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This is a very good little air pump. My wife used it after we received it to pump up one of our vehicle tires to 44 psi. She said it did it pretty quick and was fairly quite. I haven’t used it on my truck yet to top off the tires which is 75 to 80 psi; so that will be the true test to see it will get that high. It says it will do 100 psi so we will see. If it really does that, then that will save me from hauling out my big compressor every time i need to top off the truck tires. But as far as normal vehicles, lawn mowers, trailers, carts, motorcycles, 4 wheelers and bicycles it is worth the money. Jaco is also very concerned with what you think about their product. I have received several emails from them inquiring about my thoughts of their product. I feel certain if i have a problem with it then they will stand by their product and make things right.

Order this for my christmas present and finally got to use it this week. Unfortunately all four tires of my mid-size suv needed air, but this amazing tool was a breeze to use. Plugged into the front lighter thing and it reached all four tires. So easy to use and fast output of air. I have had several other brands, but this is the best. It could use a little bigger carrying case so it would be easier to store, but that is all the negative i have to say.

I’ll be honest and say the first one i ordered 6 months ago only worked once then crapped out the second time. But one email to customer service and the owner responded saying he’d shipped a new one free of charge. Fast forward to this week when i was camping for 6 days off the grid in sequoia national forest, 2 hours of dirt roads driving distance away from the nearest person, highway, or cell service. I somehow managed to perfectly run over a massive nail with my truck, in the middle of the forest, that went right into my bfg ats and immediately dropped the tire pressure from 35 to 14. I prayed the replacement jaco would work and it sure did. Aired up to 35 and got back to camp, where it slowly leaked and dropped to 19 over the next 4 days. Aired up again to 35 this morning and drove the 300 miles home, nail and all, and got the tire patched. Thank you jaco for excellent customer service, backing your product, and for being the best $40 purchase ever made on my truck. Time will tell how durable the unit is but as of right now it’s an a+ in my book.

Updated review (nov 2017): with the cold weather upon us in new england, my tires’ air pressure fluctuated. I was far from home when my tire pressure sensor came on. I then remembered that i had this product in my trunk. I inflated the tires to the proper psi while staying warm in my car. And then ordered a second one for our other caroriginal review: i wanted to wait to review this product until i had an opportunity to test it. I tried to give it a go without reading the instructions. I only got caught up when i hadn’t held down the + or – button to adjust the psi. It inflated my tire 10 psi in about 3 minutes (full size suv).

I’m being a little picky to give it 4 stars instead of 5. There was only a single thing i didn’t like and that was the bass part of air nozzle is too small diameter. It would have been far nicer to have a much larger diameter portion that screws on to your valve stem. Having said that, i found that the pressure gauge was amazingly accurate. I particularly love the feature of the auto shut-off and will never buy another air pump without this feature. There is adequate room to to fold up and stow the air hose. There is adequate room to wind up and stow the power cord. That has not always been the case with past pumps i have bought. I probably won’t use the lights feature but it’s nice to have just in case. I particularly love how small the unit is.

I have only used the inflator twice to add air to two vehicles (pick-up truck and sedan). In both instances, the unit handled inflation to the 30-32 psi limits i set relatively easy. The digital readout was bright enough to see clearly on a sunny day. The unit is compact, and the case that came with the unit fits like a glove. The only minor inconvenience, which is more a personal preference, is the fact that the inflation nozzle needs to screw onto the tire inflator valve. As a result, you need to set tire pressure 0. 5 psi greater than needed to allow for the small amount of air that will escape when you unscrew the inflation nozzle from the tire valve. This is clearly explained in the manual, and does not impact the effectiveness of the unit. I simply prefer, and am used to the standard tire inflation attachment that came with my prior inflator. If anything changes in my experience with this unit over the next few months, i will update my comments, but so far, so good.

Having previously read all the on-line reviews of this jaco pump, i felt it was the preferred one for me. I bought it when it became available again and finally got to use it. With my initial usage when i pressed the start button firmly, the pump started and immediately stopped. Puzzled, i re-pressed the start button but not all the way in (fully seated), the pump started and stayed on. After that initial scare, the pump has worked fine taking about 5 minutes each time i used it to pump up a donut tire to 61# and a soft rear tire to 38# several times. ) also using my new jaco digital tire gauge, i found the pump indicator reading low by about 2#. The knurl for attaching the hose to the tire stem valve could be a larger diameter as another user mentioned. Notable, the hose is an excellent flexible soft material, not a hard rubber air hose. Future pump designs could provide a power cord retracting mechanism when packing up after pump usage.

Compact , does what its suppose to do , jaco products are all great. I would change only one thing on this tire inflator , make the end that screws on the tire valve a little longer , for those harder to reach valves.

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JACO SmartPro Digital Tire Inflator Pump – Premium 12V Portable Air Compressor – 100 PSI

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  • Smart Pressure Technology: Simply pre-set the unit to your target PSI level and it will automatically shut off when reached; inflates standard auto tires up to 45 PSI and bike tires up to 100 PSI
  • Precision built-in digital air gauge features a bright LCD backlight display for night time use, measuring 0-100 PSI with precise accuracy of 1 PSI; inflates air at an impressive rate of 25L/min
  • Heavy duty, woven 24″ air hose features a unique twist-connect nozzle, ensuring a hands-free, secure seal to the tire valve during inflation; includes 2 adapters for sport balls, airbeds and inflatables
  • Long reach 10′ power cord provides easy access to all four tires; includes premium quality power adapter that plugs directly into any 12-volt DC accessory outlet in your car, truck, or SUV
  • Built-in bright LED light features 4 settings: off, flashlight, flashing red, and emergency SOS. Click “Add to Cart” with confidence, you’re backed by our 12-Month ‘No Questions Asked’ Guarantee

I finally got around to testing this air pump. I love the features, in particular the air gauge, it lets you see how much pressure your tire has, then you set it to where you want it to be, up to 100 psi, hit the go button and let it do it’s job. I recently tested the pump on my truck, all tires were way underinflated, each tire taking between 20 and 25 psi. It took a little while, as this pump is no speed demon, but the pump held up well with no breaks in between pumping. All the light features worked, that was pretty cool also. And that neat little blue backlight on the gauge is a very nice touch. I hope to get many many years of flawless use out of this pump.

The product does its job well but i found it to inflate about 2 psi over what the reading says and does not work well for atv tires. I inflate them to 6 psi but but must wait for the unit to read out about 10 psi then it slowly goes down to 6 psi. After that i checked with an analog pressure gauge and got a reading of 8 so had to deflate from there. I did speak with their customer service who were great and they let me know the unit is not meant for low pressure and that they would modify the product page to reflect that. In addition they did give me an opportunity to return it but i do like it so decided to keep it. I give the unit 3 stars plus an extra one for great customer support.

I thought i’d try this since i had such a good experience with the seller (see my review of their tire gauge jaco elitepro tire pressure gauge – 100 psi). As noted by others, this unit has a screw-on connector so you can lose a half-pound of pressure disconnecting (maybe one pound on small tires). But just anticipate this with your inflation setting and all is well. What i really like is how easy it is to plug this into the car and get the tire up to snuff. Moving even a modest size compressor around the garage is a real chore. This is so small and light that i’m much more likely to use it, which is the whole point, isn’t it?and why not just keep it in the trunk for emergency use. . It’s small and light and comes with a simple case. You even get inflator adapters in case you need to fill a soccer ball and be a local hero. If the idea of possibly depleting your car battery worries you, it’s pretty easy to find 120 volt ac to 12 volt dc adapters (just be sure it can handle 5 amps) and attach to a car socket like this marine grade cigarette lighter socket 12 vdc.

When i went searching for a cigarette lighter tire pump here on amazon, i was a bit surprised by how low end the market seemed, with some units available from chinese companies for as little as $13. Reading the reviews confirmed that $13 does not get you a quality product. I wound up buying this jaco model instead — and i’m very glad that i did. There isn’t much to say here: the unit is very compact and well thought out, with only a few buttons. You plug it in, screw it onto the tire you need to pump, and it immediately tells you the current pressure. Then you select your target pressure, hit the on button, and it goes to work. It takes a little while to do its job, but that’s fine. The thing is about the size of a medium hardcover book, so i didn’t expect it to have a gigantic compressor. The unit includes a light, which i didn’t realize the utility of until my tire pressure indicator went on when i was driving at night and i stopped the car to check out the situation. It also includes a nice little case so that you can pack everything up, throw it in your trunk, and forget about it.

I think auto-off when pressure attained is a must have feature. Superior customer support – 4 hour response to an email question. Note: in my subaru, the 12v in the dash is 10 amp whereas the 12v between the seats is 20 amp – use the 20 amp although the device says 10 amp. Also note: to set desired pressure, press and hold +/- for 3 seconds until it flashed, then up/down to desired pressure. Then press +/- for 3 seconds to set. Also note: when it attains that pressure, the entire unit turns off (all lights go out) – that’s normal. The first time i used it i thought something was wrong, figuring that the pressure light would remain on after pressure attained.

This device was surprisingly quiet. We were able to stand near it while it was going and still have a normal volume conversation. The programmability is really nice. Set the psi you need, and it will go until that psi is reached. Though i wouldn’t trust it enough to walk away for too long. It has a built-in pressure gauge, which we found to have very good accuracy. We have several gauges at home, so we felt like we had a good baseline for comparison. It worked reasonably quickly. We didn’t time it, but watching it go, it seemed like it was putting in about. 5 psi every several seconds, which we found very acceptable, especially compared to our previous one which could take several minutes to put in only a few psi.

This is my second review of tire air compressors. Initially, i ordered “suaoki – mini air compressor 120 psi”. Since i wasn’t happy with that compressor, i decided to find a new one and this time my pick was – “jaco smartpro digital tire inflator pump”. After almost 5 months and quite a few inflated cars’ tires, i am ready to share my opinion about this small tire inflator. This time i decided to only point to this compressor’s pros and cons, rather than to overload my review with numbers, procedures, etc. So, here they are:pros:- compact and lightweight. My car is mazda 2 (2015) and i have to wisely use its quite limited boot space (only 280 liters). Even though the jaco’s pump is not the tiniest air compressor on the market, but it is still a very compact device. Plus, it goes with an excellent carrying/storage bag, so it is not a problem to perfectly place it in the tool-bag in my car’s boot. The ability to set the desired inflation value (the pump turns off after a little while when reaches the specified value. ) along with remembering that value for further inflations is an excellent feature. The digital gauge’s backlight is very convenient at night. And, the built-in flashlight and the sos signal are good additions as well. – quiet and almost does not vibrate when working.

The colder weather here prompted me to buy this inflator since all the tires on my vehicles lose pressure due to the falling temps. I hate going to the service station air pumps (which still charge you) and quickly maneuver to fill all the tires before the meter runs out. With the jaco inflator, i can take my time and inflate the tires on my two vehicles in the comfort of my garage. I checked the accuracy of the inflator with a pressure gauge and the two agree perfectly. The controls are well thought out and this inflator has earned a permanent place in my car trunk. It comes with a nice zipper case to keep everything in a compact package. I’ve only used it once, so i can’t comment on its longevity. However, the co-founder, nolan jacoby, has contacted me by email to check up on his product and how it has performed. This is an american company and they seem to take pride in their products. I feel if i ever have a problem with this inflator (assuming i didn’t cause the problem), they would gladly rectify it.

When i first tried to use it right out of the box, it wasn’t inflating the tires because the end of the inflator cord wasn’t properly engaging with the tire valve stem. When i tried to use it a second time, i realized i had to rotate the end of the inflator cord so that it threaded onto the valve stem. This is a desirable feature so you don’t have to manually hold the inflator cord to the valve stem while you are using the inflator. Then i was able to properly inflate the tires. I used the separate jaco tire pressure gauge that i ordered around the same time to double check the pressure. I discovered i had to go 1-2 psi higher on the inflator digital readout in order for the separate pressure gauge to read the correct pressure. Part of all of the pressure difference between the two devices could probably be attributed to the slight loss of pressure that occurs while unthreading the end of the inflator cord from the tire valve stem. Now that i know how much i need to overshoot when using the inflator, it makes it easy to get the right pressure without having to use two inflation attempts on each tire. I am very happy with this product.

I’ve been driving with a low tire for almost a week. Every gas station i went to either didn’t have an air hose or it was not in order, it was ridiculous. Not to mention i don’t always have coins/cash to pay for $1. Did some research and found the highly rated jaco smartpro digital tire inflator. I really like how you could set the pressure and it would turn off automatically so i bought it. I had one day free shipping as an option so i took it so i didn’t have to keep driving on a low tire, and i ended up getting it the same day. Tried it out and it worked perfectly.Followed the directions and it worked exactly as it said it would, so easy.

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