JDM ASTAR 2400 Lumens Extremely Bright 144-EX Chipsets 5202 5201 LED Fog Light Bulbs, if you are looking to light up the road like a set of headlights

I had a ‘rear liftgate open’ warning message on my 2016 jeep cherokee limited which after googling can only be fixed at the dealer and was a warranty item so i just had it done. I noticed one of my foglights was out too (the vehicle has only 12,000 miles on it so you know these factory oem bulbs by philips are not made to last too long). The jeep dealer said it would be $70 to replace one bulb with the installation and if one is gone the other will probably follow soon so might as well do both. I googled videos on replacing the lights and found one for a jeep grand cherokee assuming they might be the same so ordered those bulbs by a company called sirius but they were the wrong bulbs and didn’t fit. Once i saw these round sockets with the clips i found the jdm bulbs. They seem very bright and were very easy to install. I just removed two screws on the tire well cover and pulled it back. I pulled out the old bulbs – you have to squeeze those two clips on the side to get the old ones out and these new ones in. They fit pretty snug and you might not be sure that they were put in right because they don’t really snap or clip but you can feel that they are seated right if you cannot rotate them.

A plain incandescent replacement bulb was going to cost me $25 for just one.Installed in my car just as easy as a factory bulb. Thank youattached some photos. Daylight one shows led bulb on left and factory on right.

I have stock hid headlights and the yellow from the stock fog lamps looks cheap. These were a perfect fit and somewhat easy to install. There are a lot of how-to guides that say to pull the bumper, but on the 2014 charger rt, a few screws and push pins later and i was able to reach and replace the bulbs without having to remove the bumper. Pics show driver side replaced for comparison, and then both installed without the headlights on.

These are really, really great. Our subaru crosstrek was delivered in november of 2013. So far both headlight bulbs have burned out. The first, batteries&bulbs replaced, the second i did as i’d bought a pair. Now one of the parking/fog lights failed. Napa wanted $5 for what they said was an incandescent bulb, and the dealer wanted $20 for one halogen bulb, like original. Searching the web, i first found an led set like these (though not the same as the jdm astar 1200) for $120. Somehow amazon didn’t show leds for our car at first, but then they were there. They really are brighter than stock, and i hope they will last.

They are a lot brighter and whiter then oem. They fit great i’m my 2011 jeep grand cherokee. The first picture is the oem, which the dealership charged $130 each to replace. The second picture are the jdms. Theh are nice, bright and white.

I bought these to replace my factory bulbs in my fog lights. These do not give a huge amount of light, but they do help with overall lighting in front of your vehicle. I would say these are more for the ‘looks’ over practical use. I have had these since march, and they have not let me down yet.

Key specs for JDM ASTAR 2400 Lumens Extremely Bright 144-EX Chipsets 5202 5201 LED Fog Light Bulbs with Projector for DRL or Fog Lights, Xenon White:

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    by entering your model number.
  • (set of 2 bulbs)144-pieces high power EX chipsets per bulb with projector. Buy with confidence, We offer “ONE YEAR” warranty on item(s) that confirm to be manufacturer defect.
  • Color:6000K Xenon White. Working Voltage 12v-24v.
  • Lighting Output:2400 raw lumens, 1200 lumens for each bulb . It is perfect for customers who are looking for a Extremely bright output
  • Fitment:5202, 5201, 9009 .
  • Size: 1.80″ long and 0.8″ in diameter(LED part)

Comments from buyers

“Amazing lights! Used them to upgrade the fog lights , Easy to install and look great!, Superior product but a very tight fit w/ o-ring.”

Used these in a 2011 dodge journey mainstreet, works perfectly and makes a huge difference when driving at night. My dad made the comment that they are ‘vicious’ because they light up the entire driveway lol. If they burn out or fail anytime soon then i will update this and lower the rating, if it is still 5 stars then they are still working. Autozone wanted $35 per bulb so this saved me 50 bucks :).

I purchased putco bulbs that were a bit of a disappointment (the color came off one and the other burned out faster than i expected). So i ordered the jdm lights to replace the factory h16 footlight bulbs (hard to find a alternative in the h16 socket). I was a bit concerned the heat may melt the housing but nope, they work awesomei have had them a month and they work better than expected, arrived fast and went in easy (upside down / opposite the way i thought but ok). I am using them in my gmc sierra 4×4 fog light housing they extend the lights to the side quite a bit and add brightness. A definite must have upgrade to the fog light bulbs from gm.

Do not buy these if you are looking to light up the road like a set of headlights. They are for looks more than anything but i bought them with that in mind. Light output isn’t great but they do light up the road enough to be noticed but not enough to be very effective. Before i had these i literally never turned my fogs on and just wanted something to match my hid’s that would look good but wouldn’t need the maintenance of another set of hid’s and these are perfect for that. I can’t speak for longevity as i’ve had them about a week but so far no flicker and no issues turning on every time.

– bought these to replace the stock h16 bulbs in my ’12 gmc sierra denali. They are nice and bright, easily enhance my field of vision when driving at night. They feel like they are high quality but are very affordable. – the connectors match the stock in style, the go in a little snug because of the rubber moisture seal, but that’s solvable, i used a light smudge of grease on the moisture gasket to help them go in. Comes back out easy enough but in order to prevent and damage i decided to grease the rubber seal. – took it out for a drive this evening, a very noticeable difference in total light on the road. Going to come back in a month and do an update see, how they fare with the humidity and rain of this very rough summer.

These were a great replacement for my oem fog lights that just were not bright enough. Installed in less than 10 minutes per side (your vehicle installation experience may vary). Even in the afternoon sunlight, the difference is like night and day. Drove over some bumpy roads at night to see if it flickered at all, but everything is stable and fits snug. Highly recommend for anyone looking to replace oem bulbs.

I couldn’t get the bulb to sit in the socket until i lubed the o-ring with some petroleum jelly. I just did the black section with the red o-ring with a q-tip.

I have been wanting brighter fog lights and this was it. I just plugged and was done. Super easy to change out and look amazing. Now i just need to update my headlights.

Wouldn’t bubuy from anyone else.

These were a great replacement for the fog lights on my 2011 jeep grand cherokee. While any lightbulb change on any newer vehicle is going to be a challenge, this proved to me a little more than i expected. Most bulbs with this socket are going to be quite a pain. I could not get the o-ring to seat properly so i decided to remove it. Snapped in with little effort afterwards. I don’t expect moisture to be a problem and since the fog light housing has a breather hole for that, the o-ring served no purpose. The fit is tight enough where no liquid water will be getting in. This bulb provides a huge improvement on the oem incandescent lamp and the color matched the factory hid’s.

These things are just fantastic, last a long time and the seller, jdm, is amazing. I ordered a set a while back and had a minor issue. They immediately replaced the bulb with no questions. I had to buy another set because water got in my fog light housing and it went unnoticed for a few days during the heavy rain. The bulbs still work but it had a few rough spots on it so i decided just to go ahead and change it.

Led fog lights are noticeable in the day and at night. Installation was easy took 5 minutes on each side compared to hids that will probably burn the fog light housing and have a lot of wires to hide.

Used them to upgrade the fog lights in my 2013 charger r/t max and they are exactly what i was looking for. Now the fog lights match the headlights. I like to drive with fog lights on near dusk. A little difficult to get to via the wheel well but snapped right into place, did not have to remove the o ring.

They’re awesome and shine great at night. Only thing is that they don’t match on the shade of white that my hid’s i have on my headlights. These are a little more white for 6000k as my hid’s look a little more blueish but not really noticeable. Maybe it’s just a difference that leds have from hid’s.

Looks amazing and was easy to install. It looks like a blue tint from a newer model.

I have a 2007 chevy surburban ltz with factory fog lights. One of the fog light bulbs (5202) burned out so i wanted to get either led or zenon replacements. I ended up going for the led lights which don’t require any rewiring or addition of a ballast. I saw some of the reviews regarding the installation of the led bulbs not fitting easily. These bulbs fit exactly and easily after one modification. The new o-ring seal on the new bulb needed a little o-ring lube to get it to fully seat in the holder. ( no big deal )also, much easier to turn your wheel fully in and remove the (2) 9/32′ screws and the (2) push pins from the outer wheel well, just open it a little and put your hand in to push the 2 retainer clips (top & bottom) then remove bulb assy. Really tough from underneath. The actual light output is pure white as if zenons. Matches my zenon headlights beautifully and extremely bright.

Extremely happy with this product. The old lights and assembly came out and the new led and assembly went in without a hassle. Replacement for both lights took 3 mins. The fit was exactly the same as the standard bulbs, no modifications needed. Now i just need to upgrade my headlights to match. Don’t waste your time looking at other brands. These come on right away and shine bright down dark country roads. Some folks mentioned the heat coming from the led’s.

Brighter than the stock ones and even the headlights too. Now time to do the headlights as well. I would strongly recommend these led bulbs.

These replacement fog lights are seriously bright. They don’t overpower the low beam headlights but instead compliment them, lighting up the sides of the road much better. If you’re afraid they’ll blind oncoming traffic don’t be. They’re bright but still focused where they should be. They are 6000k so they’ll be whiter than most factory bulbs. I intend on getting the same color bulbs in leds when my low beams go. I’ll definitely be checking out jdm bulbs for that. The bulbs themselves are packed with leds around the cylindrical post and have more on the clear domed tip to help project light forward. The post is made of machines aluminum and the base is a black plastic (probably abs). The only issue i had was trying to get the clip to hold on my 2015 dodge journey.

They installed very easily, form fit function replacement for my 2011 dodge durango crew lux fog lights. I haven’t tested these in the fog and am hoping they aren’t actually too bright and or too white (these are very white, i agree that they’re on the order of 6000k in color temp) for it that it causes too much reflection and therefore limiting visibility.

2504 fits snug with the rubber ring that comes with it, just plug and play into the right slots with a lil bit of force you’ll hear them click into place. I had to replace my old 2 year old nokya 7k that burnt out. You can see in the picture the right fog light is the led bulb, left is still the after market nokya way brighter than stock still has a yellow to them, led is way to go instead. I will report back on how long they last. The pair i got all worked, thankfully not defective.

I was doing research on replacement fog lights for my 11 tahoe. I didn’t want lights that were excessively bright and would cause opposing drivers to flash their high beams at me. I saw really good reviews on the jdm astar 1200’s. I had recently installed led headlights and needed to finish the upgrade. First off, i would suggest putting a small coating of vaseline grease on the orange o-ring at the base of the led light stack. The fit is snug where it connects into the truck’s fog light housing. I was not able to get the light to lock into the housing at first, because of the friction the dry o-ring was causing against the truck fog light housing. After i put the vaseline grease on the o-ring everything went together really easy. Just be careful, don’t get any grease on the led light segments.

Great led fog light replacement. Thanks to the youtube channel – trailrecon for the review, link and suggestion. Definite brightness and intensity increase. As i’m sure most buyers area already aware, this will turn your factory fog lights into additional off road lights. The intensity increase will reduce the usability in fog/snow/rain tremendously. Extremely easy install – just plug and play. Great product at a very good price. One photo of the replaced left light and the other is with both lights replaced with the leds.

Just installed these bad boys on my 2013 durango citadel. Photo shows comparison of original bulb (passengers side) and this bulb (drivers side).

Dodge challenger 2013 perfect fit and awesome upgrade to replace factory psx24w fog light bulbsyou will notice the difference immediately. These will also last much longer than factory bulbs. If you own a dodge challengerget these leds cant go wrong for $20 bucks.

The light from the bulb is very white and provides more ‘local’ light, but doesn’t project forward as well as i’d hoped. Still a vast improvement over the stock bulbs. My 2007 model suburban uses the ‘type 1’ bulbs. These jdm astar bulbs are about the same price as the replacement originals. Difficulties encountered during installation is the reason i deducted one star. The plastic base of the jdm astar bulb is more flexible than the original bulb’s base. The spring-loaded part that is supposed to latch the bulb into place was difficult to engage into the socket. Also, the bulb has an o-ring to seal water out of the housing once installed. This made it impossible for me to seat the bulb from under the truck with the light housing still in place. The housing had to be detached from the truck (fairly easy to do) so i could wrestle with getting the new bulb inserted into the old housing.

Bought for 2013 dodge durango. Just remove old bulbs and install new. Hardest part of whole task is removing old bulbs from lens housing. One thing to note: even thought i love these and so far have lasted a few months, they are not extremely bright like the description describes. I gave 5 stars because even though description is not accurate these are great looking and work. I would recommend buying headlights to go with these since the fog lights are a bright white and my head lights are yellowish.

I purchased these lights along with the premium 2pc fog lights after one of my fog lights became cloudy. While the fog lights arrived a day before they were due to arrive the jdm bulbs came less then 5 business days after the order was placed. During the 3 days that i waited for the fog lights to arrive i decided to take the burnt bulb out of the oem fog lights. I was immediately impressed with the difference between the old lights and the new led lights. I was a bit worried that the bulb length was longer then the original but when the new fog light arrived the bulb fit perfect. Overall the staff at jdm was great with quick responses to emails. I cannot wait to get the high and low beams switched out as well.

These are great for fog lamps. They are super bright and easy to install. For some reason however the plug was really hard to snap in place but once they clicked in they came out smoothly. Gives my truck a nice slick look and the lights match the accent lighting on the headlight really well.

Put these on my 2013 charger. I did have to take off the o-ring for proper fit, as the seller points out for certain vehicles, and they were perfect after that. My foglights now match up much better with my headlights.

These bulbs seem very bright looking at them in the day time, i have not yet had a chance to try them at night yet. They seem to have a decent (solid) construction, but there are 3 issues that i had with installing them:1: the 2 pins were not properly positioned. On both bulbs i had to move both pins multiple times in order to install the mating connector2: the locking tab for the connector is spaced differently than the oem philips bulbs, it was very difficult to get the mating connector to actually ‘lock’ on to the bulb. One bulb required a pliers to actually lock, which has a high chance of damaging either bulb or the connector. 3: the bulb itself was extremely difficult to lock into the fog light housings, where as the oem philips clipped in very easily, these required a lot of force to actually lock in place. To find out if you’ll have issues 1 and 2 make sure to try plugging the connector into the bulb before installing it in the housing. All in all, i’m not sure i would order them again. They seem very bright, but as hard as they were to install i feel lucky i didn’t break anything.

I installed these in my 2012 grand cherokee, and they work great. They are much brighter than the stock bulbs, and i have had no issues with them thus far. With led bulbs, you may need to pop them out and install them the other way, but once you get that done, they work great. Easy to install, very bright, and at a great pricepoint.

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