JACO Superior Products JACO Elite Tire Pressure Gauge – 60 PSI, Solid and Quality Tire Gauge.

I purchased on of these gauges at full amazon price, and i’m not affiliated with jaco in any way. I preferred this style of pressure gauge over the one with the hose because i keep it in the console of my car. I like the brass fitting and the swivel head, it makes visibility much easier. The rubber surround protects the gauge from breaking due to drops, which does happen occasionally in the cold. The gauge is easy to read, with markings for every pound of pressure, up to 60 pounds. The build quality is superb; it’s pretty heavy for a tire gauge, so it should last a good long time, and jaco does warranty their products. I checked the accuracy of the gauge against another pair of gauges that i have, and the over-$100 gauge that the service garage uses, and the reading is exactly right on at 35 pounds. The small company that makes these is very friendly and responsive and they stand behind their products. I bought this gauge in conjunction with their 12v portable air compressor and other jaco products, and i can fully recommend anything the produce. There are no negatives to mention with this gauge.

I bought this based on reviews and appearance of being well built. This is a heavy pressure gauge that i bought to carry in my motorcycle. The only problem i had with it was the gauge stopped holding pressure which would make it much easier to view. However, i am 68 years old and basically had to lay down on the ground to get a tire pressure reading once it stopped holding the pressure. Too difficult to get up and down at my age. Returned the item for a refund and ordered the ‘pro’ version with a hose. I hope the pressure holding function will hold up but even if it doesn’t, the hose will help an ‘old man’ get a pressure reading much easier.

Based on such good reviews i bought two of these for our vehicles, and they’re just great. It has a very solid feel when you press it on the valve, and the rotating head makes it really easy to get just the right angle. The little button on the side lets you reset it, but it also lets you hold it on the valve and bleed off excess air, which is a really handy feature. No more adding a little, testing, adding a little, testing again — just put in an amount of air that you think might be a little more than you need, test it, and if it’s too much hold it on the valve and press the button until you have just the right amount. It’s much easier to read than pencil-style valves, and glows in the dark if you find yourself needing it at night. Wish i’d had these a long time ago.

It appears to provide an accurate measurement but who knows; there is no way to test these instruments. The pressure readings are consistent. It does not have a small knob on the tip for releasing air from tire valve. You need to find something to do that; a pencil, a stone, a stick or use the gauge itself, and who know what that will do to the gauge’s accuracy after repeatedly blasting it with high pressure air. Why not have a small knob on the tip as do many other gauges of this type.

Jaco is if anything, super persistent in asking how good is their product??. I’ve gotten several emails from them asking what i thought of their tire pressure gauge. Well, i finally got around to using it. (sorry i didn’t use it as soon as i got it in the mail) listen it’s a tire pressure gauge. We lose them, drop them etc. So i expect at some point for that to happen. But if i do lose this one or drop it. It’s a solid price of machinery that deserve the persistence jaco has given me for a review.

Well built, and easy to use and read tire gauge. I decided to go with the 60lb model since it is in 1lb graduations. The instructions that came with it say that it is a tested calibrated, and certified gauge. That should be highlighted on their amazon sales page, since many from big box stores can be off by several psi and aren’t tested at all. It does appear to be accurate. The body is supposedly steel under the heavy duty rubber protection cover, which is a plus in an analog gauge; as they are often damaged by dropping on a hard surface like asphalt or concrete. The rest was nicely machined out of brass; which has a valve that held the air pressure well to hold the reading. It also works pretty well for bleeding, with the pressure falling 2lbs with the valve open, popping back reliably when released; a plus when fine tuning tire pressure. The dial glows pretty bright green in the dark after a few seconds in front of a light, but not much more than 5-10 minutes. It’s almost enough to read with for the first minute (the numbers, marks, and the hand glow).

I purchased this tire gauge to replace an old digital tire gauge that had stopped working for me. Upon arrival i immediately noticed the weight. The outside of the gauge is coated in rubber, which is perfect for damp conditions and provides some degree of protection if dropped. The head of the gauge swivels around completely, allowing you to access the tire valve from any angle there is a blow-off valve on the side of the gauge, that allows you to deflate a tire as well. The face is large and is easy to read and measures up to 60 psi. Out of curiosity i tested the accuracy of the gauge against the gauge at an air machine at my local gas station and found the readings matched perfectly. Although, this is could be a systematic error if both gauges were off, it gives me enough confidence that it works well enough. I would recommend this gauge to anyone looking for an air pressure gauge for their car tires, bike tires, or sports balls.

Key specs for JACO Elite Tire Pressure Gauge – 60 PSI:

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  • Mechanic Recommended: Performance tested, certified accurate, & calibrated to ANSI B40.1 International Accuracy Standards (±2-3%), ensuring precise tire pressure readings without relying on batteries
  • Feels solid in the hand & built from premium heavy duty components shielded by a rugged gear-style protective guard; features a thick 2.25″ brass stem making checking tire pressure easier than ever
  • Robust design is equipped with a built-in air bleeder valve to reduce pressure in overinflated tires, and the handy 360-degree swivel chuck allows for easy access to the tire valve from any angle
  • Larger, 2″ glow dial features easy-to-read 60 PSI single increment scale that glows in the dark, providing accurate readings that “lock” in place until the pressure reset button on the neck is pushed
  • FREE 100% Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee by JACO Superior Products (for any reason) when you order yours today, so click “Add to Cart” with confidence to enjoy longer-lasting tires, improved gas mileage, and a smoother car driving experience

Comments from buyers

“Superior performance using old-school technology
, Seems well built

For years i’ve used a number of small digital tire pressure gauges, with a similar outcome- they work great in the beginning, but end up unusable after a year or two. And when you think about it, there’s a lot going in with a digital gauge that doesn’t really add to its primary purpose, which is simply telling me the tire pressure. With this gauge there are no batteries to replace. And without a transducer, microchip, battery and lcd display, there is no delay in reading the pressure, in contrast to the last digital gauge i used. With the digital gauge, i had to push the button and cycle through some pressure units before selecting psi and then taking the reading. This analog gauge is in essence a tube that flexes under air pressure and mechanically linked to the needle indicator- simple and robuston this analog gauge, i really like the robust brass connector that has a solid pin inside. The digital gauges i had used had plastic pins that eventually became damaged and would stop pushing the valve down on the tire stem, which would prevent it from reading pressure, rendering the unit basically useless. I also really like the ability to push the little reset button on the side and have it bleed air out of the tire while it’s connected. With the digital style i had to use a nail or other separate item to push the stem down to let out air, then check the pressure again, and repeat. Overall, i wish i’d purchased this item years ago.

A perfect tire pressure gauge for this very affordable pricei have aftermarket rims, so i was a bit worried about the ease of reaching the valve with a limited reach tube, and, in fact, i was seriously considering getting one with a hose on it (which also have the glow in the dark feature, which would be handy), but those are quite expensive compared to this jaco, like twice or even three times the price, so i wanted to try this one first — and i’m so glad i did. This is the best tire pressure gauge i’ve ever owned, bar none. Not that a sixty dollar gauge isn’t a nice investment for those who have the bucks, but i’m not taking my car to the track or anything dramatic, so a more simple gauge will do. And, as far as my aftermarket rims, especially because the head of the gauge swivels 360 degrees, connecting to my valve stems was an absolute breeze, no matter what position the valve was on any of the tires. So, this is an excellent buy, because not only does it far surpass the cheap ones that tend to be unreliable, but also provides the quality, reliability, and many of the features of gauges costing forty to sixty dollars. The main feature i was looking for was for it to hold the reading, since the one i had didn’t do that, and this one does exactly that, so i can take a reading and then check it, which is really helpful at night (so i didn’t need a glow in the dark feature after all), and just generally helpful since i don’t have to try to read it while it is attached to the tire valve, like a lot of gauges i’ve had in the past. Invariably, at least one tire always has the valve in a less than convenient spot, so no more having to attempt a yoga position to read a gauge. Just press it on the tire, poof, you have your reading, and it holds until you push the release button. I love that it has a larger dial, that is very readable, and measures by the pound, instead of increments of five. It gives a very exact reading, and i can now match my tire pressure all around, to the exact pound of pressure.

I’m old school so i was looking for an analog tire pressure gauge like my dad used to have. I grew up using an analog, but in this day of digital everything, it was surprisingly difficult to find. I went with the jaco based on excellent reviews here on amazon and i was not disappointed. Package arrived on time and i tested it immediately. Car is pretty much brand new so i didn’t expect much deviation in pressure from when i drove it off the lot. 31/32 psi readings on all four tires which was spot on. Some reviews knocked the swivel gauge and its difficulty in getting the right angle so air doesn’t release. While i admit that initially i let out a bit of air on the first tire i checked, it didn’t take me long to figure out the exact positioning needed to get the proper seal and had no issues on the other 3 tires. Overall, a solid tire pressure gauge that will never ever require batteries.

I’ve worked with my share of gauges, from the tried and true stick gauge, to fluid-filled ‘high end’ gauges. It’s all about accuracy at the end of the day, and without scientific equipment around, who am i to say one gauge is more accurate than another. That being said, the jaco gauge seems like a fine product and will be the go-to gauge in my garage workbench now. Opening the box, the gauge was wrapped in a simple string tie pouch, which is a nice touch considering i wouldn’t expect any pouch. Along with it was a small instruction manual, which for most isn’t necessary. All fittings appear to be brass, with a chromed lightweight gauge wrapped in a rubber protective surround. There is a reset/bleed button, otherwise nothing else to really speak of. Just press it onto your schrader valve stem on your tire, angling it flat to get a seal, and then you can pull it off to read the gauge because it will hold the pressure. That’s a nice feature because other similar gauges you typically have to hold in place for a constant reading.

I’ve used nothing but ‘slip-stick’ tire pressure gauges all my life (many years). I recently bought a new car and (finally) decided that i wanted a better way of accurately measuring tire pressure. So i went on-line and did some research. I read many reviews on various websites, and noted that the jaco gauges had very high scores, but weren’t the ‘least expensive’ gauges of this class available. I also noted, in the amazon reviews, that whenever a problem arose, the jaco staff were lightning-quick with a polite response, and a promise to ‘make good’ on the transaction. It was this clear display of professionalism that clinched my decision to pay a few extra dollars for the jaco pressure gauge over the competitors. . Using my compressor, i filled my tires to exactly 35 psi (measured with a slip-stick gauge) last week, right before we departed on a holiday road trip. We just returned yesterday, found the new jaco gauge in our pile of mail, and this morning i checked the pressure in my car tires. All four tires read 37 psi (cold).

Jaco does it again with another fine gauge. I have a few of their products and have been pleased with all of them. This gauge is compact enough to easily keep in a glove compartment or other small storage space in the car and yet the dial is big enough to make it easy to read. I had absolutely no issue getting a reading with this gauge. Once the reading was taken, the gauge held the reading for a long time afterwards. The bleed valve does what it is supposed to do. The glow feature was quite effective. I ‘charged’ the glow by holding it up to a light in my house for about 20 seconds before i went out to use the gauge. The last picture was taken (without flash) several minutes later once i was back inside and you can see the glow effect still glowing and the gauge still reading the same as it was at the time i took the reading. I would recommend this gauge.

Bought this to replace a twenty year old one from brookstone that finally lost its seal around the vent fitting. This one is quite similar and works the same. The head swivels 360 degrees, allowing you to press it onto the tire valve from any angle. The pressure value holds in place until you press the vent valve on the side of the stem. The face is large enough for easy reading even with my old eyes. The range is 0-60 psi; good for checking car tires, sporting balls, and some lower pressure bicycle tires. The outer edge of the gauge is a rubber gripping surface. Feels weird in the hand but it works well under very wet conditions. Not sure it would protect against dropping, though, but that’s just the nature of pressure gauges. The pressure readings, when compared against another similar gauge, have matched well, and have shown good repeatability.

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