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I’m a 66 year old woman trying to maintain a 2001 lexus rx350 with over 250,000. (runs like a top) i have fought with those cheap tire gauges for years. I finally purchased this trying to find something digital online. (might now even exist, i don’t know). Accurate reading, stays till i reset. Now i just have to learn how to bleed air if needed. A small price to pay to help get full value and good ride from your tires.

I have checked these gauges against more expensive ones and found them to be very accurate. Although not small, they do fit relatively well in the glove box of our cars (edge, focus, and f150). They are easy to use and the button check allows you to get the reading and then check the pressure.

The black rubber around it is nice and soft. The red part is some cheap looking plastic and has some convenient conversion table in the back (see pictures). The tip comes apart (not sure what for but it’s a nice to have)i find it very useful to have a little button to lower the pressure in case you’re too high while still monitoring the pressure.

First of all, the customer service from jaco superior is beyond phenomenal. After i bought the gauge, their co-founder personally contacted me by e-mail to ask what i thought of it. I know it wasn’t a robot message because when i responded, he personally wrote back to address my comments. As to the gauge, i bought it because i was tired of inaccurate tire pressure gauges. I bought a digital gauge thinking it was high tech, but the thing wouldn’t give the same pressure reading twice in a row, so i took it back and decided to stay with the tried-and-true technology of an analog gauge. Of course not all analog gauges are accurate either (e. The one i got from harbor freight) but i liked the ad copy about the quality and accuracy of the jaco gauge, so i took a chance. When it arrived i had just gotten back from having the tires rotated on my suv and the tire shop had checked the air pressure on all of the tires and recorded it on the work order.

Impressive product, nice size and dimensions, looks great, protective rubber cover is comfortable and the gauge feels good in the hand. The length of the gauge stem is perfect and allows you to place your thumb on the swivel head to press the unit onto the tire valve stem for one handed use. Gauge seats well onto the tire stem with no fuss. Pressure relief valve built into the gauge stem does not get in the way and operates smoothly when needed. This gauge matched the digital readout on my tire inflator pound for pound. If you have ever bought a good product and then experienced lousy customer support afterwards, you’ll have a difficult time wiping the smile off your face when you experience jaco’s customer service. They go above and beyond when it comes to their customers.

I have a similar one that has been in my truck for years but i recently got a trailer and the tires need to go to a much higher psi than standard vehicle tires. I think my truck gauge topped out at 60 and the trailer tires needed to go to 80. I always liked reading this ‘speedometer’ style gauge over the stick type so i wanted one of the same style just a higher max psi.

JACO Deluxe Tire Pressure Gauge – 100 PSI

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  • Performance tested and calibrated to ANSI B40.1 accuracy standards (2%), ensuring quick and precise tire pressure readings up to 100 PSI without dealing with batteries or digital components
  • Rugged & unique ‘Dual-Layer Protective Guard’ shields the solid steel body from accidental drops and toolbox storage, so you can rest assured your new tire gauge will stay reliable for many years
  • Robust design comes equipped with a ‘360-Degree Swivel Chuck’ for easy valve access, pressure reset button to reset readings, and built-in air bleeder valve to reduce pressure in overinflated tires
  • Compact size features an easy-to-read 1.5″ dial (psi) and stores nicely in the glove box, center console, or tool kit; suitable for most cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, bikes, spare tires, or RVs
  • FREE 100% Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee when you order today; here’s what our customers say, “Best I have used in 45 years of driving” “Built to LAST” “I absolutely LOVE this tire gauge”

Sturdy, compact and efficient. Those are just three of the four words i would use to describe this gauge. I think everyone should have one of these. See, you can get one of those pen-shaped ones that will achieve just about the same thing. You can check the pressure, then flip it over and use that little peg on the back to release some air pressure, rinse and repeat. Heck, they even come with a pocket clip so you can carry it around in your shirt pocket like a tire pressure boss. But the key word there is ‘like’. If you want to be a real tpb, you need a jaco superior deluxe tire pressure gauge. I’m not sure what makes it deluxe. Maybe they have a whole line of these, and the model below this doesn’t have the prv on it or something.

Outer shell is a plastic covering that helps grip the gauge and protect the inner part of the gauge, the pressure adapter is a swivel so it can rotate 360 degrees. The button on the side allows you to get a reading and hold the reading while you look at the gauge, then release the pressure to start again with the button. Size is small enough to fit in a pocket, but not something i’d carry while doing activities unless i had it in a bag, or a compartment.

Bought as a gift, but i decided to test is since i keep getting emails wanting me to leave a review. So i went out to the truck and compared it with another model i bought from these guys. The values matched within 1/2 psi or so, so pretty good overall. Worked great, including the release valve. Nozzle rotates to make it easier to use. One downside was the box it came in had been crushed on one end, making the presentation as a xmas gift not so great.

I ordered two jaco superior deluxe tire pressure gauges. The second would not hold air pressure dial indication after removing from the tire valve. I found using liquid soap that the leak was from around the clear plastic cover to the body. Do’t know how long that will last and the plastic cover doesn’t fit well now. But it worksi then received an email from nolan jacoby at jaco superior company asking about how i liked the product. I emailed him back the above information and he sent me a new one in the mail free of charge. I must admit that i was surprised by the great service of this company and nolan himself on a relatively low cost item. So many of these gauges are inaccurate and poorly made. I cross checked all three gauges this morning and they were in one half pound of each other. As an rver and owning multiple older cars tire pressure is a critical thing to check and these gauges should last years. The swiveling chuck that attaches to the tire valve is a handy feature. They are easy to read and compact to store.

Bought two gauges, and they arrived today. There was no variation between the gauges, both read exactly the same. I inflated the tires on my 2008 pontiac g-6. The car has a tire pressure monitoring system (tpms) with digital read out of the pressure in each tire on a dashboard display. The pressures reflected on the display were spot on with what the gauges read, so i believe the gauges are accurate. I like the protective rubber jacket on the gauge. I have destroyed a couple of similar gauges (without the rubber jacket) after accidently dropping them. So far i’m pleased with my purchase and would buy them again. They are a good value and can easily rival many of the more expensive ones out there.

Product seems to be made solidly and has performed properly thus far. Long term use is tbd at this point, but i don’t foresee problems. As a quality engineer in past professional times i have seen and evaluated many gauging systems and this one seems to pass the initial sniff test. The follow up from jaco corp has been tremendous (without any prompting from me) and i love the fact that the gauge was designed and produced according to globally accepted industrial accuracy standards. I will continue to look to their products first when i look at gauges.

I give this product a 5 star rating as it performs as it says it will and the packaging was excellent. It holds the reading until you push the button and it also will release air by holding the button in while pressing it on the valve stem of the tire which is a nice feature. The only ‘critique’ i have is the face is black and the numbers are white. I have older eyes and all the gauges in my classic gto are white faced with black letters. It may not be a problem for younger folks, but if you are in a dimly lit area of the garage, it may be a problem. That being said, it is a fine american made product and the swivel head makes it that much better and more usable. Just make sure that the whole body does not swivel at the same time or you will lose all your air. I compared this unit against a digital and my milton unit and they were nearly identical readings. I did receive an email from the inventor of this product and i gave him my feedback as well. He did respond to my email which was very nice of him.

JACO Deluxe Tire Pressure Gauge – 100 PSI :

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