HOUSE TUNING House Tuning 4pcs 1 – 1″ Tube Clamps: 1/4 the cost of similar products and good value.

I only needed 2 of these clamps, but i did end up using the other pair. The mounts are heavy-duty, and they look as good as the super-expensive mounts of this style. The screws didn’t strip on me, but that was a concern, as they’re not the grade 8 i had hoped for, but they did the job well. I installed and uninstalled these a good 5-6 times, trying to get that perfect location for my light-bar, and didn’t manage to strip the threads, but again, i didn’t go crazy on the torque. They’re tight, and the mounts don’t move.

So versatile, i used these to mount led lights, also made them work for mounting yakima ski carriers as i didnt trust the plastic mounts yakima came with, plenty of grip on the bars with the rubber insert. I trust these with my gear on the interstate for sure.

Comes with everything you need including the alan wrench. Used these to mount cube lights & light bar to my 2016 yamaha grizzly.

I used these to fasten a 15′ light bar to my 2017 grizzly atv. 875′ clamps and they arrived on time andfound to be solidly built and good finish. . The fasteners were also of good quality. . And worked for my application as design.

Well made, good materials, the fastener holes line up nicely, the bolts are of good quality as well, it came with the hex wrench tool, and the rubber inserts have edges to help prevent them from slipping out of place when installing these on a tube. The picture of the product, as of 2/12/2018, is accurate and complete. The inner diameter is an inch when completely closed and without any rubber gasket material. So if you have a inch diameter tube these will be a little loose without the gaskets. Each gasket is about 1/16th of an inch thick. It comes with 2 gaskets per clamp, so you have about 1/8th of an inch of spacing. I wish they would come with a thicker set of gaskets too.

I measured my tubing and came up with a sizing of 1. That being said, i ordered the 1. 75 clamp thinking it would fit based off the description. The clamp itself without insert was too big, and the clamp using the rubber insert was too small. I tried using half a clamp and that didnt work either. So i wrote to the company and they very simply explained to me that they have 2 sized clamps and the only difference between ordering the different sizing is the ‘rubber inserts’ that are included with the clamp you choose. That was very simply put, and makes sense, but to be honest. I did not gather that conclusion based off their descriptions. I decided to write to garvin ( the makers of the rack i have on my jeep) and they confirmed their sizing to be 1. So i bit the bullet and just decided to order the 1. This time, the item arrived in 2 separate boxes and was stuffed with every sized rubber insert, unlike the 1. Im not sure if the company noticed i had a sizing issue and decided to be kind enough to do this when i placed a second order, or if there is just some weird packaging issue they have within their company, but i am glad this occurred, because the only i was able to get a secure fit after trying every insert (1. 85 and 2′ inserts), was by using one half of a 1. 75′ rubber insert, and one half of the 2′ insert. Any other combination and rubber inserts was too big or too loose. Its very wonky sizing somewhere on their end, and would end up having someone having to order more that one set of clamps just to get the additional rubber insert sizing.

  • Strange sizing and ordering experience
  • Well worth it
  • Well built at a great price.

Bought these to put a led light bar on my trucks push bar. Just be aware that you may need to open up the light bar mounting holes, i did because the mounting bolts on my light bar were too big. No big deal for me since i have a mill, but for others, might be more of a challenge.

These are not that easy to install but once they are they are very nice. I installed them on exactly 1. 25 aluminum tube rack from aluminess racks. I had to clamp them in place with ‘c’ clamp to squeeze down the rubber inserts enough to get the allen screws started. I will use them to mount solar panels to the roof of my sprinter. They worked out well for me.

Honestly, i purchased the wrong thing and it was my fault but the return policy/restock charge would have made me lose money if i decided to return it. I’ve since purchased a different/more adjustable set of clamps. I’ll just have to find some other use for these.

Mounted a baja designs xl pod centered on two atvs with a couple pairs of these. Can pivot without too much issue.

Dense yet compressible rubber liners provide some give with secure grip. Supplied screws are not long enough to easily assemble, so use a c-clamp to help install these,or get a helper to hold them in place while installing the screws.

Features of House Tuning 4pcs 1.125″ Round Bar Clamp Bracket, Light Bar Clamps,Roof Roll Cage Holder for 1 1/8 inch Bar(Set of 4) (1.125″ -Clamp Mount Kit)

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  • Strong Aluminum alloy Bar Clamp Bracket
  • Small size and Lightweight Bar Clamp Bracket
  • 1.125 inche Round Bar Clamp Bracket Fast and qucikly Mount
  • Universal Bar Clamp Bracket,work for HID/LED work light,led light bars,roof basket faring,boat light
  • Wide Bar Clamp Bracket for motorcyle and bicycle ATV UTV Boat JEEP turcks

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Aside from the fact that the friction bushing material smells absolutely awful, these clamps work very well. I am using these clamps indoors so i basically unwrapped everything and set the bushings out for 4 months so the smell was bearable. Fit and function is excellent.

Used them to mount a shovel and axe to my roof basket. Also used them to relocate my roof basket fairing.

0′ tube clamp for lights (set of 4) (1′- clamp mount kit)these seem to be ideal for lightweight mounting to 1′ bars. The price is much more reasonable than comparable products for what’s essentially a piece of machined aluminum and some machine screws.

I used these aluminum clamps to mount a gps/multi-function display on my boat, and they worked great for that application. They are very well made, and perfectly fit my 1′ tubing, providing a solid foundation for the new instrument. Several rubber shims and a allen hex wrench were included to make custom installation very easy. Really nice product at a good price.

These brackets are useful for mounting way more than just lights. I’m using them to turn the popular private-branded rooftop basket into an everything-carrier. As others have said, these work great for mounting quick-fists. They also work great for mounting thule ski/board/fishing pole racks. A testament to their strength — i’m using 4 of these along the top basket bar to mount an arb 2500 awning. Note in the pics that i’ve also drilled through the steel side plate of the basket to secure the bottom edge of the awning. I wouldn’t necessarily trust these brackets alone to hold the full weight of the awning, but with my current configuration i’ve had zero issues at highway speeds and offroad. The only thing i plan on swapping out are the mounting bolts as the ones that come with the awning are just a little short when mounting through these brackets and don’t have threads showing past the nut. All in all, these are quality brackets that fit and work as designed. Minor update: i’ve ordered several of these clamps in different sizes.

I only needed 2, but got 4 in the package. Great deal, and i especially like the rubber that goes in between the clamp and the bar, protecting both. The rusty nut in the photo is ferrin the old light, not the clamp.

Strong Aluminum alloy Bar Clamp Bracket

Ordered the 3/4 and 1/2 for my bajarack roof rack because i wasn’t sure about fitment. The 3/4 is the way to go for bajaracks. Sturdy attachment and padding keeps from having the metal to metal contact. I used tesla tape to further the metal metal contact between the brackets and the awning. If you use these for attaching your awning your gonna have to get longer bolts as the ones that came with my awning were short. Love the black brackets and it sits flush with the siding of my rack. Planning on buying more when its time for a light bar and other accessories.

I have these on the highway bars of my motorcycle supporting fog lights. They are the best mount you can buy for the money. With the fog lights mounted in for 3 months of daily riding they have not moved at all.

I used these to secure things to my roof rack, they haven’t moved moved since installation.

Small size and Lightweight Bar Clamp Bracket

1.125 inche Round Bar Clamp Bracket Fast and qucikly Mount

Universal Bar Clamp Bracket,work for HID/LED work light,led light bars,roof basket faring,boat light

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House Tuning 4pcs 1.125" Round Bar Clamp Bracket, Light Bar Clamps,Roof Roll Cage Holder for 1 1/8 inch Bar(Set of 4) (1.125" -Clamp Mount Kit)
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