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These pliars are great for house wiring and cutting medium wire. Do not use these on hardened wire or large steel wire. I use these to cut house wiring to length because they give me more cutting leverage than lineman side cutter pliers. It is also easy for me to see exactly where i am cutting and get close to devices when i am cutting. I used them to add two electrical outlets for my cable amplifier and home ethernet network switch. I also use these to cut coax cable when i don’t have my cable cutters. I like the insulated handles in case i get into a live wire by mistake.

This is my 2nd pair just last week i was working on a motor home electric system no a/c no fans about 120 degrees inside the unit got everything done a/c working and all the outlets i hurry up and grab what i thought was all my tools and low and behold i left the cutter’s in a sealed up compartment under the bed i don’t like buying tools over again unless they break these are very good cutter well worth the money so this time i didn’t mind buying again knowing i’m getting a quality tool.

I like my cutting pliers with an angled head so that i can use them to pull out cotter pins and nails. I also use them to cut off cotter pins and nails as well as general wire snipping. The tool seems well constructed and so far hasn’t let me down. I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase more if needed.

I’ve used the heck out of these pliers and still do to this day. Great tool but does not hold up compared to higher end brands like klein and southwire.

I chose these cutters because the cutting surfaces go all the way to the hinge area. Most other cutters have a small gap at the bottom edge of the cutter. So small wires get into the gap. It was frustrating, because you have to take the time to line up the wire to avoid the gap. But with these irwins, you just slide the wire in.

I bought this as a new irwin vise-grip diagonal cutting pliers, 8′ and was upset to see the pliers had been used before. There was visible adhesive removed from the blade. I do not mind as the product is well-made enough to last me my whole lifetime but i am upset with the fact i paid for a new item and got a used one that was repackaged to appear new.

They are very strong and cut through all kinds of floral stems. I was making 13 floral arrangements for my daughters wedding. Artificial flowers, they cut through everything so easily.

I really like the color scheme, look and feel with these wire cutters. I consider them a little pricey but i was willing to pay it given the vise grip brand reputation.

I have trouble cutting #12 wire with these.

I bought these to cut heavy duty zip ties that were holding a tarp in place over my balcony for the winter. Plain scissors weren’t working, but these did the trick. These will also come in handy for clipping artificial flower wires.

I bought these diagonal pliers specifically to use for doing electrical work. They do a pretty good job of cutting through 12g. Romex, all the wires not just individually though it takes a little bit of arm strength to do so. They cut through individual 12g solid copper wires with ease. The cutting edge isn’t perfect, but works plenty good for the purposes i use them for, i supposed with a file you could easily put a much better edge on rather quickly. I liked them enough that this is in fact a second pair of them to keep permanently in my electrical toolbox and keep the other pair in my regular box. I own a bunch of the irwin vise grip line of pliers and have had no issues with the handles coming off and in fact i find them a nice addition for comfort, looks and ease of finding in a pile of stuff. I took one star off just for the minor edge quality and alignment, but to be honest for the price i am not sure they shouldn’t be 5 stars.

There’s a lot of guys on here who really don’t put their tools through their paces and that will be mean the difference between a positive experience and a less-than-stellar experience for all the other fellas. I work in a late model automotive recycling yard, my tools are my bread and butter. There are tools in my arsenal that get used every day, all day. Diagonal cutters are definitely one of them. I had lost a pair of knipex 8′ high leverage angled cutters and figured these would do the job. After only 6 weeks on the job, they had grown so dull, they couldn’t even cut through a small coolant reservoir hose. I could feel the rubber pushing back on the cutters as i pinched with all my force saying, ‘you must be thisss sharp to cut me. ‘ there’s a reason they’re cheaper. Let’s just hope the hold their end of the bargain on the warranty.

Sturdy, perfect for what i wanted them for. I used these to cut up plastic covered wire hangers to make cheap blocking wires for hand knit items. I know, a strangely specific use for the cutters. However, they have a nice heft to them, and were easy enough to use without overly straining myself. The handles are comfortable to hold, though i never use them for more than a few minutes at a time to snip through a couple wires. The cuts are very clean and didn’t need much smoothing, which is also a perk. Very sharp, easy to use, and a decent price point make these a nice purchase to have around if you’re cutting any heavy duty wires. Would be useful for multi media crafts people as well. Here are the specifications for the Irwin Tools IRWIN VISE-GRIP Diagonal Cutting Pliers:

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  • Durable nickel chromium steel construction
  • ProTouch grips provide extra comfort and reduces hand fatigue
  • Induction hardened cutting edge stays sharper, longer
  • Meets or exceeds ANSI specifications
  • Backed by the IRWIN VISE-GRIP Lifetime Guarantee

Vice grips i have at work which are good expensive ones from a tool truck cannot touch these. The sharp edge dulls and bends on the ones i have at work. Used and abused these and still look great.

Have used different off brands of wire cutter’s and these provide a decent cut to wire weld fencing i’m modifying. Used on 14 gauge wire on down to narrower wires, works fine. Only negative to myself is ‘made in china.

I bought these mainly because of the brand and the price. I’ve used them for about a week now with no issues. They work well and are easy for me to grip and use with one hand in most cases. I work in electronic recycling and have to cut various types of cords, cables and wires throughout the day. Update: still using these it’s now august and they are still holding up and work great.

Awesome cutting pliers, i use cutting pliers weekly, for making floral arrangments, cutting floral wire, etc. The cost of this item is very reasonable compared to my local hardware store prices, plus this productfeels great in your hand, has a nice grip, and very easy to use.

These are very good quality and you can not beat the price. I would call them a homeowner version, but that is exactly what i needed and not a set that cost 4 times as much.

I bought these to cut faux flower stems because i got sick of having to ask my husband to cut them with my little wimpy cutters. These work wonderfully and i can cut the thickest wire stems by myself.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Your mileage will vary.
  • Sharp, cuts wire hangers
  • Good quality to price ratio for diagonal pliers

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