Jackets 4 Bikes Premium Men’s Motorcycle Leather Perforated Cruiser Protective Gel Gloves L, Overall good gloves. The only part that seamed cheap was

They are comfortable gloves quite rough around the pinki finger i gave it 3 stars because they stained the crap out of my hand when they got wet under the rain, the pic is after washing them. And is veeery hard to get that stuff out, i put them in water with soap to see if it stops the bleeding of color.

Looks better than in pictures. For fort lauderdale, the inside looks a bit warm, will see. The look, and feel is awesome. I am sure, when i break them in, my hands will be cradle nicely. Hynt: i will wait about a month of use, then i will give it a good mink oil treat (do not use for about 24hrs and wipe with damn cloth) this makes it waterproof and the ink does not transfer to hands. I do this to all my gloves; baseball and work boots get a good mink oil rub.

Good warm weather riding glove. I’ve had this pair for over two years and they have held up well. I get a little black on my hands when wet, but that’s to be expected. I’ve never seen leather gloves that don’t stain your hands in the rain. The only negative is i have never liked the hard knuckle protection, but these are better than the gloves that put a big piece of hard plastic over your knuckles. I will buy them again if these ever fall apart or get lost.

The leather quality is good, but the manufacturing quality is poor. The way the gloves are made and the placement of the padding is all wrong. The gloves fit loosely near the wrist which could be good in hot weather but it will be a very poor design if it rains or it gets cool. The gloves do not allow any air through the holes. I bought the gloves for the padding to numb the vibration through the bars and these gloves do nothing for that, so i have to say take a pass on these gloves and find some that have the padding in the correct position and not down by your wrist which do not touch the bars.

Over the past month and a half, i used these gloves while riding a honda xr 150 trail, in the philippine islands. The gloves arrived as advertised. The xl is the size i wear and, the delivered xl gloves fit perfectly. These gloves were with me for over 1000 km, 630 miles to be exact, over a 26 day period, while traversing 6 different islands and, some insane city traffic. There was never any sweating in the gloves, as they’re lightly perforated to allow for air flow. Fortunately, i was subjected to a tropical downpour on only 1 occasion. The gloves were drenched, as one would expect. Yet, they didn’t lose their fit, shape or seams. It’s not often one rings water out of leather. They dried and felt as they did before being wet. So, as you might have deduced from this review, i rate these gloves at 5-stars.

I love how the knuckle protection is under the leather. The fingers are still a little tight, but since it is leather it should stretch a bit. The thumb on the left glove seems to be a quarter of an inch longer than the right. Or maybe my hands are wonky?they could definitely use a better wrist strap. I cant get them tight enough around my wrist for my liking. Lastly, the palm leather is perforated, but there is no material underneath so you can see your skin. I feel that the large perforations will cause easier ripping in the event of a crash.

Can’t say a whole lot about them, other than i love these gloves. Only two gripes i have are kinda minor: 1. If your hands sweat a lot (inevitable in the arizona heat), the black dye will transfer onto your hands and stain them for a couple of days; 2. These are too well-insulated to be summer gloves, and they let way too much wind through to ever be cold-weather gloves, so they’re pretty much only good for rides between 60 and 70 degrees – any hotter, and you sweat (and get stained hands), and any colder will leave your fingers frozen in short order. But they do feel great, make it easy to actuate/reach your controls, and they look cool as heck.

Key specs for Premium Men’s Motorcycle Leather Perforated Cruiser Protective Gel Gloves L:

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  • Made of top quality perforated Aniline Goat leather.
  • Contains comfortable liner on the back of palm and reinforced palm.
  • Gel pad on wrist for vibration protection.
  • Adjustable hook and loop strap on the wrist for perfect fit.
  • Leather stretch panels for flexibility.

Comments from buyers

“Great mild-weather gloves for not much money!
, Great pair of gloves
, Great and stylish some downsides though.

They’re definitely a comfortable fit (i’m a size medium in most mechanics gloves but got the large and they work perfectly). Warm enough for a 45 degree morning and yet ventilated enough that my hands aren’t clammy with sweat after riding on a 95 degree day for 2 hours. The armor in the knuckles is sturdy without being painful, awkward, or pressing in any uncomfortable places. These could definitely go for much more than the asking price.

These have lasted me a good six months of daily riding and they are still going strong. I have gone down once acting up in a parking lot, they took some visible scuffing but saved my palms. The knuckles are ridged but they will only offer minimal protection in event of a high speed slide/crash. They do get amazing airflow. It is possible but difficult to use any touchscreen. The stitching has shown some signs of stress but it appears cosmetic at this point. Overall well worth the price for the quality.

Gloves fit well and are very economically priced. They’re soft ‘glove leather’ which makes me question how much protection they’d provide. Surprised by how much ventilation the perforations provide. If i opened my fingers during the ride i get a lot more venting and much less if i kept my fingers together which gave me some control over heat loss.

The only part that seamed cheap was the way they attached the velcro straps. The padding was in good spots if you got a proper size, and the wrist is cut out for freedom of movement. Would need something more insulated for colder weather.

Been shopping for some leather gloves for a few weeks and have had a hard time finding a pair i like in terms of style, fit and finish, and price. I saw these on amazon for just under $23 and gave it a shot. These seem to be made very well, and i have ridden with them twice now, and have been pleased with them. They should do well in cooler weather, as well. The velcro area near the wrist could be a little tighter, but that is a nit. They fit well and are comfortable. Easy to use controls on my motorcycle with them, too.

The fit is perfect and they are comfortable to wear to the store or on long rides. Very happy with the product for the price, the added protection isn’t cumbersome at all, actually they feel great.

Comfortable and fit as expected. Keep my hands warmer than my old textile gloves not sure about venting for warmer weather yet but decent gloves for 50 degrees f riding at a really reasonable price.

I bought these gloves because the price seemed about par with other gloves. The size chart seems pretty accurate, but the right glove is pretty tight, most likely because i’m right handed. When measuring i would suggest measuring your dominant hand. On the minus side after wearing them for just few minutes the black dye has started to wear off, especially on the throttle side. Even on the back of the hand not just the palm. Guess you get what you pay for.

These gloves are in the top three that i have owned as far as comfort. They are very padded and extremely comfortable. The leather is soft and it is not stiff, but the gloves have a very sturdy feel to them. The only things i did not like about them is that in time some of the threads started to fray, but that did not affect the integrity of the seams. Lastly, they stink when they first arrive. Neither of these two cons would stop me from buying them again.

(black perforated leather version) these gloves are very soft and have a soft inside liner on the top side of the glove that covers the thin armor for the knuckle and finger joints. The palm perforations are not lined or padded. There is a stretchy seam that allows some give in the gloves when you grip the controls. Seams on the inside are not flush, but probably due to the softness of the leather don’t seem to bother my fingers at all. The velcro wrist straps are nice because you can ‘stick’ the two gloves together when not wearing them. So far, i would buy these gloves again and recommend them to others. The 4 out of 5 rating is because i don’t know how they will hold up, but my first impression is good.

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