Irwin Tools IRWIN VISE-GRIP Lineman’s Pliers : Great as a primary set or just to have as a backup set for the price.

Quality and heavy-duty, but a bit bulky. I bought them to use as ‘beaters’ for stuff i don’t want to touch with my high-quality linesman’s pliers, and they fit the bill perfectly.

I used to only use greenlee and klein tools for electrical work. I’ve used other irwin products and been satisfied with the results. Tried these because others were more expensive.

These are great to hit someone with or for demolition, they’re huge. But for less than $20 i’m not complaining.

These are well built and i love using them. I had a junky small pair before buying these and it was always a nightmare to use, but these are nice and big and have a nice hand grip on them.

I guess i was surprised to see how bulky these were. They were bigger than my last pair. My last pair was black handled craftsman and were 8 inches. I didn’t realize there was different sizes of linesman pliers. I wish i would’ve gotten 8 inch ones. My biggest complaint is the comfort level. The handle is too far apart and not comfortable to hold. I ripped the bulky grips off and bent the handles toward each other after heating it up with a torch.

I like that the inside surface has horizontal indentations imstead of cross hatched indentations. It makes twisting wires together easy without marring then too much and they are also great at pulling out small nails or nails without heads.

These aren’t klein’s but i’m putting them through a tuff beating and it hasn’t let me down yet these will work and cut good enough for class.

Got these irwin pliers for an electrical course and they saw a lot of action over a two month period. Some of the other guys had off brands and other name brands. By the end, my irwin’s were still cutting with ease and wide enough to accommodate twisting up any 4 solid copper wires together without it failing after the twisting. Cutter just has some copper residue left over, but it’s a very well made tool. I’m very satisfied with my purchase and look forward to using them if i have to wire nut or cut out any 10 or higher awg wiring.

I’ve used different pairs of linemen’s before and i can say for the price these are an absolute steal. They feel heavy duty and sturdy. Honestly, i own scissors in my bag that cost more than $12. You could literally try to destroy these on a messy job and save your nice linemen’s for brighter days.

For the price this is five stars. They are heavy, well built and should give years of service. At less than half the price of klein lineman pliers it’s a no-brainer. I’ve used them daily for over a month now with absolutely no problems. Great for up to 8ga to 4ga wire which is what i’ve been using them on. For less that 14ga or 12ga wire they are probably overkill.

Good quality, heavy duty linesman pliers. Essential equipment for wiring jobs. Works well even with 10 gauge wire. It would be extremely difficult to work with that wire without these.

I purchased these after the klein linesmen (which i had used for years), came so stiff they couldn’t be opened with one hand even after being lubricated and exercised for 3 months.

Best lineman pliers i’ve ever owned. These are fairly large compared to my other lineman pliers. I found these to work great for pulling nails out of studs. Might be a little big for twisting wire in a single gang box.

Slightly bigger size than normal ones, if your finger-palm size is smaller, it may not be comfortable.

I use these when stuff refuses to move. These are very sturdy and grab material very securely. Very nice for making pigtails, too.

These are some seriously heavy duty pliers. Great quality and should last a very long time. Like others have stated, these can even pull nails, which is impressive. They could be used as a hammer and it wouldn’t hurt them.

If you plan on using linesman pliers around the house and want leave them to your kids, this pair will fit the bill.

IRWIN VISE-GRIP Lineman’s Pliers, 9-1/2-Inch (2078209) :

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IRWIN VISE-GRIP Lineman's Pliers, 9-1/2-Inch (2078209)
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