Indie Ridge Skull Motorcycle Face Mask Microfiber Multifunctional Headwear – Love the look and feel- keeps you warm in cool weather

Took me a minute to leave feedback on this item. Finally had weather conditions which called for wearing the facemask offered through indie ridge. The mask fit over my head without being too tight,slid down into place around the neck area,and was flexible enough to roll/fold top/front of mask over/back/down into a comfortable fit,roll/fold the bottom/front of mask under/back/up,extending fully to protect my neck from wind and cold. You will feel and know the difference once you test this item during inclement weather. Have used the mask twice and feel comfortable in saying it works for me.

Bought this a gift for my son-in-law. He was very happy – used to have one similar a while ago and was very pleased to have this one. It is thin and best used for rides in milder temperatures. It made a great addition to his birthday gifts.

Love this mask, i bought it to keep me warm on the motorcycle as the weather has turned cooler. I also wanted something that was a little bad a*% looking and this face mask fits both the needs and wants. This is the second time i have ordered from this company and i can say i love their products and i love their customer service. Wore this mask and indie ridge gloves tonigjt ina two hour ride where temps dipped down to around 40 defeees on my way home. Both items kept the ride very comfortable.

Bought this for 4 wheeling – it does a pretty good job of filtering out the dust. It did fade somewhat after it was washed.

I’m a pretty big dude 6’5 330lbs, and i go fishing a lot. Wanted something to keep my face from getting sunburned without using sunscreen. I like that it’s light weight and breathable, but it is very tight around my head and neck. I’ve used these before and they should be snug, but after maybe 30-45 mins of wearing it, it really started to be uncomfortable. Tldr: if you have a big head be careful of buying this item.

I wish i would have read reviews before purchasing. This is not going to keep you warm at all. Definitely not wind resistant. It is a very thin piece of super light weight t shirt material i think?.Might be good for motorcyclists but not for snowmobiling or skiing or any other activity you would do in the winter time. It was delivered very fast however, and as i said i should have read reviews before purchasing. I am returning mine to find something warmer.

I work as a custodian in a warehouse and needed a dust mask that was comfortable and protected my lungs, especially while sweeping dirt and dust 8 hours a day. I had hoped for a face mask that would stay in place, all day. It’s comfortable, breathable, and stylish but most importantly it keeps the dirt and dust out of my nose and lungs. It tucks in my shirt nicely keeping my neck, front and back, free of debris. Just hope they last a good long time.

Bought 2 of these and they are great. I cant speak for durability havent had them long but seems to be a good product. Streches excellently and will keep your neck warm.

My husband loves it, he wears it every day outdoors while he’s working. He says it keeps the wind off his face and he likes the way the mask looks when he’s wearing it 😂🤣 i would definitely buy from this seller again.

I love itit’s lightweight and feels comfortable. Holds it’s shape very well i wash it one a week. I just wish they had more designs.

I was looking for an outdoor face mask to cover me from all the dust and smoke at ozzfest meets knotfest concert in september of last year since the previous year to that my allergies were over the roof. There were a few i was debating on purchasing, but i decided to go for this one since it had some decent reviews. I had the mask on throughout the day and at the end of the day, it worked well. I just sneezed a few times, but my allergies were under control thanks to this mask. The only downside of this is the seam. Since it is thin and stretchable, it seems that it could be torn little by little from the seam.

This mask, along with the american flag version, is my favorite. This mask is very comfortable. Great seller with great communication. I highly recommend indie ridge.

Fits my boyfriends face perfect for riding and paintball, and it is a great print quality. I found out the hard way that if you go over 80mph with it on your head, it slips off like it was a loose sheet lol.

A great product for my hubby. He has health issues and with this face mask he can go out in the cold easier.

He wanted a face mask for riding motorcycle and he seem like satisfied. But for this quality, not sure this price is worth it. I could of purchase 3 or more set with similar price.

It fits well and looks great and is very easy to use.

I try to get as much riding in as possible and 50 degrees is usually my limit. We’ve hit cooler temps already so i figured i’d try this out. No bulk, easy to breathe through, and does a good enough job cutting back the wind chill. I wear a half helmet so i’m hoping this will also reduce the sting of taking a falling autumn tree leaf to the face.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Against the wind and cold.
  • Will keep your allergies under control.
  • Love the look and feel- keeps you warm in cool weather

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Indie Ridge Skull Motorcycle Face Mask Microfiber Multifunctional Headwear for Motorcycle Riding, Ski, Snowboard Hiking Cycling Mask
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