Innova 3612 Compression Tester – 4 Piece Kit – I bought this perticulary to do a test on my

If you do any small engine work either for profit or just a tune up on you own stuff a compression check can save you a lot of time troubleshooting starting issues. Easy to use and you will know where you stand with the engine right away.

Will update review if it breaks.

I bought this perticulary to do a test on my stihl fs-90 and for that reason i sent it back as i dident realize i needed a 10mm fitting for the spark plugthe one you need for this is the inova 3614 which has that adapter’i really wish people would not comment on a product and what it is capable of without knowing for sure.

So far so good for small engines. I’m using it for chainsaw testing. An advantage to this innova unit is that the schrader valve is at the end of the tubing where it threads into the spark plug hole. You want that valve as close to the cylinder as possible in order to get accurate readings. I’ve used this tester on numerous chainsaws with/without scored pistons and it’s working well. Versus the harbor freight 8 piece kit #62638 (to possibly save some people some time & effort):i initially bought the harbor freight 8 piece kit #62638 and returned it. That turned out to be a piece of junk. First it was giving me readings in the 60-65 psi range on known good chainsaws like a 372xp that use all the time (read 155psi with the innova versus 60 psi with the hf 62638). A chainsaw generally won’t even start until you get well over 100psi depending on manufacturer. The innova was reading a more believable 150-170 psi on my chainsaws that are perfectly operational and 115psi on a 390xp with a slightly scored piston/cylinder.

We have an old volvo that recently developed a misfire on cylinders 2 and 3. In fact, the cylinders were not firing at all. Given that the two cylinders are right next to each other (and the other cylinders were firing fine) i strongly suspected a failed head gasket was the cause. I didn’t want to pay to have the car towed to the shop and then checked out to confirm my diagnosis, however. The tow bill and the checkout fee would have been in the hundreds of dollars and that still wouldn’t have covered towing the car back home again if i didn’t pay the $800+ to get it fixed. Anyway, i have wanted one of these for a while and the need finally arose so i took a chance. In 15 minutes this device confirmed what i suspected. We found strong compression on cylinders 1 and 4 and virtually no compression on cylinders 2 and 3. So, it sure looks like a blown head gasket. At a minimum the head needs to come off and be checked with a straight-edge to make sure it isn’t warped.

This is the second compression tester i have purchased. The first (not this brand) sounded like it had marbles rolling around inside. Amazon refunded the item and i went with this brand based on ratings. Easy to use, has a telltale feature in that it holds the highest reading till you release the pressure with the button. Makes it a lot easier when doing compression test by yourself.

Seems to work just fine, i had a 20 years old tester that was reliable until it took a tumble off a engine housing. This tester seems to work just as good as the old one did. I often don’t like quick disconnects in testing tools but the disconnect seems sturdy enough,and the fittings are interchangeable with the hose and fittings from my past tester. Many under $50 comp testers have one piece crimp ends,or obscure thread sizes preventing extending them or replacing hoses,but this unit is better thought out. This innova is a descent value.

Always wanted and or needed a compression tester over the years, but never bought one. Up until recently the cost was just too high to justify for the occasional user. However thanks to our neighbors across the pacific, we can now pick one up for the price of a couple frappachinos. I imagine if you made a living working on internal combustion engines, you might endure a little ridicule from coworkers if you whipped out this little bad boy. But for helping a teen-ager get an old heap up and running.

I was expecting a tool that would be ok to use a few times and then would end up in the trash, but i was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this tester. The rubber hose seems to be of very good quality, the fittings are well made and connect securely and tightly. The gauge seems to be very accurate. I am particularly pleased with the way the rubber hose reacts to hand input to guide the tip into the sparkplug hole.

This compression tester works good and is easy to read. And has a pressure release valve that is nice so you can release the pressure without unscrewing from the cylindar head. This also has a gauge on it thatll tell you if the comression is acceptable or if it needs work. Of corse you should check with your engine specs to see exactly how much compression your engine should have but just as a quick reference just to give you an idea if the motor is even worth messing with, the red/green gauge on compression is great. I bought this for working on small engines such as for riding mower and it works great. The only thing that i dont like is that it didnt come with any type of case to put it in. This isnt something that most people will use every day and it would be nice if i came with some type of case so it doesnt get damaged rattling in the toolbox. But i just went on here and bought a padded handgun case and that worked great to store it in.

Yesterday i hooked this gauge up to yamaha and i got 115psi from all 3 cylinders, worked well, worth the $$i rented 2 from o’reillys that gave me readings of 60psi on my 96′ yamaha f70 outboard engine, which i knew was wrong. My engine produces 115psi from a test i did last year (2016). So because of those bad gauges, i decided just to buy one, since this one was cheap. I will tell you, this is not a heavy duty gauge, but it will be fine for testing a few engines a year, but probably would break if over used.

Used this on my outboard and it seals up great. I ran through the test a few times and the numbers that come back are pretty consistent. Was able to quickly figure out what was actually wrong with the motor after knowing it wasn’t a compression problem. Great tool to have for a great price.

A misfire my cost $1000 at the dealership, if you don’t have some right tools. Checked with multi-system scanner amazon, and found misfire at cylinder 4. Checked the compression, with innova 3612 compression tester, was o. No cylinder head gasket problem. Replaced spark plugs no spark. Checked the spark between the coil pack and ground. Based on the diagnostic, replaced the spark plugs, spark plug wires and the coil pack. Here are the specifications for the Innova 3612 Compression Tester – 4 Piece Kit:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Designed to perform compression tests to help identify damaged pistons, worn rings, burnt valves, and blown head gaskets
  • Works on conventional, electronic, and computerized domestic and import vehicles
  • Features 2-1/2-inch dial face with Bourdon tube meter and dual-calibrated scales which read 0-300 P.S.I. and 0-2100 k.P.a.
  • Includes 15-inch rubber hose, side release valve and adapters (12mm, 14mm and 18mm)
  • Can also be used for motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile, and marine applications

Ive only used it once so far on a chainsaw but it worked. It showed a low reading, telling me my ring was stuck. I replaced the ring adn tested the compression again and it read higher like it should. I would guess if you’re a pro and plan on using this often you would want one of better quality, but for the average homeowner it should be fine.

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  • Already paid for itself after a single use!
  • Easy to use and you will know where you stand
  • Seems to work just fine, I had a 20 years old tester that

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