Irwin Tools IRWIN VISE-GRIP Diagonal Cutting Pliers : Daily use at an affordable price.

Bought these on a whim because who doesn’t need an extra pair of diagonal cutting pliers. A few dollars less than the big box store. These are sturdy and do the job. Very pleased with the quality.

Great item for the price, makes a clean cut every time. I use these cutters when creating faux floral arrangements, and they work extremely well on the typically thin wires. I don’t, however, think this item would be sufficiently heavy-duty for cutting thicker wires but that’s a guesstimation. Will definitely purchase again when a new pair of cutters is needed.

Absolutely love these pliers. I recently decided to make toys for my chinchilla, so i went out and purchased a lot of wood and wire to string some wooden chew toys together. The wires i purchased aren’t particularly thick, so i can’t say how these fare with thicker wires. But with the thin wires i purchased, this plier cuts it like butter. I never thought i’d love a pair of pliers as much as i love these. I’ve got these handy in my tool drawer.

Excellent quality and works very well. These are wire cutters designed for cutting copper, aluminum and light gauge steel wire. Use them properly and they’ll last a lifetime.

Good quality as would be expected but i didn’t realize how small this little guy was. Oh well it will serve it’s purpose but i’d get the next bigger size because these are tiny.

I wanted a decent wire cutter for both electronics and craft types of wire. I already have a top-end cutter for memory wire, bolts and nails, etc. , but it’s 8′ and is too large to use for fine trimming on small pieces. I’ve read many reviews about economy wire cutters getting ruined because they weren’t hardened, and once made that same mistake. This cutter is perfect for my smaller jobs and i have no doubts about durability. At only $10 i couldn’t have done any better. My only regret is that i didn’t make sure that this cutter had a spring, didn’t even give it any thought really, and it doesn’t. I guess my thought was they all had springs.

I bought these to cut very strong nichrome 80 wire and while they aren’t exactly flush cut they do cut it perfectly. Since i know where i need the cut to be i’m able to use these to make the cut prior to installation so as to not have the excess overhang from the build deck on my vape. If you have to have an absolute flush cut then you need to find a different pair. If you’re vaping kanthal wire then any regular cheapo flush cuts will do, but if you’re vaping something stronger like stainless or ni-80 and don’t want to spend $$$ for the expensive legit flush cuts then these will work perfectly. The $5-$12 flush cuts will not cut ni-80 cleanly and will break eventually. The cutting tips will literally shatter, i know from experience. Also, these irwin’s are 100 times better than the stanley 6 inch.

Not much to say other than i have weened myself off cheap harbor freight tools a little bit and started buying irwin. They are comfortable, work well, cut well. I have no doubt i will have these for years. I only do homeowner stuff and work on my car. I have about 8 or so different irwin cutters, pliers, channel locks, lineman pliers, needle nose and an adjustable end wrench which some people know as crescent wrench. They all seem like really good quality tools.

  • they are comfortable, work well
  • VAPING: Cleanly cuts Nichrome 80(NI-80)
  • Absolutely love these pliers

IRWIN VISE-GRIP Diagonal Cutting Pliers, 6″, 2078306

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  • Durable nickel chromium steel construction
  • ProTouch grips provide extra comfort and reduces hand fatigue
  • Induction hardened cutting edge stays sharper, longer
  • Machined jaws for maximum gripping strength
  • Meets or exceeds ANSI specifications

These work great – they cut when they are supposed to, and are easy to use one handed to do fine work on cabling.

I’m an audio engineer that also does a lot of equipment installs, repairs and custom wiring. Quality tools makes for more precise workmanship. Every irwin tool i own has continued to perform above my expectations. Especially at their price point.I highly recommend their tools.

They either work or they don’t. These work, they last, and are super affordable. To be more specific, i use these everyday for work. Mostly to cut industrial zip ties and various cables. But they are also perfectly happy cutting thin chain links or other random things. They look and work just as good over a year later as they did when i got them. Worth every penny and then some.

I have the bigger one one day i was working on something and i could not get the larger snips into where i was working. Then it came to me let me see if there are smaller once. For the size they pack a punch. They are able to cut through a bunch of materials with out damiging the cutting edge. I love that there are insilated in the handles and i free safe. You guys did it again vise grip.

I ordered these for myself (female) and they are a very nice size for my hands. I used these the same day they arrived with great ease and they cut nicely every time. I had a cheap pair from harbor freight or some such place but they were inadequate for the wire i was cutting. I am familiar with the vise-grip brand so ordered these. Yes, i recommend them-especially for ladies. You should wear gloves when using them for big/long projects as you will get blisters.

Exactly what i was looking for for craft wire cutting/fake flower stem cutting.

Used almost daily for commercial/industrial hvac/r. Grips are comfortable and easy to find in tool bag pockets.

I’ve had a lot of pliers over the years that when you try to cut anything that is a little bit thicker they kind of bend on you and don’t cut very well. I can put as much pressure as i physically can on these and they do a great jobobviously these aren’t going to be cutting anything super thick, but for any 12 guage electrical, zip ties, and other small things like that they work fantastically. I’ll definitely buy another pair or two down the road.

I had several old side cutters that wouldn’t even cut zip ties, so i ordered these and, of course, they came zip tied to cardboard. Once i got them off (with a razor blade), i’m now in business. These are great and will be hanging on my pegboard where three others were evicted. I’ll stick with either irwin or stanley for any future tools i buy.

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IRWIN VISE-GRIP Diagonal Cutting Pliers, 6", 2078306
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