Horsebiz Soldering Iron Tip Cleaner : A couple of swipes on the new tip cleaner and you are good to go

My weller wes51 comes with a sponge holder integrated with the iron holder on top. You have to wet the sponge every time you solder. I took out the sponge and use double side tape to fix the horsebiz tip cleaner in it’s place. A couple of swipes on the new tip cleaner and you are good to go. No more wetting the sponge and shocking the soldering tip anymore.

Keeps our soldering iron tip clean. Does what it’s supposed to do.

It does the job quickly, and it’s a good price range, glad i got it. Cleans up my soldering equipment and my de-soldering tips equally well. I’ll probably order some refills soon just to be sure i have them on hand when i need them.

I use this in conjunction with tip tinner to keep my soldering iron clean while working on guitar electronics.

This is heavy enough to stay in place on your bench. Some prefer a sponge i use both this is great when you want to really clean the tip of buildup the wet sponge can’t. Price was good and arrived on time.

Poke a dirty tip in a few times and it comes out bright and shiny. Far better than sponges, chemical tip cleaners and (last resort) sanding/filing. Will soon pay for itself in extended tip usage. Minor complaints: the amount of wool is adequate but i’d prefer it deeper and denser. May check out the hardware store. The base is kinda light for ‘scruppng’ so need to tape it down or attach to something heavy. Just bought a 4×4′ ceramic tile for $0.

Soldering Iron Tip Cleaner (Black)

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  • Best Soldering Iron Tip Cleaner and Base Holder.
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  • Made From Brass Wire, Cleans Better Than Conventional Sponges.
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  • Brass Wire Refills are Available Separately to Buy Except Base Holder.

Came far quicker than advertised which is always a bonus. My only complaint is that it’s pretty light. I put a magnet in the bottom and it sticks to the bench now. Thst would be a great upgrade in the future. I’d pay a few more bucks for it for sure.

Product works as advertised. I had been using a wet sponge for years, this cleaner cleans the tip perfectly where the sponge would sometimes leave just a bit of solder residue on the tip. This cleaner is a bit light and wants to sometimes slide around on the table. To fix this i took a bit of rubber sheeting, cut out a 55mm disc and glued it to the bottom, now it stays in place.

Okay, let’s clear up some confusion about cleaning soldering iron tips. For the record, i was an instructor in the us navy, and one of the courses i piloted and taught at trident training facility was soldering skills. First, this product is a good product for what it was designed for: removing excess solder from the tip. I have noticed some comments about the sponge. And this is where the confusion about soldering tip care comes in. When you install a new tip on your iron, you need to wrap it in solder before you heat it up the first time. The solder protects the tip and prevents oxides and impurities from being burned into the tip. When you go to use the iron, you first use an item like this product to clean the excess solder from the tip. Then, you shock the tip by wiping it on the wet sponge. This shocks the impurities from flux other contaminants from the tip.

This is nice and heavy, so it stays put when i push the iron tip into it. It also cleans up the tip nice. Minus one star because the cleaning wire included doesn’t really fill up the inside like shown in the picture. It more like fills the bottom 1/3 of the cup. Overall, i’d recommend it at 8 bucks.

Doesn’t really look like the image in the sales photo (no logo, no brass wire ball). The coiled wire that came with it definitely looks to be copper, not brass. I don’t know that this makes a difference or not, but the description certainly says “brass wire”. I wish i’d paid more for the one with a magnetic base, but just glued on four magnets with e6000. I’ve included a picture of what i got along with a comparison of some brass replacement wire balls i bought. For those looking for something with more weight, glue on a heavy piece of wood or glue onto a 1′ x 1′ ceramic tile so that the cup won’t move. I just glued 4 magnets onto the bottom of mine and will sit it on a metal sheet i have nearby when soldering. It will do what i want it to.

The cup is too large for one scrub, it needs another scrub stuffed in it to keep the scrub from moving around on you while you try to clean your soldering tip. The cup is too light and needs an anti skid pad on the bottom.

Exactly what i was looking for, and for a great price. Quality product would absolutely recommend.

The container i received is made of powder coated steel with no logos. I added a magnet and some grip pads to the bottom to keep if from sliding around my workstation. The wire sponge on the other hand isn’t so good. It’s also made of steel but is copper coated. I’ll be dumping it for a brass one as soon as possible. Overall i wasn’t really expecting much, given the price, but i’m really happy with the container. I just wish they would have included a brass sponge.

This works great for cleaning the tip of my soldering iron (compared to the sponge that came with the iron). The only downside is the fact that, like every other comparable product i’ve found, the metal base of this tip cleaner is incredibly light and has to be held in place with your other hand when used. I plan on putting some lead sinkers in the base to fix this in the near future, but i don’t get why you can’t buy one of these for, say, $20 that weighs a few pounds.

Nice flat black just like i wanted. I wish the base and top kind of twisted together or something, but at least with mine they are completely loose so you have to pick both up together if you’re going to move it. My soldering iron tips look much better now, though.

Soldering Iron Tip Cleaner (Black) :

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