also, if you don’t put the level in the center (in the side or back), then the two ends of the coach will be different.

I ordered 4 packs, and was able to put them on my rv three months later. When opening one pack, found all the green liquid had leaked out. Other than that, i’m worried about the double side stick tape that doesn’t cover whole back, only about 1/3 of total area. Placed on painted fiberglass. When you push on the plastic and glass the bubble moves. Thus wish the backing was aluminum and not black plastic. I will order another to put on back corner. Read close, one bubble is as good as a 4ft carpenters level, the other is a very rough ‘0’.

The small bubble and graduated marks help take the guesswork out of how much i need to raise or lower the jacks or how many inches i need to add under the tires to get the trailer level. My problem is with the crappy tape on the back of the level. The level comes with a strip of foam tape on the back of the level. The problem is the foam tape is too thick, causing the level to stand off from the camper about 1/16′, or just enough to allow the level to twist it’s positioning and move it off of center. This gives a false reading of about 2 – 3 inches out of level. I corrected the issue on the levels i purchased by stripping off the factory tape and applying a thinner double-sided outdoor tape. Now my levels work as expected. If i had not had to make the modifications myself i would have given this product 5 stars. There are two pre-drilled holes that i suspect are to screw the level to the camper if you want, but i didn’t want to drill holes in the side of my camper.

The part i ordered is correct but the packaging for it was for another part?. I ordered #08525 and the packaging it arrived in was #02925 decorative levels. I read online prior to purchase that one level was for side to side and one was graduated for front to back leveling. No mention of this in the directions. I called hopkins and they said ‘bummer’, call amazon. Well i figured it out, wrong packaging. So i looked back on line and found out which one went where and i now the problem is solved. The packaging i got was for the eagle shaped levels. Otherwise they look fine and will now mount them and see how they work.

I like the simplicity of these devices. I have one on the front and one on the side of my camper. I used the included double-sided foam tape to attach to the camper, so i didn’t have to drill holes. However, the tape allows for a little movement, which can throw off the actual levels. I used a long bubble-level when installing. I ensure the trailer frame, itself, was level using my own 4′ bubble-level. Then, using my same level, attached these two to my trailer. The side one is pretty accurate. However, the front one is slightly off, even though the body of the device says it is level, and after confirming the trailer frame is level. It gets me ‘in the ballpark’, so to speak, quickly.

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