ITP Mud Lite AT Mud Terrain ATV Tire 24×11-10 : Good thing, it took them 1 hour per tire

I use my honda atv mostly for plowing snow, and we’ve had plenty of it already this winter. I have a rather steep driveway, and with the oem tires i couldn’t plow uphill — no traction. Even to do that good i had to put cable chains on the front tires. With these tires i plow both ways (and no chains). It has cut down the time it takes me to plow my hundred yards of driveway by at least a third.

Purchases these tires for my 2007 honda 250ex atv. Received them a few days before the eta on the shipping notice. My purchase was 2 sets of 2 each – 22x11x9 and 22x8x10. When they arrived i was excited based on michael caswell’s review. I had them mounted and they fit perfectly. Went mud riding and tracking was very good. I am extremely happy with my purchase.

Bought 2 and they are sturdy and durable. Worked great on a hunting trip. I would recommend them and am going to buy 2 more in the spring.

I did entertain the thought of trying to replace these on my own, but ended up having a powersport shop do it. Good thing, it took them 1 hour per tire to break the original tire/bead from a 1993 honda fourtrax. Tread is good, the shop informed me that this tread is softer therefore limit your time on concrete with them. Really happy at this point with them.

Good price good tires made in usa.

These saved me so much money compared to getting them from the dealership. They are litterly the same tires that they wanted 112 a piece for. I had to cut my old tires off because we couldn’t pop the bead but they were shot anyways.

These are great quality with a reasonable price. Not just the product is great, but the supplier, powersports911 does business the right way. I initially ordered the wrong size. It was no problem at all getting authorization to return and get my refund. I will remember this on future orders.

I bought these tires for a friend for his atv for his birthday and man i will tell you he loves them these things are really ment to go on big 4×4 bikes but he didn’t care he just threw them on his little 2 wheel drive moto 4 and just loves them will definitely be ordering more of these.

  • aggressive pattern
  • They are AWESOME in mud and heavy wet snow
  • The BEST for plowing snow!

ITP Mud Lite AT Mud Terrain ATV Tire 24×11-10

  • Make sure this fits
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  • 3/4-in. lugs
  • 6-ply rated tire
  • Extended-wear rubber compound for even longer life and better value
  • Unique center tread contact area provides a smooth, radial-like ride

Well made, solid tires for front replacements on yamaha 250 atv.

Bought to match up with rear. Rides rough at lower speeds on hard surfaces.

They definitely work better than the stock tires in the mud but i still get stuck where i feel i should be able to get through. Nothing too bad, just muddy trails and still getting stuck.

Got my rear end itp mud lites today. Going to test them out tomorrow turkey hunting. Rode my arctic cat 500 after i mounted them. Ill post a follow up when i cross a few cut overs with log jams and post how they held up. If they hold up, ill be getting the front tires changed out with these itp mud lites. Ill give it a five star if they hold up crossing cut over log jams without puncturing them.

Rides great and no complaints here.

I purchased two as rear tires on my atc 250 big red. They shipped quickly and arrived without incident. These tires get great traction without being too hard on the yard grass or smaller bikes.

The tires when i got them i set them next to the four wheeler and they look to be about two inches shorter then the ones i have on there now which are 22×10-10. With saying that i am also replacing the original tires on a 10+ year old atv. The new tires look to be about 2 inches shorter but about 2 inches wider. And my old ones look to be ballooned up. These tires seem to be a lot stiffer then the ones i have on there now. I will let you know what i think once i get them mounted on the rims. Ok so i have them mounted now and sit the old tire next to the new ones on the rim they where the same height, and the width looks right now. I did notice the new ones when pushed down on off the rim they did not give that much, but the old tires would fold in on themselves. Updatei finally got a chance to use these tires on my 4wheeler because it has rained for the past couple of weeks. I use my atv to pull a dr mower in my back yard and tell the change in tires i have always got stuck, but not this time and this was the wettest that i have ever mowed the yard.

I bought these (front and rear) to replace the 16 year old stock tires on my 400 honda. I couldn’t be happier with their performance on the trails and in the mud. I took it out to a really cool atv park a week after putting them on and had a great time. I’m looking forward to how they perform in the snow this winter.

These things are a monster on the atv and work much better than ever expected.

These were priced lower than other tires however, cheaper didn’t affect quality. I could not be more pleased with my purchase. Very aggressive tread really made difference on my honda 250 2 wheel drive. Shipping was super fast got them in 2 days.

Perfect combination trail and mud tires. Gets my sons atv through a lot of muck, they work great.

Put them on my 2010 bad boy buggy. The fit was perfect and the tread is awesome.And received them 2 days early.

Hello, i wasn’t expecting much out of these tires but. Damn they look great and rip through the mud, i set mine at 4 lbs and i havent been stuck yet. I play in some nasty kentucky mud and they never let me down. . Hands down the best tire i’ve ever purchased.

Very happy with the ride, traction and performance so lets see how they last.

These tires replace a pair of mud lites i bought about seven years ago. The knobs on the old ones were wearing down a bit after lots of use. The tires were installed on the rear of an electric golf cart (2 wheel drive) used for hunting. The electric cart performs very well on muddy trails and the tires are light which helps the battery life.

Itp has been my go to tire for years on the quads. We are talking shale rock mountain riding. Or watch me ride past you when you have a flat.

I put a set on the rear of my 2002 sportsman 400. My 4×4 went out but these tires dug me out of the swamp every time. . I would prefer to have my 4×4 up and running again though. Just don’t get it in your head that tires will always get you out of the mud. You have to know what you’re doing.

These tires fit right on my kawasaki lakota 300. First trip on these tires were to the hatfield & mccoy trails in west virginia. These are the biggest badest trails around and these tires performed perfectly on them. Took the 2wd lakota thru so huge mud holes as well.

I ordered these for my 1997 honda 300 fourtrax. Original tires were 25×11-9. These were 25×12-9 and i got them because i couldn’t find the exact same as i already had. These are great tires and do a awesome job at digging my old honda down the trail. I highly recommend these tires to anyone not wanting to spend a ton of money.

They will pull your quad threw anything. The only issue is god forbid you drive over your lawn there will be nothing left.

Tires compare to the original tire very satified.

These tires are mounted on a japanese mini truck. These tires work very well in all conditions here in east texas.

I was shocked at what the dealer wanted for tires. These work very well and were way less expensive. I have had them on the 4 wheeler for two years and they look great and work well. And they were at a good price. Especially with the free shipping.

They are awesome in mud and heavy wet snow. That said, with my solid posi rear in my old honda 350 trx you can not turn without digging up anything short of a paved road. Not something you would ride around in your yard unless you really hate grass and love that ‘just roto-tilled’ look. I wanted to be able to skid firewood logs off my hillside in 8 inches of late winter settled crusty snow. I tried chains and wasn’t happy with trying to keep them on when pawing and digging. Went to these tires and wow.

Fits my bw200 front perfectly. Bw200 is a two wheeler, so the round profile is good for cornering. It’s a nice soft tire and rides good.

Fast shipping and a great price. What’s not to like?these mounted up perfectly on my 1984 honda big red 200es.

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