JACO Superior Products JACO FlowPro Digital Tire Inflator Gauge – 200 PSI – This thing is great!!!!

Been wanting one of these for a long time and it doesn’t disappoint. Only had it a few days and only used it a couple times, so durability isn’t proved yet, but the quality appears to be above average, higher than expected. The electronic pressure gauge seems accurate comparing to a few other gauges, has a bright (almost too bright) blue backlight, takes two easily accessed aaa cells and has a robust rubber protective bezel. The core of this all, with the inflate and deflate valves, seems solidly machined and works smoothly. And in particular the spring-lock chuck seems sturdier than many i’ve used in the past. I pondered before buying whether this product would be worth the few extra dollars versus all the other cheaper similar ones, and with it in hand i now feel good about the choice. I’ll probably never use the thread-on chuck, but it looks fine. It can switch out with the spring-lock chuck by 1/4′ male straight-thread and o-ring at the end of the hose. This is handy because it works perfectly with a (separately purchased) presta chuck i wanted as an option for bicycles: the presta chuck is intended to be attached to a floor pump’s hose using a barb and nut that is also 1/4′ threaded, so all it took was a 1/4′ npt coupler (included with this separately purchased hose/quick-release fittings set attached to the presta chuck with pipe compound and ptfe tape).

Super high quality components throughout. The valve stem lock attachment is much nicer than others i’ve used, and is even replaceable with the included push/hold type adapter. High contrast lcd display is bright and easy to read. Filler hose is long and very flexible. Jaco themselves are also offering excellent customer service and were eager to hear my thoughts on the product when it was delivered. I have no doubt in my mind that if i have any issues with their products that they’ll be easy to reach and happy to help. I will definitely look to jaco for my future needs.

First thing comes in my mind is that it looks very nice built and nice package. Than all the why keep comes out of my mouth. This is tire pressure gauge for cars, bikes and all other automotive but why the quick connector is not automotive type?.I had to make a special trip to home depot to get a automotive type connector. The trigger seems in a very odd place, when you connected the air hose from the compressor its not easy to hold the gauge and pull the trigger at the same time. It’s not ergonomically friendly. The battery compartment door falls right out when i put it down to disconnect the air hose.

I’ve tried several different pressure gauges like this in the past, and build quality and consistency has often been a problem. This unit works well and the features really shine and make it a must have tool for someone who wants fast, accurate and convenient psi readings combined with a tire inflator. The features that set this unit apart are:the locking clamp that connect to the tire valve. It is a push button that stays locked and air tight once secured. – it is easy to use and works 9/10 of the time without needing a second attempt to seat properly. – once secured, the connection is sound and leaves your hands free to use the rest of the unit without worrying about the seal breaking and leaking air. – it has a swivel in the tubing, this allows the rest of the unit to be twisted so you can easily see the readout without having to twist the tube or risk affecting the seal on the valve- it powers on automatically when pressure it senses pressure from the connected tire, there is no need to hit a poewr button- the backlit display is clear and easy to read during the day or night. – the unit automatically powers off if it does not detect a change in pressure after a brief time, maybe 30 seconds or so. – the unit has an integrated brass pressure release valve to let out controlled amounts of air from the tire. This is useful for lowering the tire pressure to the desired amount after slightly over inflating.

Has the fit and finish of a quality product and the gauge is accurate when i’ve compared it against others that are of at least the same quality of better. In particular compared to my large racing longacres gauge it’s really good and i love the ease of reading the digital display. The quick release clip on type of chuck is a bit of a weak point but that’s typical for most similar. Then again this one at least feels more robust and substantial. Still a better option may have been the shorter type/round quick on off inflator chuck (don’t know the exact name). The alternate screw on chuck that comes with it is phenomenal but the down side for some applications is the straight length. Still i just recently tried it and i think i’ll be using this one more than the clip on version that comes screwed on by default. Something i wish were available for it is a quick screw on fitting for alternate screw on chuck that adapts it for use on presta (bike/uk) valves. I may try to buy one of the screw on type adapters from a bike shop and try to drill out the threading so that i have a quick on/off adapter for our bike tires. If something came with it or were available from jaco it’d complete the package.

So far this gauge works really well. It shows my tank supply pressure and shows tire pressure after you’ve added air to the tire and let off the trigger. I can turn it on and off when needed. The nozzle locks onto the threaded portion of the tire stem so you don’t have to hold it in place – another great feature. The tool seems rugged and well built and the gauge body has a rubber guard around it so would seem robust enough to survive shop handling and use. A quick disconnect is provided and fit my hose coupling perfectly. I am leery of electronics/ displays etc on tools as they seem to be the weak link. If the display fails in any way, i’ll be sure to update my review.

  • Works as advertised, very happy – Updated review – 1/10/2019
  • Love it. And how to add a Presta chuck.
  • This thing is great!!!!

As a 67 year old, i’ve checked the air pressure in a lot of tires. Wish i had this product 50 years ago. It makes monitoring, adding or subtracting air pressure a breeze. Instead of: bend over, check pressure with one tool, add air with another tool. Change tools and check again. . Oops, added too much, let a little back out and check again (two more tool changes). . Oops, let too much out, add a little back (two more tool changes) till finally, got it right. Or do this instead: bend over once with the flowpro and do all of the above with no tool changewell worth it.

This review is on the previous one,6 months oldused every other month to inflate 8 tires. 5 days ago inflator handle froze up,would not movecalled jaco ,message machine says leave your e mail we will get back to you-guess whatthen called amazon customer service ,very helpful, put me on hold,they got the same answer alsoamazon then auto a return,out of the return window to help me.

I’ve been avoiding going “digital” until last week when 3 of my gauges gave me 3 different readings (and my cars tpms gave me a 4th). I saw this being used at my mechanics shop and he swears by it so i decided to take the plunge. I really couldn’t be happier. It does appear to be dead-on accurate. I compare the reading to his unit as well as 3 vehicles tpms readings and was within 1/2 pound across the board. I like the push on quick connect a lot. In the past i’ve had those types of connectors either leak or require that i hold and press them against the valve stem but this slips right on, is air tight and frees your hand up – it stays in place and pops off when you press the release button as it should. Very quick and easy to add and release air to get your tires to exactly the pressure you want. I was hesitant about having a unit that relied on batteries to function but the auto off feature and the (as i’ve been told) long life made me decide to go ahead and i’m glad i did. I also picked up one of the jaco “gauge only” units to keep in the vehicle (and yes, they both read exactly the same pressure).

This is a very good inflator gauge. My only two reasons for not giving 5 stars is that the light goes out very quickly after check the air. I know they are saving battery life, but an extra second or two would be better. Also, i found out that while it’s rated for 200 psi, it’s accuracy for the average car could but up to 2lbs. Still more accurate than most gauges, but if you are using for vehicle note that it could be off a pound or two. Above 100 psi it’s not a big deal (because it would be very accurate), but the average car at 34 lbs will vary a little more. I wish they had made this to 60 or 100 psi instead of the 200psi. However, it’s very good and well built. I do like it and recommend it.

Updated review – 1/10/2019 – have had and used this product numerous times over the past 2+ years. Still very happy with it but with one minor comment. Initially used it with rechargeable batteries but after a while i started getting variations in the readings. Put in fresh rechargeable batteries and it worked fine for few more months and then experienced the same issue. Put in fresh non-rechargeable batteries and it’s worked fine for over a year. I’m guessing that my rechargeable batteries (duracell) aren’t a good fit for this product. Otherwise no issues and i’m still happy with it. Initial review: bought this device because i was tired of paying for air at gas stations for my vehicles and also because i have other items that need to be checked/inflated occasionally (bicycle tires, wheel barrel tire, snow blower tires, etc. I have an air compressor that i use for blowing out our lawn sprinkler system in the fall and decided that it could be utilized for tire inflation as well.

Features of JACO FlowPro Digital Tire Inflator Gauge – 200 PSI

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  • Performance tested & calibrated highly accurate to ±1% full scale range with display resolution of .5 for maximum accuracy; features bright 0-200 PSI LCD display that automatically shuts off after 2 minutes of inactivity
  • Fully equipped with a heavy duty 18″ stainless steel braided air hose, precision “push-to-inflate” air filler thumb trigger, and built-in air bleeder valve to quickly decrease pressure in overinflated tires
  • Complete inflation set is air compressor ready – includes user manual, all-new exclusive advanced auto lock-on air chuck (patented technology), steel 1/4″ NPT male quick connect fitting attachment, AAA batteries (2), and a BONUS thread seal tape roll
  • Versatile functionality allows you to measure tire pressure in four unit modes – PSI, KPA, Bar, and Kgf/cm2
  • FREE 100% Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee by JACO Superior Products (for any reason) when you order today, so click “Add to Cart” with confidence and enjoy longer-lasting tires, improved gas mileage, and a smoother driving experience

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This is an amazing tire inflator at an amazing price. I am the service manager at a local car dealership and purchased this to put in our service drive to check tire pressures in the customers cars as they come in for service. We have already used it extensively and everyone loves it. It is very easy to use, the digit gauge is easy to read and the auto on and off is great.Our last tire inflator/gauge wasn’t this nice or as easy to use and it cost 4 times as much.

I received the jaco flowpro digital tire inflator gauge yesterday. I am pleased with the speed of delivery. The product appears to be well made and heavier than i expected. I first used it as a gauge with out being attached to an air compressor. The ‘auto lock-on air chuck’ worked as it should. Push it on the valve stem and it locks on until you push the button to release it. I then attached it to my air compressor using the quick connect supplied with the gauge and inflated my tires to the proper pressure. After the first two tires the auto lock-on air chuck would not lock on. When pushed on the valve stem it would pop back off part way so that the valve stem was not depressed. I had to hold the air chuck on the valve stem in order for it to work. Other then that one problem i am very pleased. Shortly after i wrote this review i received an email (probably automatically sent) asking me how i liked the product. I responded with the problem i had with the air chuck. I received another email stating that they would send me a replacement air chuck.

I purchased another some months back, i paid about the same price and was very disappointed to find the laminate backing peeled up behind the needle and prohibit the needle to register beyond 40 psi. I was skeptical to buy another and wasn’t sure how i would like the clip that holds the hose to the valve stem. The jaco flowpro has a little wight to it, and feels like it is of a good quality. I used it for the first time to inflate all 4 of my 10 ply truck tires to exactly 45 psi. I like the clip it holds the hose in place with little or no leaking. Very nice, a totally different class compared to the previous disappointment. I love the digital read out, and i compared the results with another digital tire gauge i have. They both agreed, i believe i have the last tire inflator i’ll ever have to buy.

Received this today and immediately connected it to my 150 psi air compressor to properly inflate the tires on my airstream to their correct levels (80 psi). Got tired of dealing with 12v (supposed) ‘heavy weight’ tire inflation devices that, simply, don’t cut it because they take ‘days’ to fill a tire (if at all). Took a little while to understand the readings i was getting during the inflation process, but this digital device perfectly matched the analog jaco gauge i bought some time ago to check higher psi tire pressures. I like the choice of connector nozzles and have always preferred the screw-on type. Of course, this device also functions well as a simple gauge without being connected to a compressor.

I liked it a lot, except for the leak in the fill hose, but the return was easy. I’m hoping that the next one works as well, and does not leak air. When i considered what a really expensive digital meter cost, this one was accurate, and worked well. Just pull out the heavy duty batteries and use alkaline batteries instead. The display has a button to turn it on, but it also comes on as soon as you put the fill hose on your tire. There is a fill lever, and and a air release button to back out in case you put too much air into the tire. It appeared to be very accurate in my testing.

Performance tested & calibrated highly accurate to ±1% full scale range with display resolution of .5 for maximum accuracy; features bright 0-200 PSI LCD display that automatically shuts off after 2 minutes of inactivity

Fully equipped with a heavy duty 18″ stainless steel braided air hose, precision “push-to-inflate” air filler thumb trigger, and built-in air bleeder valve to quickly decrease pressure in overinflated tires

Complete inflation set is air compressor ready –

Versatile functionality allows you to measure tire pressure in four unit modes –

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